The Immortal Rules by Julie KagawaThe Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

The Immortal Rules

byJulie Kagawa

Paperback | March 26, 2013

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Enter the dark and twisted world of THE BLOOD OF EDEN trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa’s unforgettable dystopian nightmare.


Allison Sekemoto survives in the Fringe, the outermost circle of a vampire city. By day, she and her crew scavenge for food. By night, any one of them could be eaten.

Some days, all that drives Allie is her hatred of them—the vampires who keep humans as blood cattle. Until the night Allie herself is attacked and becomes one of the monsters.

Forced to flee her city, Allie must pass for human as she joins a ragged group of pilgrims seeking a legend—a place that might have a cure for the disease that killed off most of civilization and created the rabids, the bloodthirsty creatures who threaten humans and vampires alike.

Soon Allie will have to decide what—and who—is worth dying for… again.

“A fresh and imaginative thrill-ride.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Allie’s a smart, strong, compelling heroine, and readers will gladly join her for this adrenaline-rich ride.”
Kirkus Reviews
Born in Sacramento, CA, Julie Kagawa moved to Hawaii at the age of nine. There she learned many things; how to bodyboard, that teachers scream when you put centipedes in their desks, and that writing stories in math class is a great way to kill time. Her teachers were glad to see her graduate. Julie now lives is Louisville, KY with her...
Title:The Immortal RulesFormat:PaperbackProduct dimensions:464 pages, 8.09 × 5.49 × 1.23 inShipping dimensions:8.09 × 5.49 × 1.23 inPublished:March 26, 2013Publisher:HarlequinLanguage:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from A unique vampire story I'll admit, I was reluctant to read another book involving vampire or vampire-like creatures after Twilight had more or less ruined them for me. However, Kagawa creates her own unique brand of vampire and builds a fascinating world around them that you won't be disappointed by picking this one up. Haven't read the sequels yet, but this is definitely a series with a lot of potential after this one!
Date published: 2018-08-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Perfection This book is so good. One of my favourite books and series starter. Has a slow start but it's worth it.
Date published: 2018-05-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Vampire Book This became one of my favourite vampire books after reading it. The Immortal Rules manages to mix vampires and a dystopian world making it an interesting and enjoyable read.
Date published: 2018-04-18
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great When I got this book I assumed it was just going to be another vampire book (which I do typically like). I liked some other books from this author so I decided to give it a chance and I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed this book. It's a different take on the vampire than usual. And its a dystopian setting as well which I also enjoy. This story is from the vampire's perspective who will do anything to survive. Looking forward to the next book. #plumreview
Date published: 2018-03-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from a vampire story worth the read i never thought i would pick up another vampire book after twilight, but i'm so glad i did, because after reading this, i am OBSESSED. it's such a great story, much darker than her other books, and much darker than twilight, that's for sure. i read through this on a 2 day road trip and actually finished it. i didn't even care about the trip because i was so lost in this book. great character development and there was just enough description so the world building didn't feel drab, but not too much like some of her other books where there were pages and pages of descriptions and unnecessary details.
Date published: 2017-09-05
Rated 4 out of 5 by from A new twist on a vampire story Fantasy lovers rejoice. This is a dark, twisted tale about vampires and us the cattle- oh I mean humans. This was a great read and I'm disappointed I left it on my bookshelf for so long. However every time I tried to pick it up I couldn't get into it. So if there are people struggling, trust me STICK WITH IT. The middle might drag on but the start and end are worth the read. Plus who doesn't love a good character development through the middle there. :)
Date published: 2017-02-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Vampire Story! Ok, this book was awesome! I tore through it, and was hooked the whole way! I actually found it quite refreshing, as the main focus of the story was NOT about love. I liked that the story was being told by a vampire, rather than a human in a vampire world, like what we usually read. And I liked that this vampire was new, and was fighting with her all strength to not be the monster she knew she was. I liked her internal monologue about resisting and giving into the bloodlust. This is also one of the few time I have read a book where I really liked the female character. I'm usually more attached to the guys, just because they are always so manly and sexy and whatnot (haha) but Allie was so badass! She was awesome! Great book!
Date published: 2017-01-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from one of my favourites this isn't your average ya story the closest thing I can compare this to is the walking dead. Fantastic characters and great story.
