The Gunsmith 392: The Clint Adams Special by J. R. RobertsThe Gunsmith 392: The Clint Adams Special by J. R. Roberts

The Gunsmith 392: The Clint Adams Special

byJ. R. Roberts

Mass Market Paperback | July 29, 2014

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The gold bug never bit Clint Adams, but he’s not against providing protection to prospectors looking to strike it big—so long as the price is right. But when George Oswalt’s treasure map leads him and Clint to the mother lode, the Gunsmith finds himself digging up more trouble than it’s worth.

The hoard isn’t just overflowing with gold coins—whoever hid the treasure also stowed away some customized rifles, ones Clint recognizes as his own craftsmanship from two years back. And when the former owners show up looking to cause havoc, the Gunsmith decides to prove that making weapons isn’t his only specialty…

J.R. Roberts is the author of the long-running Gunsmith western series, featuring the adventures of gunslinger Clint Adams.
Title:The Gunsmith 392: The Clint Adams SpecialFormat:Mass Market PaperbackDimensions:192 pages, 6.7 × 4.2 × 0.5 inPublished:July 29, 2014Publisher:Penguin Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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ONEOLD MEXICO“We’re rich! We’re goddamned, god-blessed, filthy, stinkin’ rich!”Clint stood at the mouth of a cave that was stuck deep in a desert south of the Texas border. Apart from a bunch of lizards and scorpions, it seemed that nobody had set foot there in years . . . perhaps decades. The man beside him, however, had been a bit more optimistic. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, he swore up and down that other men had been to that cave. Not only that, but those same men had left something behind. Until this moment, Clint had been satisfied to let him dream. Now he started to believe there could be more to it than that.George Oswalt was hunched over in a dark corner of the cave. Because of his wild mane of hair, thick build, and heavy breathing, he seemed more like a creature that would live in such a place. When he’d stood up to hold his arms up high and waved them over his head to make himself even taller than his normal six feet three inches, he looked even more like a bear.“You see this?” George hollered. In one hand was a dusty pouch and in the other was something that glittered in the faint bit of light from the lantern Clint was carrying. “See this here? I was right! I was right!”“Take a breath, George,” Clint said. “I’m still trying to figure out how we could be both god-blessed and goddamned.”George’s round face twisted into a confused expression beneath a mask of coarse, dark brown whiskers. “Huh? Oh. What?”“Never mind,” Clint said. “Let me get a look at what you’ve got there.”More than happy to share his find, George hurried forward so quickly that he almost stumbled over the uneven surface of the cave’s floor. He stretched out both hands while sputtering, “This is it! It’s here! It’s really here! I can’t believe it. I mean . . . I do believe it, but . . . I can’t . . .”“George?”“Yeah?”“Shut up.”George was about to say something to that, but opted to nod instead.Clint held the lantern up a bit so more of its light could shine down onto George’s hands. His attention was first caught by the left hand, which held several dirty coins. He took one of the coins from George and held it right next to the lantern for a closer look.“Well?” George asked in an excited whisper. “Is that what I think it is?”The coin was rough around the edges and stamped with a simple design. Obviously, it had been melted down and cast by someone other than the United States Treasury. Even so, that wouldn’t have much impact on its value if it passed the rest of the tests. For now, however, Clint could only go with what he had, which were his senses and experience.He rubbed the coin between his finger and thumb. He tossed it a few inches into the air so he could feel its weight when it came down to slap against his palm. Finally, he clamped it between his teeth so he could look for indentations.“Far as I can tell,” Clint admitted, “it’s gold.”George clenched his fist around the rest of the coins in his hand so he could pump that hand into the air as he shouted, “Hot damn!”“Let’s see the rest of them.”George handed them over along with the pouch he’d been carrying so he could return to the corner where his celebration had begun. “I knew it! I knew there’d be something here, I just knew it!”Now that he had more than one coin in his hand, Clint got a better feel for their weight and texture. He’d held plenty of gold in his day, and he was certain he was doing so again. “Yeah,” he said. “You knew it, all right. Even so, let’s take this back to town so we can be absolutely certain.”“You are certain! You just said so yourself!”Knowing it wouldn’t do much good to argue while George was so worked up, Clint opened the pouch and took a look inside. There were only three or four more coins in there, and they looked just like the ones in his hand. He dumped the coins he was holding back into the pouch, folded the top over, and tucked it into his pocket. “Let’s see what else you found,” he said while walking over to join George in his corner.George’s enthusiasm was just as explosive when he turned his attention back to his discovery. “Look here, Clint! I found this underneath a shelf of rock. Come see.”The cave itself was wide but stretched back less than ten yards. While the mouth of the opening was large enough for a horse to enter, the ceiling sloped downward at a steep enough angle to force the men to stoop over before they got all the way to the back. George hunkered over about halfway inside the cave where the shadows got thick enough to require the use of the lantern. This was one of nearly a dozen caves they’d explored that day. In the days before that, they’d poked around into so many holes and caverns that Clint had lost count of them.On the ground directly beside George’s feet was a pile of flat rocks that were all big enough to use as dinner plates. The wall of the cave formed an alcove with a top edge that protruded from the vertical surface in a peculiar way. Extending his arm to shed some more of the lantern’s light into the alcove, Clint said, “There’s tool markings and jagged edges in there. That was definitely hollowed out by a pickax.”