The Human Novel, Part 1: Black Snow.

September 30, 2015|
The Human Novel, Part 1: Black Snow.


The Human Novel opens during the Halifax Explosion....

Tommy Joyce will never forget what he did in the mud-soaked trenches of Europe’s Great War, or the face of the comrade he betrayed.

Halifax was supposed to bring peace in the arms of his wife Evie.

Evie, already widowed once, risked her reputation when she became Mrs. Joyce, but her love for Tommy is her second chance at happiness.

Their hopes are destroyed when a ship explodes in Halifax Harbour in the winter of 1917, blasting the city into a post-apocalyptic ruin.

As the city burns down around her, Evie can’t give up hope on Tommy. She carries his unborn child – and the explosive secret that could destroy their lives.

A terrible blizzard smothers Halifax as night falls. Tommy wavers on the brink of madness digging through the wreckage of the broken city, clinging to the hope of a miracle.

Will the lovers find salvation in each other, or will their secrets finally tear them apart?

- Black Snow is a gripping love story set during the 1917 Halifax Explosion.-

Title:The Human Novel, Part 1: Black Snow.
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 30, 2015
Publisher:Jon Tattrie
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781301581016

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