Date published: 2017-01-12
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Below Expectations I went into this book with high expectations. I'm not sure if it's because the premise seemed interesting or if it's because I just finished the Death Cure (Maze Runner Series) and have now been ruined for others books but this one really let me down. And here's why: 1. The main character. I know what she was going for trying to make the ultimate strong character who no one needs but she went to far and at the same time not enough. I didn't connect to her at all, I didn't sympathize I didn't care she was just ... there telling us where we were going and not doing a good job. She wanted knowledge and cherished books then she didn't care to hear a "history lesson", she becomes a vampire and feels insane guilt over attacking a gang who were planning to kill her and worse (as she always says and never elaborates as if she doesn't want to say the word rape and feels like leaving it to the readers imagination. Which works the first time but not the fourth or fifth) and calls herself the worst monster (despite the fact that they deserved the beat down), becoming an idiot whenever her love interest comes around (Zeke ... I'm sorry Zeke?!) and making numerous stupid decisions that she knows are stupid and does them anyway (don't get me started on revealing herself to Stitch and basically fucking everything up) By the end of the story I couldn't care less about her and her bad characterization and kind of wished someone would just shoot her so I didn't have to hear about it anymore. 2. Zeke. Who? The main love interest? The one with no personality who becomes all embarrassed and blushing around a girl he barely knows for saying erect in a conversation? Yeah that guy. Enough said. 3. Other characters. All of them. Couldn't care about any of them. I don't even remember half of their names. The only one remotely interesting was the Priest and I can't even remember his name. Way to make a memorable effect on all of us. 4. Sexism? I can see what the writer was trying to do with trying to make the main character strong but I think she fell flat and just made it worse. Going around thinking about how you can snap people's necks if you want to isn't the sign of a "strong" character it is of someone with some severe anger issues that should probably be addressed by a therapist. And Ruth? Ruth the "delicate little" flower who is "unimportant" and needs to rely on Zeke the whole time because she is incapable of doing anything herself. And the other women? Not being able to be "handled" and that they can't fight or do anything physical because they are not men? Excuse me? Yeah I am not as strong as some men because I sit on the couch all day and read books but I have never been considered not as important or weak because of my gender. And yet here she makes it obvious that the only women who can do something is a vampire and the rest of them are useless. 5. Romance. Oh the romance. SUCKED! It was obvious from the start something was going to happen and I kicked and screamed the whole way. There was nothing appealing about either character and their first kiss happening to occur when they were on their way to saving their friends and that it just couldn't wait. And of course the line (which I can't remember the whole of) that the kiss was of "everything Zeke." I'm sorry that was a really bad line. Just the whole thing ... bad. 6. Writing. Usually I can forgive a story if it has at least a good writing style but this one didn't. The pace was awkward, the dialogue was unrealistic (except how to die a painful death *gag) and when she is revealed to be a vampire they welcome her back within twenty pages during which she proves how wonderful she is by selfishly helping them along and whining that they hated her now that they knew who she was. Coming from a character who actively hated the whole race for most of her life I find her hurt a little (a lot) badly done. And that none of them (some of which had come face to face with vampires before) didn't notice what she really was? And of course one of my favorites where Ruth dies for her brother (sacrificing herself) and no one cares. Just ... oh she's dead and buried and enough about that. She was a badly written character but she selfishly died to save her brother and ... nothing. Crap. Crap all of it crap. So why the two stars? Because it had potentional, because the world was well set up and I'll probably be back in a few months to complain about the second.
Date published: 2017-01-05
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic Story and Great Heroine! I absolutely loved this book. It was dark and gritty and treated vampires the way they deserved to be treated. The characters were complex, the action nail-biting, the story compelling, and the romance sweeping. Hugely recommended!
Date published: 2017-01-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved it! Allison lives in a world where a virus has decimated the human population, and vampires rule the city. Squatting and learning to survive is all she has ever known. She lives this bleak existence as an Unregistred so no vampire can control her as a pet. Living for seventeen years, she finally meets her end when she encounters rabids. (Soulless infected vampires and humans that kill everything in their path.Think zombies). A vampire comes into her path as she lays dying, giving her a choice. To die or to become one of the very thing she hates..a vampire. From then on her world is never the same again. Always thirsty, hungry for human blood Akkison learns to latch on as much of her humanity as she can. Along the way she finds a group of humans in search of Eden, desperate to hide her secret she accompanies them and finds love in the kind-hearted teenager Zeke. Will she give into her blood lust and betray them or will she help them find the security they deserve? Find out in The Immortal Rules. I just fell in love with Allison. Considering how strong her will to survive was, choosing to be a vampire was the clear option. Allison was such a kick-ass kind of character! I love how her background is Japanese. Wielding that katana and being able to defend herself was just so much fun to read. To be honest I haven’t even picked up any of Julie Kagawa’s Iron Fey novels so I didn’t kow what to expect when reading this, but I am so glad it exceeded my expectations! I may be a fan for life. She is a genius. Clever plot direction, character development and enough action to keep me off the edge of my seat!
Date published: 2014-11-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Review from Swept Away By Books What an awesome world Kagawa created. This story was a refreshing take on both a Vampire tale and a Dystopian story. A Dystopian society that is highly corrupt and run by Vampires is something that could easily be written poorly, but Kagawa did it near perfectly. Allison was a fantastic character. I loved reading about a Vampire who was actually brutal at times. She didn't automatically have control over her urges, and she gave in to them, when so ofter author's don't want their characters to give in to any type of Vampire hunger. But Allie gave in, and it continued to tempt her throughout the book. It gave the book this awesome tension and the feeling that at any second she could snap. Allie was strong and brave, self assured and a total badass. Her conflicting feelings toward feeding off of humans didn't stop her from doing it, and she quickly became one of my favourite characters in a YA novel. The Vampire hierarchy was very interesting. Kanin was a great mentor to Allie, although I would have liked to have gotten to know him a little bit better. I can see that happening in the sequel though. He provided her with a lot of learning opportunities and let her screw up in order to learn as well. Allison's relationship with Zeke was interesting. I enjoyed the fact that romance wasn't a huge part of the plot, it didn't over shadow it like some can. Zeke was a strong character as well, and his development was good, and I am very excited to learn more about him in the second book. Allison's loyalty to the group was frustrating at times, because of them casting her out when they figure out what she is. but it just goes to show what a strong character she is because despite Kanin saying she will lose her humanity as time goes, she tries to fight it in any infinitesimal way she can. The pacing in this book was perfect and Kagawa excelled at character development. The scenery description was one of my favourite parts of this book. Dead, skeletal cities and haunting forests, crack highways and the desolation of the Fringe. This book really reminded me of quite a few other stories. The Book Of Eli and The Road both because of the Dystopian aspect and the abandoned cities. As well as Defiance because of the walled in city. Kagawa made all of these aspects her own and created this amazing Dystopian world with a barren landscape. All in all, I really loved The Immortal Rules. A fantastic book for all YA dystopian, paranormal and supernatural lovers with a kickass leading lady.