“Or possibly blasted out with dynamite,” George offered.“Could be. It’s certainly not natural, though.”“Of course it ain’t. Jeb Preston would’ve made little hidey-holes like this one before he was killed to make certain his money stayed safe.”Clint laughed. “There’s no way to know this is Preston’s money.”“You think we just happened to stumble upon someone else’s gold in these caves?” George’s eyes were wide as he looked up and around as though he fully expected to find more valuables protruding from the stone walls around him. “This is Preston’s money and this is only the start of it.”TWOTrujillo was only eight miles from the cave where George had made his discovery, but the town felt like it was about a thousand miles away from the rest of the civilized world. There were only two streets worth mentioning, bisected by a third. Any other path was either an alley cutting between dusty buildings or ruts in the ground that led to nowhere in particular. Since there were no signs on either of the two larger streets, Clint named them First and Second. The one cutting across them was named Cruces, and it was at the northwest corner of First and Cruces that Clint found himself later that day.Now that the sun had begun its descent, the wind blowing in from the desert had lost some of its scalding touch. Clint stood inside a small shop owned by a horse trader named Ramon. Apart from horses, Ramon also dealt in gold. He was a short fellow who seemed even smaller due to a back that had been bent to an uncomfortable angle after years of hunching over one river or another in search of his next fortune. His scalp, bare except for a few wayward strands of black hair plastered down with spit and sweat, had the same coarse texture as the desert floor. When he scratched it, the dry scraping sound rolled through the stagnant air within his place of business.“Well?” George asked expectantly. “You satisfied?”Ramon looked down at the flat stone on the counter in front of him, placed the stopper back into the small vial of acid he’d been using, and gave his head one last scratch. “It’s gold,” he declared.“I told you!”Where George nearly jumped up and down with enthusiasm, Clint kept his arms stoically crossed and his eyes gazing calmly through the dirty glass of the window in front of him. “What about the markings on the coins?” he asked. “Have you ever seen the like?”“Sí.”“Where?”Ramon picked up the coin he’d been testing and grazed the tip of his thumb over its surface. The calluses on his hands were so thick that he didn’t even feel the sting of the acid that remained in the grooves etched into the gold. “El General.”George squinted at the bald man behind the counter. “El henner . . . what now?”“El General,” Clint said, pronouncing each word just as well as someone who’d been born south of the border. “He was some sort of Army officer?”“I think so,” Ramon said. “He just wants us to call him that.”George stepped forward. If there’d been a chair for him to use, he would have perched on the edge of it. “What’s his real name?” he asked.Looking at both other men in turn, Ramon said, “Señor Preston.”Slapping the countertop so hard that he nearly spilled the vial of acid, George spun around on the balls of his feet. “Told you! Hot damn!”Ramon didn’t share the other man’s enthusiasm. He simply put his acid away before it ruined his counter, and then he stored the flat stone out of sight. “You want to sell these coins?” he asked.“Yer damn right I do!”Before the haggling over price could begin, Clint said, “I’m getting something to drink down the street.”“I’ll be along shortly,” George replied without taking his eyes off Ramon.Clint stepped outside, more than happy to let the other two men squabble over percentages and pennies. He walked to the corner and headed straight down Cruces Street to a wide building situated almost exactly between First and Second. The saloon was called Tres Burros. Judging by the way the three crudely drawn animals on the sign were butting heads, however, it seemed that whoever had painted the sign didn’t know the difference between a donkey and a ram. Fortunately, Clint didn’t frequent the place to admire its artwork.As Clint approached the bar, the man behind it looked his way and said, “There you are, Mr. Adams. Can I set you up with a beer?”“Do you have to ask, Danny?”“I suppose not.”By the time Clint picked his spot at the bar and placed one foot upon the tarnished brass rail next to a spittoon, a mug of frothy brew was waiting for him. He picked it up, brought it to his mouth, and tipped it back. The dark, potent beer did a fine job of washing away the dust that he’d brought back with him from the surrounding desert.“That,” he sighed gratefully, “is just what the doctor ordered.”The bartender frowned.“What doctor?” Danny asked.Clint shook his head.