The Happy Agent: Finding Harmony with a Thriving Realty Career and an Enriched Personal Life

January 23, 2015|
The Happy Agent: Finding Harmony with a Thriving Realty Career and an Enriched Personal Life by Ross Wilson
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The Happy Agent is a must-read for anyone contemplating a realty career and the perfect antidote for experienced agents seeking a more productive, less stressful direction for their business. It's also intended as an insightful resource for consumers curious about the ins and outs of buying and selling real estate. Though written by a veteran Canadian real estate broker, the fundamental principles described may be professionally or personally applied virtually anywhere in the civilized world.

The author has created an easy-read digest of the extensive knowledge and experience that blessed him with a long rewarding career in a business that notably decries a high attrition rate. Discover immediately implementable step-by-step marketing and presentation protocols, principled smart tools and time-proven ethical sales and closing techniques, many of which are utilizable in private marketing efforts. Get answers to popular questions such as:

  • How to move from the low-production majority to high-producer minority
  • How to improve prospect-to-client conversion ratio
  • How to build the much coveted practice of returning clients and referrals
  • How to gently and ethically close a client – or prospect – at the right moment
  • How to stop spending a king’s ransom in advertising and increase your net income
  • How to maximize a sale price and successfully negotiate an offer
  • How to happily harmonize business, personal and family life
  • And much, much more.

Sensitively written with wit and a pinch of whimsy, The Happy Agent touches on and applies a few esoteric concepts supported by highly credentialed, forward-thinking leaders in their respective fields of communication, quantum physics, philosophy, psychology and spirituality. Sprinkled here and there, the reader will also find a few controversial social-political commentaries and personal life stories.

Designed as a guiding compass to help you grow a thriving, sustainable, organically-driven practice, and as a private buying and selling guide, The Happy Agent may also nudge you down a new path of self-discovery towards the achievement of an enriched, harmonious life of love, joy and abundance.

“In his remarkably ingenious book, the author shares a collection of lessons that will sharpen your skills and set you on the right path in your real estate career. It is an impressive resource that helps you execute your career goals while not losing your sense of self. Highly recommended as a beneficial learning tool for all those who are looking to balance their careers and personal lives.” Fedele Colucci, Broker of Record

"An inspiring and candid tale of one man's journey to success as a real estate agent and achieving inner freedom. This book is sure to ignite the passion and holds the key to unlocking the power  that lies within us all." Gina Ceci, Real Estate Lawyer

“Very smooth and therapeutic read. I found myself reflecting on how the philosophies shared could be applied to enhance my own business and personal life. Great way to give your career a check-up from the neck up. A must read for new and experienced agents alike!” Rui Alves, Broker/Manager

“Be careful; reading this book could change how you do business and how you live your life! It's an extraordinary resource that's easy to pick up but incredibly hard to put down. The author's knowledge is invaluable and his humour is lovely. Though written for agents, it's also designed to help anyone wishing to live a more peaceful, meaningful and fulfilled life.” Helen McLean, Sales Representative since 2004

“I truly enjoyed every page, every topic and especially the quotes on almost every page. I want to confess that when I started to read “The Happy Agent”, I got so pumped and motivated that I didn't sleep that night. I planned my year ahead and entire career. I made some very important decisions after reading this book and I am well on my path to achieving them. Thank you for writing such an amazingly simple yet exponentially motivating "business manual”. Making real estate sound so interesting in itself is a huge achievement. Thank you once again for writing such an inspiring book.”  Naveed Ahmed, Sales Representative since 2006 and Associate Director Commercial Division

Title:The Happy Agent: Finding Harmony with a Thriving Realty Career and an Enriched Personal Life
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 23, 2015
Publisher:Ross W Wilson
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780993600913

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