Date published: 2014-04-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from One of the best reads this year! I am not usually a fan of vampire books, so I would have not read this except for my friend. She recommended it to me, and it turned out so much better than I expected! It is filled with twists and turns, and is a awesome book with realistic characters and a fantastic plot and story line! I have both of the books and can't wait for the last one.
Date published: 2014-03-23
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesome action scenes, danger, suspense, flying body parts and lots, lots of blood! Julie Kagawa is one of those very special authors that never stop amazing me. With each new book she releases, the more I love her! and with The Immortal Rules, the first in a brand new vampire series, she totally rocked my shelf! With a blend of dystopia/post-apocalyptic and paranormal world, Julie Kawaga brings to the shelves a highly frightening and strikingly awesome new Vampire novel! Indeed, The Immortal Rules introduces a female vampire character who knows very well how to hold a Katana! Allison Sekemoto, the badass heroine, is saved and sired by a Vampire who teaches her everything she needs to know to survive....until their path parts and Allison, after wandering outside the Vampire city, founds herself among a group of humans who are in search of Eden, a city free of Vampires and Rabids (beastly and brainless vampires created as a result of wrong scientific experiments) Also, Kanin, Allison's sire, is pretty much one of the greatest Vampires I have read in YA and believe me when I say that I'd put myself on my knees to adore him! Unfortunately, I didn't have enough of him in this first installment but by the end of The Immortal Rules, I felt like an unspoken promise that he will be back with all of his charming badass-ness! In addition to Allie and Kanin, there is the love interest who shines in this novel with goodness and a noble heart. It is incredible appealing to read a character such as Zeke (yes, the love interest), he is merely seventeen year-old, yet life has made him grow-up pretty fast. He is one of those few perfect characters whose perfection doesn't bother nor does it make him less credible or real. Zeke's good will and noble soul are definitely two qualities I love to see in the characters I read and I think it brings the excellent contrast and balance to the evilness Kagawa's created for the dark and cruel world of The Immortal Rules. Julie Kagawa has certainly created a powerful cast with a highly addictive and brilliant plot that will lure readers to loyally follow this story until the very last installment of the Blood of Eden series! The Immortal Rules is a bloody ride filled with the most awesome action scenes, danger, suspense, flying body parts and lots, lots of blood! Of course, there is also the necessary dose of romance that makes this novel even more bloody perfect! So, if you thought that there were no enough mean and scary vampires in YA, here you have some of the cruelest vampires ever! They could be, indeed, pretty hardcore rivals even for veterans like Nosferatu and Dracula! Bloody recommended!
Date published: 2012-06-26
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing take on vampires with a science twist! So… I’ve never read any Julie Kagawa books before this… *ducks the boo’s and paper balls*. Now I can firmly say that it was crazy to ignore her writing for so long! The cover features Allie post transition in dramatic monochrome as she sheds a bloody tear. I especially love the elaborate front and back endpapers, they give a feeling of the vampiric aristocracy. The story begins with a human Allie trying to survive in this post apocalyptic world where if you’re not kept as a walking blood bag for vampires, especially for the spoiled royal court, you’re scrounging around on your own - just waiting to be a midnight snack to some night time creature. Besides the vampires there’s also the rabids, mindless ever hungry beings created by a mutated virus that threatens the existence of humans and vampires. Kagawa creates a perfectly dark and gritty world for this story. You can feel the desperation of survival when Allie is surrounded by ruins of former buildings, or the eeriness of an apocalypse with abandoned vehicles on roads and bloodied homes. Kagawa takes the very overused idea of vampires and puts an engrossing science spin to it. Kagawa kept some of the original lore of vampires (no sunlight, super strength, blood lust) but she manages to set them a bit apart with unique rules for what changes into what with the virus spreading. I especially loved the idea of the rabids, they’re like a blend of vampiric zombies that are relentless in their pursuit of blood. Allie initially may not be a super heroine, but I admire her for her strong will to always survive no matter what. She even tries to help others, even if they’re ridiculously useless because while the world has fallen- she doesn’t want to give up hope in humankind and what it used to be like. But faced with her own mortality, she chooses to survive - no matter the consequences. Afterwards we’re thrown into this intense world of vampires, with super senses, strength and above all, Blood Lust. Katana’s seem to be the weapon of choice these days in books, and it’s no different in The Immortal Rules, but Allie wields it with surgical accuracy and grace with her new abilities. Kanin is an intriguing character as Allie’s creator, driven into hiding and full of secrets, he teaches Allie the ropes until his past finally catches up to them. Allie goes through some changes in her transition from living to undead, but she manages to keep some semblance of her humanity throughout it all. She struggles with it everyday, but she uses her