“Never mind.”THREETres Burros was one of the larger places in town. Of course, since most buildings in Trujillo didn’t even have a second floor, that wasn’t saying much. The bar ran along one side of the main room, and a small stage was on the other. In between, there were several round tables and a rectangular one used for faro. Counting the dealer and the single player trying to buck the tiger, there were only eight other people in the saloon at the moment. Since none of them required a refill of their drinks, Danny stayed close to Clint and busied himself with cleaning shot glasses.“So,” Danny said after a few more seconds. “Where’s Mr. Oswalt?”“George should be along soon.”“Is he at Ramon’s shop?”Clint looked up from his mug and asked, “Why do you ask that?”“Because you two found something in one of them caves, didn’t you? Isn’t that what he was hooting and hollering about when you two rode into town?”Actually, Clint wouldn’t have been surprised if the entire town had heard George carrying on when they were still at the cave. “We did find a little something.”“Gold?”“Not sure. That’s why we went to see Ramon.”Even though Clint had tried to keep an even tone and a vaguely bored expression, Danny looked at him as if a mountain of riches had been uncovered less than a mile outside of town. “How much gold did you find?”Clint could see a few of the other men in the saloon turning to look at him and could feel several more sets of eyes searing into his back. “Not a lot,” he replied. “And like I already mentioned, we don’t know if it’s gold.”As he’d been talking, the narrow door near the end of the bar was opened and a woman dressed in a simple brown skirt and loose-fitting white blouse emerged from a back room. “I thought I heard your voice, Clint,” she said. “Come back here, will you?”Although some of the other customers inside the place were looking toward the bar again, they were most definitely not taking much notice of Clint. The woman standing in the doorway to the back room had full curves that could not be hidden by the loose-fitting clothing she wore. Her hips were wide and round. Her breasts swayed with every motion, and her long, dark hair flowed over her shoulders. She acknowledged all the hungry stares from the customers with a little smile and an upward nod to a few of them. When Clint stepped past her into the back room, she turned away from the others and shut the door behind her.“So?” she asked anxiously. “Was George full of hot air like always?”“Not quite.”Her features brightened into a wide smile. “So there was something in those caves?”“Just one cave, but . . . yes.”“Gold?”Clint let the question hang in the air for a few moments before he stepped up close to her and whispered, “Yeah. It’s gold.”She straightened up and pressed both hands against her mouth so she could muffle the scream that was bubbling just beneath her surface. Any moment, it seemed she would lose control and let the whole town know just how excited she was. Instead of hollering out loud, she reached out to grab Clint’s face in both hands and press her lips against his mouth.Clint was somewhat surprised by her sudden move, but recovered quickly enough. His hands soon came to rest on her hips, and he returned her attentions with ample enthusiasm. And almost as quickly as she’d started the kiss, she broke it off.“Was it Preston’s gold?” she asked.“The whole Preston story is just that, Drina. It’s a tall tale.”“There was a man named Preston who lived around here, Clint!”“I know. I even did some work for a Preston who lived in this county some time ago. Preston isn’t exactly an uncommon name.”Drina’s eyes sparkled with unbridled excitement. “There should have been markings. A brand or something . . .”“There were, but . . .”“There were? Did anyone recognize the markings?” Drina asked in a rush.As much as Clint wanted to say otherwise, he told her, “Yes. There were markings on the gold.”“And?”“And . . . George said he thought the coins we found came from Preston’s coffers.”Although Drina was happy to hear that, she restrained herself before asking, “Did anyone else tell you anything?”Clint sighed, knowing there was no way he could get out of this without stirring her up even more. Even if he tried to float a lie past her, it would only be a matter of time before George came along with a conflicting story. “Ramon verified that the coins were gold. He also said he recognized the markings.”“Markings from who?”“El General.”Drina jumped in excitement and then kissed him even harder than before. Within seconds, her hands had wandered down the front of his body to start eagerly tugging at his belt buckle.“What are you doing?” he asked, although her intentions were becoming clearer by the second.“Celebrating,” she said while pulling open his shirt.Grabbing on to her ample hips, Clint decided to indulge her. Perhaps stirring Drina up had some advantages, after all.FOUROnce they both gave in to the urges that raced through their bodies, Clint and Drina didn’t have to say a word. Their hands raced over each other, pulling at loose clothing and touching whatever bare flesh they could find. Soon, Clint had her skirts gathered up around her waist and was reaching between her legs to feel her damp pussy. When he started rubbing her, Drina leaned her head back and let out a soft moan.The room was part storeroom and part office. Since the desk looked too old to support her weight, Clint moved Drina toward a row of three barrels lined up against a wall. She shuffled backward until her heels bumped against a barrel. When Clint grabbed her backside, she hopped up and allowed him to set her on top of the sturdy wooden container.Her eyes were every bit as excited as when she’d been thinking about the prospect of a fortune in gold. When Clint pulled her blouse off and opened