The Grumpy Accountant: One Fed-Up Tax Pro's Practical Plan to Fix Canada's Senselessly Complicated Tax System

July 28, 2020|
The Grumpy Accountant: One Fed-Up Tax Pro's Practical Plan to Fix Canada's Senselessly Complicated Tax System by Neal Winokur


An entertaining and easy-to-read book about a practical blueprint to simplify Canada's horribly frustratingly overly complicated tax system. The author shares his frustration with a wildly inefficient, impossibly complex and heartlessly impersonal bureaucracy that routinely ensares honest, hard-working people in its labyrinthine maze. The Grumpy Accountant tells the story of Jerry, a typical Canadian, and George, his trusted grumpy accountant, who guides him through the tax system at every stage in life. The Grumpy Accountant offers 29 critical tax tips for navigating the current broken system, including:

  • How to avoid the common mistakes that invite CRA scrutiny
  • How to maximize the tax deductions, credits, and benefits you're entitled to
  • Tax saving strategies for every stage in life: college/university, employment/self-employment, marriage, kids, entrepreneurship, and retirement
  • How to use online tools to keep organized and stay ahead of the game

With an entertaining and easy-to-read style, Winokur reveals a practical, "ready-to-implement" blueprint for change and simplification. Ready to see what a simpler tax future looks like, while saving serious time, money and heartache now? Let The Grumpy Accountant show you the way.

"The clear reasoning, trenchant analysis and solid advice in The Grumpy Accountant should shape an aggressive tax reform agenda for Canada, and the sooner the better!"

-Hugh Segal, Mathews Fellow in Global Public Policy, Queen's University

"The Grumpy Accountant accomplishes an almost unimaginable literary feat: it's funny and it explains the Canadian tax system. Yes, there are real-life tax tips. And yes, there are intriguing tax policy ideas. But best of all, it's packed with hilarity as characters bumble through Canada's maze of tax regulations and provoke searing satiricial rants from the grumpy accountant. It's like watching a hit sitcom that'll get you a bigger tax refund."

-Scott Hennig, President & CEO, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

"This book is for all Canadian taxpayers who 'don't know what they don't know' about our tax system. The 29 tips in the book will help you save taxes and avoid costly mistakes. I am going to insist that my kids read it, but since they are Seinfeld fans, it won't be a hard sell (special Easter eggs throughout the book for Seinfeld fans!)"

-Robin Taub, CPA, CA, Speaker and Author of The Wisest Investment

"It is not easy to find a book on taxation that is fun to read as well as education. The Grumpy Accountant is the story about how an accountant tried to explain a very complicated personal tax system to a hard working individual who understandbly has no clue about taxes except that they are deducted from his paycheque. The argument that the personal tax could be simplified by eliminating special deductions and credits resulting in a substantial reduction in the tax rates is one we have heard before but hopefully Winokur's book will make the persuasive case."

-Jack M. Mintz, C.M., President's Fellow, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

Title:The Grumpy Accountant: One Fed-Up Tax Pro's Practical Plan to Fix Canada's Senselessly Complicated Tax System
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:July 28, 2020
Publisher:Neal Winokur
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781777226411

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