determination to keep a shadow of her former self as long as she can. This created an amazing internal debate throughout the story between primal need and what she feels is right. This tension is further fed by being surrounded by a dependant group of humans that creates some of the most stress inducing moments ever as she attempts to pass as human. But with her immortal life in front of her, she finds a cause worth fighting for that has a fast approaching expiry date if the rabids and vampires have anything to say about it. The cast of secondary characters throughout the story, although minor in their parts - come together to form a complex story that in turn makes each character sear themselves into your head through their actions. This was especially true with the character of Stick - who takes the role of slimy rat to a whole new level. The love interest/second in command of a small human group Zeke was amazing as a strong, but sensitive character in a landscape where softness can quickly get you killed; Zeke definitely turns it into a strength. The relationship that develops between Allie and Zeke is so genuine, and built on life or death moments that ends up creating a much stronger relationship than normal - which is definitely put to the test. The Immortal Rules is packed with terrifying-run-for-your-life action, deep dark secrets, and a glimmer of hope at the end of a rabid infested tunnel. It ends on an amazing note, with a definite direction for the next book. I can’t wait to read the next one, whose title has just been released as “The Eternity Cure”.
Date published: 2012-06-25
Rated 5 out of 5 by from An Intense Start to the Blood of Eden Series! A part of me was hesitant to start any new series centering around vampires, but since Julie Kagawa is one of my favourite authors, there was no way I could resist reading The Immortal Rules. If there was ever an author who could manage to bring a new spin to the vampire genre, it would surely be Julie Kagawa. The term "cinematic" first comes to mind when describing The Immortal Rules. The book was thrilling and action-packed, and with Julie Kagawa's excellent world-building skills, the dark post-apocalyptic setting is brought completely to life before your very eyes. When Allie finds herself attacked by rabids while venturing for food on the outskirts of New Covington, she's unexpectedly saved by a Master Vampire named Kanin who gives her a choice: live and become vampire as the price... or die. Allie's will to survive is stronger than her hatred of vampires though, and she soon learns what it really means to be a vampire. However, Kanin is secretly on a mission of his own in the city, determined to undo a past mistake, and when his enemies find them, Allie and himself are forced to part ways. Allie's escape from the city she's lived her entire life in takes her on an unexpected journey, one in which she must hide her vampiric nature from the ragtag group of humans she suddenly finds herself traveling with. They're trying to find Eden, rumoured to be the last place of human salvation and untouched by vampire influence, but after years of fruitless searching, it's beginning to seem more like they're chasing a legend. And as Allie struggles with her new immortality and the monster she feels she's becoming, she finds herself drawn to the very much human Zeke. In a world where everyone is selfishly only looking out for themselves, Zeke's kindness is a novelty to her. I'm just not too sure how I feel about the spark of romance which developed between them because I still see him more as a good friend than anything else... Despite the fact that The Immortal Rules is almost 500 pages in length, I was still wishing the book would never end! I am absolutely looking forward to reading the second novel in the Blood of Eden series, The Eternity Cure. Julie Kagawa has imagined true creatures of the night who inspire terror and fear at their mere mention. The Immortal Rules is written with an intensity that is simply pure addicting to read! You can also read this review at:
Date published: 2012-06-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Dystopian and vampires = awesome Considering that this book is about vampires-in-control dystopian, I expected it to be darker than the Iron Fey series. I'm always a little nervous reading a new book from an author whose previous series I love. Will it live up to my expectations? This one definitely did. It had a well-thought out world, characters I fell in love with, and I couldn't put it down. Alli just might be my favorite character of the year so far. She's self-sufficient and is an asset to the groups she belongs to and she cares about her friends. And she hates vampires. Vampires control her city and the humans, at least those who are registered, are treated like cattle, exchanging blood for meal tickets. Those who aren't registered have to rely on themselves to find food. When Allie ventures outside the city wall, she finds a stash of canned food and brings her gang back the next day. They get trapped in the dark and attacked by a group of rabids. Vampire Kanin finds Allie and offers her immortality instead of death. She accepts. The book doesn't make being a vampire sound in any way fun. Both Kanin and Allie, when talking about being a vampire, don't glorify it. We see Allie's struggle not to hurt anyone in the group she joins in her travels and hold on to her humanity and keep up her appearance as a regular girl instead of a deadly vampire, especially important when the leader of the group hates vampires. There's more than a few times where I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach from Allie's emotions. The people she gets attached to make it easy to love them. There's a lot of action in this book and the ending promises even more to come.