her legs wider, she became even more anxious. Drina had already loosened his jeans, so now all she had to do was pull them down past his hips to free his erection. She grabbed his stiff cock in both hands, stroking it until it was even more rigid.Feeling as if he was about to burst, Clint positioned himself between her legs and guided his penis into her. The barrel was just tall enough to put Drina at the perfect height, and he plunged his rod into her. Drina wrapped her legs around Clint’s waist and clasped her hands behind his neck. When he began thrusting in and out of her, she pumped her hips in time to his rhythm.Soon, the motion of their bodies got the barrel to rocking back and forth. They wouldn’t have noticed it if there were no noise involved. The loud thumping of the barrel against the floor, however, was difficult to ignore.Drina stopped and showed Clint a mischievous smirk. “Did you lock the door?” she asked.“Didn’t think I was supposed to.”She shifted upon the barrel so she could look over Clint’s shoulder. The movement was slight, but made it even tougher for him to remain still while inside her.“We should be quieter,” she said. “Not so much knocking against the floor.”“Here,” Clint said as he backed up a step and helped her down. Once she was on her feet, he turned her around so her back was to him and then hiked up her skirts again. Leaning close to her ear, he whispered, “Now you just have to try and keep your voice down.”Drina bent over the barrel and widened her stance so she could accommodate Clint’s stiff cock. When he entered her from behind, she tossed her hair back and let out a satisfied grunt before quieting herself down again. Clint grabbed her hips in both hands and held her tightly while he pumped in and out of her.Looking down, Clint was treated to the sight of her wide, rounded hips and generous buttocks. Every time he pounded into her, Drina’s entire body trembled. From where he stood, he could bury every inch of his shaft deep inside her. When he pulled her toward him every time he thrust forward, Drina grabbed the barrel and let out a deep, labored breath.“Yes,” she whispered. “Harder.”Clint was more than happy to oblige. He placed one hand upon the small of her back, feeling the contour of her body and the smooth texture of her flesh. With his other hand, he grabbed some of her hair and pulled her head back until her neck was taut. Even from his current angle, Clint could see the wide smile on Drina’s face.Every time he pumped into her, Clint gave her hair a little tug. He could feel her pussy becoming even wetter, which allowed him to slide in and out of her like a piston. When he let go of her hair, Drina turned around to look at him as if to beg him to take hold of it again. Instead, he slapped a hand on the side of her hip and pounded into her.Before long, they’d built up enough momentum to test her grip on the barrel one more time. Drina gripped it until her knuckles turned white. She then lowered her upper body until her chest was pressed against the top of the barrel. Her back formed an upward slope of taut muscles that shook every time Clint pounded against her. The more Drina fought the urge to make a noise, the more ragged her breathing became. Soon, every exhale sounded more like a growl and she tensed for her approaching orgasm. When it came, she arched her back and clawed at the barrel. Clint could feel her tightening around his rigid member and pushed into her as far as he could go. When he eased out of her, Drina let out a breath that must have emptied her lungs.She turned and brushed her hair back. “I’m not through celebrating just yet,” she said with a hungry smile.Clint could hear voices in the next room. In fact, he could hear George’s voice babbling on in the same excited rush that had been coming out of him ever since they found the caves in the hills outside of town. Clint couldn’t make out any exact words, but he didn’t have to think very hard to figure out the gist of what George was going on about.Pushing him against a tall stack of crates, Drina stroked his cock in long, smooth motions. Then she lowered herself to her knees in front of him, opened her mouth, and wrapped her lips around his shaft. When she slid her mouth all the way down to the base of his erection, Clint was no longer concerned with what George was yammering about in the next room. He simply leaned back, ran his fingers through Drina’s thick hair, and savored every moment.She bobbed her head back and forth, sucking him like a stick of candy. Soon her tongue started working as well, sliding against his thick column of flesh. Clint pushed his hips forward out of instinct, and she was eager to devour him further. Drina eventually slid her mouth all the way down, taking him deep into her throat and holding him in place for a long couple of seconds.“Jesus,” Clint exhaled.The corners of her mouth curled into a smile, and her hands reached up to press against his stomach. As she sucked him faster, she scraped her nails against his skin, moaning softly as he grew even harder in her mouth. Enveloping just the tip of his cock with her lips, she swirled her tongue around him. When she picked up speed again, she seemed to be working for her own pleasure. Drina devoured him greedily and sucked him faster as if she couldn’t get enough.Clint grabbed the back of her head and clenched his eyes shut as he felt his climax swiftly approach. The heat started in his legs and rushed all the way through his entire body. He knew the end would be intense, and when it came, he let out the breath he’d been holding and emptied himself into her.She drank him down while slowly licking him.