The Hallows Man

September 15, 2014|
The Hallows Man
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What did a guy have to do to die in the line of duty? Only Spartans and Samurai were allowed a beautiful death, it seemed. Night Warden Sam Hain was left to suck it up and move on. Being a veteran of the Great War, fae-touched and stumbling into the modern world had been enough to set Sam apart from his fellow humans, but he’d made a career of hunting down the worst of America’s preternatural criminals and had even fallen in love. But a fateful accident left him as a widower, invisible to electronics and immune to all preternatural influence. He’d been stripped of his shadow, his reflection and his will to live. The real trouble was, after returning to the job with a reckless enthusiasm that only built upon his already fearsome reputation, Sam had yet to encounter any monster bad enough, tough enough, to grant a simple death wish. Life sucked, and death appeared to be AWOL. What was a guy to do? After reacquainting a serial killer sorcerer with the demon owning the pink slip to his soul, Sam is suddenly visited by his wife’s silent spirit, Llewellen. He is uncertain whether she’s throwing him a lifeline or a way to their reunion, but he’s led to a series of horrific killings that baffle the authorities. The mystery holds a werewolf biker gang at its center, threatened by an ancient and powerful evil. As Sam uncovers a deadly feud that began during the last Ice Age, he’s rolling hot for his own ‘beautiful death’. But with more dark things emerging from myth and legend to take up residence in the modern world, perhaps Llewellen is back to convince Sam that the world needs him alive.

Title:The Hallows Man
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 15, 2014
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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