The Iliad by HomerThe Iliad by Homer

The Iliad


Paperback | December 18, 2013

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The culmination of over 30 years of studying and thinking about Homer, world renowned scholar and accomplished poet Barry Powell has produced what one reviewer calls a "page turner, bound to become the new standard." Powell's translation renders the Homeric Greek with a simplicity and dignityreminiscent of the original. Lucid and fast, the text immediately engrosses the reader, with a tight and balanced rhythm that sings and with a closeness to the original that allows the reader to hear the incantatory repetitions in the Greek. More accessible than Lattimore, more poetic than Lombardo, and more accurate than Fagles or Fitzgerald, this translation is an excellent fit for today's students and general readers. With swift, transparent language that rings both ancient and modern, Barry Powell gives readers anew all of the rage,pleasure, pathos, and humor that are Homer's Iliad. His clever translation is simple and energetic: sometimes coarse, sometimes flowing, it is always poetically engaged. Powell lays bare the semantic background of Homer through felicitous phrasing and delivers us a Dark-Age epic, one more suggestiveof Norse sagas than the cultural milieu of archaic Ionia. Both the translation and the introduction are consistently informed by the best recent scholarship. The illustrations are well chosen, the maps precise, the notes brief but helpful.
Barry B. Powell is the Halls-Bascomb Professor of Classics Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Powell is one of the world's leading Homer scholars. In HOMER AND THE ORIGIN OF THE GREEK ALPHABET (Cambridge, 1991) he advanced the radical thesis that the Greek alphabet was designed specifically to record the text of Homer, a...
Title:The IliadFormat:PaperbackDimensions:576 pages, 9.25 × 6.12 × 0.68 inPublished:December 18, 2013Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

AcknowledgementsIntroductionMapsBook 1: The Anger of AchillesBook 2: False Dream and the Catalog of ShipsBook 3: A Duel to the DeathBook 4: Trojan Treachery, Bitter WarBook 5: The Glory of DiomedesBook 6: Hector and Andromach Say GoodbyeBook 7: The Duel Between Hector and AjaxBook 8: Zeus Fulfills his PromiseBook 9: The Embassy to AchillesBook 10: The Exploits of DolonBook 11: The Glory of Agamemnon and The Wounding of the CaptainsBook 12: Attack on the WallBook 13: The Battle at the ShipsBook 14: Zeus DeceivedBook 15: CounterattackBook 16: The Glory of PatroklosBook 17: Fight Over the Corpse of PatroklosBook 18: The Shield of AchillesBook 19: Agamemnon's ApologyBook 20: The Dual Between Achilles and AjaxBook 21: Fight with the River; Battle of the GodsBook 22: The Killing of HectorBook 23: The Funeral of PatroklosBook 24: The Ransom of HectorLIST OF FIGURES1.1.The anger of Achilles1.2. The taking of Brises2.1. Nestor2.2. A typical Greek warship2.3. Lapiths and Centaurs3.1. Helen and Priam3.2. The duel of Menelaos and Paris4.1. Lion hunt dagger4.2 Greek against Greek5.1. Aeneas wounded5.2. Ares5.3. Spring6.1. Bellerophon6.2. Hector and Andromache7.1. Hector fights Ajax8.1. Zeus8.2. Trojan war scene9.1. Embassy to Achilles9.2. Achilles and Ajax play dice10.1. Mycenaean armor10.2. Capture of Dolon10.3. Slaying of Rhesus11.1. Gorgon11.2. Cup of Nestor11.3. Cheiron12.1. Trojan and Greek fighting13.1. Poseidon and chariot13.2. Poseidon as Kalchas14.1. Hera and Zeus14.2. Hector and Ajax15.1. Arming of Hector15.2. Ajax defends the ships16.1. Patroklos and Achilles16.2. Death of Sarpedon16.3. Kebriones17.1. Euphorbos17.2. fight over Patroklos18.1. Thetis consoles Achilles18.2. Peleus and Thetis18.3 arms of Achilles19.1. presentation of arms19.2. Achilles and Brises19.3. Achilles' horses20.1. Achilles20.2. Zeus and Ganymede21.1. Scamander river21.2. Apollo and Artemis22.1. Achilles and Hector22.2. Achilles drags Hector23.1. Trojan captives23.2. Funeral games of Patroklos24.1. Judgment of Paris24.2. Achilles and Priam