Date published: 2012-06-19
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Alright, but not the book for me FTC Disclaimer: I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. The reading world seems to have been taken by storm by Julie Kagawa. She wrote an amazing series called The Iron Fey — a series I’m still woefully behind on, only having read the first book (but really loved it!) — and is now sharing a new series, Blood of Eden, going away from the faeries and entering the world of the vampires. To some, vampires might be completely overdone. They’re everywhere! In a ton of books, on the TV, in the movies. Everywhere you turn, someone’s falling in love with a vampire or a vampire is trying to make it in the human world. To me, vampires are still holding a place in my heart. Reading Twilight was what got me back into reading and it introduced me to the wonderful world of YA books. I even really love watching The Vampire Diaries on TV (though I really disliked the books), and Being Human is one show that my husband and I both agree on. When I saw that NetGalley had Julie Kagawa’s latest book up for grabs, I pounced on it like … well, like a ravenous vampire. I couldn’t wait to dig in and enter the wonderful world of vampires that Kagawa will have created. If it was anything like her world of faeries, then it was bound to be good. However, I was disappointed. A lot of my disappointment in this book lays in the fact that it took me forever to read. When I like a book, I like it. I want to lay down with it, crawl inside of it, and actually be a character in its world. I don’t want to put it down. Even with audiobooks, I find that I’ll find random things to do around the house — you know, those piddly things that you put off — just so I can listen to my audiobook and not feel bad for just sitting around doing nothing. But this book, The Immortal Rules, just didn’t grab me like I wanted it to. It was dreadfully slow-paced. Even though Julie Kagawa’s writing was just as beautiful as ever and her dystopian world of vampires was exactly how I had wanted it to be, I found that I could only get through maybe 30 pages at the most before falling asleep. I had no desire to keep myself awake to finish this book. And at just over 500-pages, that meant this book took forever to finish. A lot of my hesitation in reading it was with the characters. When I started reading this, I was comparing it to another vampire book that I had read years ago, The Last Vampire, by Christopher Pike. In that book, I could not relate to the main character at all. I felt that she was flat and displayed no emotion. The main character in this book isn’t so flat, she displays a lot of emotion (which is understandable since her human life was cut short), but she also displays such horrid characteristics as a lot of the female leads in books like this. She doesn’t think, goes out on her own in a world where she wouldn’t have dared to go out on her own in, and just does a lot of stupid things. And Stick! Stick! I can’t understand why all books must have such an annoying character as Stick. I would like to think that if the world did come to be ruled by vampires and we were all to fend for ourselves that a character like Stick would die out early. For the entire time he was in the story, I was annoyed and didn’t understand how such seemingly-strong characters could put up with him — or, for that matter, how he would have even survived for so long. The only character I really liked was Kanin — Allison’s creator and mentor. He was a pretty cool vampire and I was sad that he wasn’t in a lot of the book. Instead, it was filled with characters who I couldn’t connect with and, really, characters I just didn’t like. For me, the plot moved slowly. At about page 350, the pace suddenly picked up and I was interested, but then it dropped back down and I wasn’t interested again until about page 450. This book just seemed way too long. Pages and pages of description for one small thing bored me and I just wanted to finish the book so that I could read something else. I wanted something more exciting to happen, or for something to just grab my interest and make me want to keep turning the pages. Unfortunately, the pacing was so slow and I was left wondering why so many people were gushing about this book. Like I said earlier, I really wanted to like this book, but it just didn’t grab me, which is sad because a lot of the book bloggers I love — whose opinions I cherish — LOVED this book to no end and I just couldn’t understand why. I still have a huge appreciation for Kagawa — she has an amazing way with words and can craft sentences like few authors can — but I think I’ll stick with the Iron Fey series instead.
Date published: 2012-05-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Julie Kagawa doesn't disappoint I have a confession. I like vampire novels. Not the more recent vampire novels that always devolve into love stories but the gritty, dangerous ones from writers like Anne Rice and Kristen Painter. So when I heard that Julie Kagawa was tackling the vampire novel I was excited (but a little nervous). She's easily one of my favourite authors and after getting a look at that eye catching cover I had high hopes for the story. And you know what? She delivered. Julie Kagawa makes no apologies for the vampires. They are dangerous, they're blood thirsty, they can not be vegetarians and sooner or later they will kill somebody. That's the way it should be.It helps that she's set this story in a post-apocalyptic setting where vampires are the supreme overlords of many of the major cities. The idea that we would essentially become blood slaves in order to survive is a pretty chilling one.I've heard a lot of people describe the setting as dystopian and I don't think that's quite accurate but it is definitely a jaded version of our own world and one that I was fascinated with. Just because the vampires are dangerous however, doesn't mean that you feel disconnected from them. The Immortal Rules is set from Allison Sekemoto's point of view - a.k.a from the vampires point of view not from the POV of a sappy human that is in love with said vampire. You get an in depth look of what life was like for a human in this world and later what it was like for a vampire. Allison may become a dangerous and blood thirsty killer but she still has a personality and a heart and you get to experience all of her struggles right along with her. The fabulous Julie Kagawa has done it again - she has created an amazing world with interesting characters for me to become obsessed with. I have no doubt that I will be following this series just as eagerly as I do the Iron Fey. Final recommendation: For all of you who love a good old fashioned gritty vampire novel. And of course for fans of Julie Kagawa. She doesn't disappoint. This and other reviews at Hooked on Books (
