The Helper: Journey into purposeful work

August 26, 2016|
The Helper: Journey into purposeful work
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Work fills our lives for forty hours each week for forty years. It was never intended to be a place where we simply earned our living, but one where we accomplish something of worth. Yet most people don't experience this. 

Andy Black was one. He embarked upon a career that soon became a journey of torment that lasted for seven long years. Then one day a mysterious voice spoke into his working world, transforming him into someone filled with hope, purpose and confidence.


We live in times when the desire to do something worthwhile and personally satisfying with our lives has never been greater. This easily accessible but highly practical book is a great guide for anyone seeking purpose and impact. Drawing on his own journey the author guides the reader with precision and understanding towards that future. Titled ‘The Helper’, just like the Holy Spirit, he comes alongside to help, to draw out of you what was already inside.

“The plans of a man are like deep water and a man of wisdom draws them out.” (Proverbs 20:5)

Paul Manwaring
Senior leadership team, Bethel church, Redding, California 
Director, Global Legacy
Author of ‘Kisses from a Good God’ and ‘What on Earth is Glory’. Destiny Publishing.


The Helper is an honest and vulnerable ‘fly on the wall’ view into the working, spiritual and emotional life of Andy Black.

His story is compelling, challenging and insightful. I found myself identifying with many of his experiences in the workplace and his journey with God.

It’s a story of hope, perseverance and most of all faith. 

Whatever your work life looks like, ‘The Helper’ will inspire and encourage you to be all that you can be and to follow your dreams. 

Sue Eldridge
Senior Leader, Presence Church
Director of Presence Ministries International
North Yorkshire, England


We are living in the days of kingdom expansion. Part of this understanding is the challenge to bring kingdom culture and kingdom solutions to all spheres of society. This includes the workplace. As such, believers are being challenged to embark upon a journey to perform their work as a calling; not just as a place to earn money, but to be fruitful in every respect.

In his book ‘The Helper’ Andy Black describes such a journey. 

Here is a powerful encouragement to pursue, with God’s help, the dreams of your heart even if they have not yet become completely clear. Andy’s personal story kindles the hope that following these dreams will actually propel us into our destiny so that our life becomes truly meaningful and will have the impact that it was originally designed to have. 

It is even more encouraging to read how God will meet you in the middle of your pursuit and make it absolutely evident that he is interested in you living a fulfilled life. What a blessing!

Martin Spreer
Senior Pastor, Christ-Church, Duisburg, Germany


There are very few people who don’t, at some point in their lives, question whether they’re in the wrong line of work. Andy’s very readable book provides some vital advice on how to navigate the sometimes frightening terrain between frustration and fulfilment. Using stories from his own journey, he provides a map of how, with God's help, we can travel with faith to a point where passion and profession converge, giving us a reason not only to wake up in the morning, but to get up too. 

Mark Stibbe
Bestselling author
CEO of Kingdom Writing Solutions


This is a different decade for Christians and the world of work. A decade in which the church has woken up to its privilege and responsibility to equip members to serve God in their workplace settings. A decade too in which thankfully scores of helpful and equipping books have been written. 

This book The Helper stands out. The authentic vulnerable narrative takes us into a world where many years in the wrong job left Andy Black and his wife with searching penetrating and disturbing questions about their world of work. 

With no quick solutions and no easy answers Andy then takes his readers into a breakthrough moment with God, which transformed his life and his work. This book will inspire all, but may well hold the keys for many who are struggling with a job they currently feel trapped in. I heartily recommend this read.

David Oliver
Salt & Light Ministries 
Author of ‘Work – Prison or Place of Destiny?’ and ‘Love Work Live Life’

Title:The Helper: Journey into purposeful work
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 26, 2016
Publisher:Onwards and Upwards Publishers
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781911086048

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