Date published: 2012-04-28
Rated 5 out of 5 by from awsome the best i would have to say this is the best vampire book i have read sence twilight i love the fact how she foced on vampires and the monster they are instead of it mostly based on a love story i give it a 100 thumbs up
Date published: 2012-04-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved it! A Must Read! Dystopia + Vampires = win! This book was so good I don't even know where to start. I absolutely loved it and hadthe hardest time putting it down. Julie Kagawa has once again created an amazing world and a cast of characters that you just have to love. I was a little worried going into this one because I was worried that there was too much hype for it, but it definitely deserves the hype. Ok, so first of all, look at that cover! When I first saw it all I can wonder about is why she is crying. What could possibly make a vampire cry? Well, it just made me want to read it. Although something I don't understand is why her eyes are red. Yes, I know vampires in some books have red eyes, but in this world vampires can easily pass for human, so you would think their eyes would be normal. I mean, if they're red the humans can just look at their eyes and know. I know, it's just a cover, but it just doesn't make sense to me. So basically, the story revolves around Allie and her struggles with being a vampire. Allie HATED vampires with a passion, but when faced with a choice of either becoming a vampire or dying at age 17, Allie opts to become one of the walking dead. Honestly, I probably would have made the same choice. Allie is forced to leave the vampire city she grew up in and finds a group of humans travelling in the wild, so she pretends to be one of them and joins them. How is she going to be able to resist drinking their blood? She doesn't want to drink from them and possibly hurt them, but if she doesn't feed,she could lose control and someone could die from her bloodlust. All the while, they are searching for Eden, a vampire free city. They are being persued by Jackal's gangs, Allie has no idea why. Will they find Eden? Or will their group die one by one from the hardships of the wild? This is definietly a plot that keeps you glued to your book. Allie, the protagonist is an extremely kick ass, katana weilding vampire. She doesn't want to be a moster and hurt people by drinking their blood, but she needs to feed and she needs human blood. I found her to be a somewhat emotional vampire, she grew to care for some of the humans in the group she travelled with. Most vampires wouldn't care in the slightest, except for keeping the humans alive for an easy meal. Allie is a character that I came to care for and look forward to seeing what happens next to her. It's interesting to see how someone who despises vampires copes with being one. We do have a love interest for Allie, but it's not a love triangle! His name is Zeke and he has been raised to despise vampires. We can't help but wonder what will happen when he finds out Allie is a vampire, because it can't be good. You can't help but love Zeke because he always sees the good in everyone. Everyone gets a chance to prove themselves and he is just so nice to everyone. He was orphaned at age 3, thanks to a nasty vampire, and was raided by Jeb. Jeb is a preacher and trained Zeke to hate vampires and how to fight. I just can't believe how well Zeke turned out after being raised by crabby Jeb. Overall, The Immortal Rules is an amazing story that everyone who loves vampires or dystopians must read. Julie Kagawa is a wonderful author who seems to know exactly how to make a world we can imagine and crave more of. She's created monsters that freaked me out to even read about, the mindless rabids. The Immortal Rules had me glued to the pages, too enthralled to put it down. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next for Allie. Would I recommend it? Definitely. I'll be buying myself a copy to enjoy. It really is a great book, a must read in YA literature. []
Date published: 2012-04-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Strong Opening to a New Series Reviews can be found at Cover Impressions: This cover doesn't do much for me. Firstly, the main character is Asian, this model is .... not. I don't like that. If the person on the cover is meant to represent a character, then make them look like that character. No white-washing please. Secondly, the expression on the model's face is bland, I would prefer her to look upset, or angry or determined or ... something. Thirdly, the tear, while eye catching, seems off somehow. Perhaps it is because it starts in the very middle of her eye, perhaps it is because it doesn't wash away any of that heavy eye makeup. I do like the font and am thankful that, although Kagawa is already a successful author, her name doesn't appear bigger than the book title. The Gist: In Allison Sekemoto's world vampires rule with an iron fist and humans are treated as no more than cattle. Here she fights for survival alongside other scavengers, constantly aware of the threat lurking in the shadows. When her daring leads to a deadly attack, Allison is offered a choice: die on the dusty street or become what she loathes most. Review: The Immortal Rules is one of those rare YA novels which combines an interesting world, and an action packed plot with a strong, capable heroine. Allison is not your average YA female, she pulls her weight and doesn't depend on the men around her to act as her savior. She never balks at an impossible situation and she doesn't whine. When she is faced with a task and other issues threaten to steal her attention she says things like "I would sort all this out later" and "though I hated this, I forced myself to concentrate". Despite her claims to own the keys to lonerville, Allison continually surprises herself, and the readers, by risking herself in order to protect that people that she is supposed to think of as nothing more than food. The world that Kagawa has created combines the dystopian elements of a post-plague city ruled by bloodthirsty vampires with the heart-thumping zombie-like "Rabids" who stalk the lands outside. The rabids are terrifying, difficult to kill and can erupt beneath the very ground you walk on. Their mindless quest for blood creates exciting battles and heart-thumping moments as we push for human survival. As Allison travels with a pack of humans, ever conscious of their tempting vulnerability, she struggles with her hunger and fights to pull together the tattered remains of her humanity creating a sense of suspense as we wait for the inevitable. While the second half of this novel is ruled by action, the first half does contain a certain amount of info-dumping, mostly through Kanin - Allison's maker. I did not find this too distracting as the world Kagawa has created is a very interesting one, but I do wish that the character of Kanin had been a little more animated in his lessons. I am very confident that, now that the world building has been established, the other books in this series will scarcely give the readers a moment to breathe. Teaching/Parental Notes: Age: 16 and up Gender: Either Sex: None Violence: Vampirism, swordplay, gunfights, violent attacks by "rabids" Inappropriate Language: Yes Substance Abuse: None
Date published: 2012-04-02
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Ingenious and EPIC! If you had any doubt that Julie Kagawa was capable of writing something just as spectacular as The Iron Fey, those doubts would be a waste of time. Once again, Julie has spun her magic and turned out something purely golden with this new dark and gritty tale about vampires and humans struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The Immortal Rules, Julie’s first book in her new Blood of Eden series, is a gripping story told from the perspective of a newly Turned vampire determined to hang on to her humanity in a world where basic survival is the only goal. Allison (Allie) Sekemoto begins the story as a human, barely surviving on the fringe of a society ruled by vampires and where humans are ultimately their food source. Allie's life as a human had not been easy for her...starvation, scavenging, fighting just to keep what little she had...was her way of life. She was tough and street-smart, practical and no-nonsense, and at her core, was her tenuous grip on humanity. What I loved about her was that we got to see how she fought to stay true to herself as both a human and as a newly Turned vampire. Once she became the creature she hated the most, when her inner demon was screaming at her to flee, she struggled with her humanity versus her new, self-preservation instincts. She was now a vampire afterall -- a monster -- but what she had to decide was what KIND of monster she would be. In most stories, including this one, vampires are believed to be soulless beings...Allie challenged that statement at every turn. She was not just a protagonist...she was a heroine in the truest sense of the word. And yes, as a vampire, she was 'KICK-ASS'! One of Allie's lucky breaks was that she couldn't have asked for a better sire and mentor than what she got in Kanin. They were actually a lot alike, and in a tough and no-nonense approach, he taught her the mechanics of surviving this crazy world as a new vampire. Throwing her in situations where she had to learn things the hard way ultimately served her well. Kanin had that classic, sexy, vampire arrogance about him but, in his own way, also struggled to maintain that fleeting hold on humanity. I ADORED Kanin! And something that really surprised wasn't until I was about a third the way through the book that I realized that there was no romance in the story up till that point. Anyone who knows me knows a good love story is an essential component in my reading criteria...but The Immortal Rules was THAT good...I didn't even miss it! But fear not...there WAS a perfectly-balanced, star-crossed love story--with a tinge of desperation thrown in--between Allie and Ezekiel (Zeke), who is very much human...and a good example of a human, at that. Ezekiel is the 'second in command' of a group of humans attempting to find a non-confirmed place called Eden--a place free of vampires and where people are working on a cure to the virus. Zeke is the guy who takes the hits for everyone, is fiercely protective of his people, and sees the good in everyone, including--and especially in--Allie. Of course, this was also put to the test. And Zeke is hard to resist for Allie. She knows deep down that it's unlikely that a promising future awaits them, but he stirs something within her-- even in these desperate times, or perhaps because of these desperate times--that she cannot ignore and is holding onto that one bright spot in her life that is Zeke, against her better judgement. All the complimentary characters were extremely well written. Good or bad, or somewhere in between--each had their key part in the story...Jebeddiah, Caleb, Ruth, Stick, Jackal, among others were stand-outs for me--whether I liked them or not. And we can't forget the cree-pee rabids that were a persistent and bloody threat throughout. Rabids came about from some ill-fated experimenting on some vampires while trying to cure the Red Lung virus and is the only population that is growing. They are visceral, savage and attack viciously. They are like the zombies of the vampire world. The Immortal Rules was intense and a true page-turner. 485 pages?! Pssht...I didn't want it to end!! But it did wrap up nicely...and also sets the stage for the next book, of which I cannot wait for! I was completely engrossed in it and didn't want to put the book down, but sometimes, I just HAD to...but couldn't wait to get back to it. So my most favourite author has done it again!! I've come to the conclusion that Julie could probably write about mud puddles and create a compelling story. I will also add that I will not compare this new series to my beloved Iron Fey books as that would be like comparing potato chips to chocolate...both are sinfully delicious but in different ways. Finally, I wanted to thank Harlequin Teen for sending me my own copy of the ARC as well, after I realized I was quoted in the 'Praise for The Iron Fey' page. What an incredible surprise and an honour! Thank you!
Date published: 2012-03-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Razor-sharp Series Full of Action, Suspense, and Drama! *Copy provided by publisher for review* First, I fell in love with her fabulous Iron Fey series, a series that introduced the world to a fun, realistic, and encouraging heroine that all female readers would adore and admire. Now with her latest release, The Immortal Rules, and the first in her all-new series Blood of Eden, Julie Kagawa has done it again! Admittedly so, I was reluctant and had my doubts. Would Immortal Rules be as amazing as her Iron Fey series? Would we still fall in love with her new world and characters? Would Julie be able to "revive" vampires for all readers? My answers: Yes, Yes, and Yes! The Immortal Rules sets the stage with an otherworldly setting. The world is overrun by Vampires who use humans as their personal blood banks. Humans are controlled in this society, kept under close watch, and they are forced to scavenge for food and other necessities while fighting poverty, malnutrition, and the possibility of death come nightfall. Allison Sekemoto lives in the fringe, the outer circle of one of the vampire cities, and one evening she is attacked and given a life changing choice - become a vampire or die. When Allie becomes the very thing she's grown to despise, she must learn to survive on her own. With the first mention of the world setting in The Immortal Rules I couldn't help feeling slightly reminded of that of The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Cain. In Rachel Cain's series, humans are isolated, controlled, and used as human "blood banks". That very aspect caught my eye, but Julie Kagawa's setting was by far no where near that of Rachel Cain's. In a post-apocalyptic and vampire ridden setting, readers meet the head strong Allison Sekemoto (Allie) who unfortunately has had to live in poverty, scavenging for food wherever she could without being killed by rogue vampires. Allison was a fairly predictable character but I still couldn't help loving her overall defying personality. Despite that, Allie's determined personality played for and against her, but Julie definitely made it work. There's no possible way I could ever hate a bad ass vampire protagonist who wields a katana, could you? Leave it to Julie Kagawa to write another amazing otherworldly male character that all girls couldn't help instantly falling in love with! At the immediate introduction of Kannin, I was hooked! I was a complete and total goner and I needed more. Kannin was a tightly wound mystery, in fact upon reaching the conclusion of The Immortal Rules I still found myself with hundreds of questions about him. I'm certainly hoping for more Kannin to come in the upcoming companion novel. Moving on, I can't stress enough how matured Julie Kagawa's writing was in Immortal Rules. Unlike her writing in the Iron Fey series, Julie featured incredibly darker writing with an ultimately thicker dialogue that I couldn't help falling in love with! Without a doubt, Immortal Rules will surprise Julie fans and make them beg for more. The Immortal Rules is a brand new razor-sharp series full of action, suspense, and drama from the well renowned author of the Iron Fey series. Readers who love post-apocalyptic titles with bad-ass protagonists will want to add this one to their to-read shelves asap!
Date published: 2012-03-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from SO AMAZING! Holy sweet goodness... There's a reason why the world loves Julie Kagawa and this is IT. Her writing is flawless; her creativity is out of this world. She could probably write about flying chickens and it would still be amazing! The first thing you have to know is that this book can hardly be compared to The Iron Fey series because they're so DIFFERENT (in the best possible way!). The only things that remain constant are Julie's talents for writing, fantastic world-building, and creating a cast of realistic characters that you'll be handing your heart to before you know it (like Kanin and Caleb!). The Immortal Rules is set in a world where vampires dominate and humans have the choice to either be well-fed blood sources or starving Unregistereds. The way it was crafted was flawless. No plot holes here! Vampire stories may be a dime a dozen nowadays, but Julie proves that there's still hope for originality in the bunch. Both as a human and a vampire, Allie kicks ass and I completely love her for it! She's fierce, determined, and loyal, but she's also REAL in ways that other a lot of other books can't pull off. And then there's Ezekiel Crosse — Zeke for short — who is so sweet and sexy and wholeheartedly good (yet still hot with a weapon) that falling for him is non-negotiable! ♥ Dark and gritty and a page-turner from the very start, The Immortal Rules does not disappoint! My only warning is to not start this book without time set aside to read because you won't stop thinking about it even after the last page is turned. :) BUY or BORROW?: Buy buy buy buy it! This book is written by Julie Kagawa. (And the heroine wields a katana along with her fangs!) Why are you hesitating?? x)
Date published: 2012-03-22

Read from the Book

They hung the Unregistereds in the old warehouse district; it was a public execution, so everyone went to see.I stood at the back, a nameless face in the crowd, too close to the gallows for comfort but unable to look away. There were three of them this time, two boys and a girl. The oldest was about my age, seventeen and skinny, with huge frightened eyes and greasy dark hair that hung to his shoulders. The other two were even younger, fourteen and fifteen if I had to guess, and siblings, since they both had the same stringy yellow hair. I didn't know them; they weren't part of my crowd. Still, they had the same look of all Unregistereds; thin and ragged, their eyes darting about like trapped animals. I crossed my arms tightly, feeling their desperation. It was over. The trap had closed; the hunters had caught them, and there was no place for them to run.The pet stood on the edge of the platform, puffed up and swaggering, as if he had caught the kids himself. He was walking back and forth, pointing to the condemned and rattling off a list of crimes, his pale eyes gleaming with triumph."assaulting a citizen of the Inner City, robbery, trespassing and resisting arrest. These criminals attempted to steal Class One foodstuffs from the private warehouse of the Inner City. This is a crime against you, and more important, a crime against our benevolent Masters."I snorted. Fancy words and legal mumbo jumbo didn't erase the fact that these "criminals" were just doing what all Unregistereds did to survive. For whatever reasons, fate, pride or stubbornness, we nonregistered humans didn't have the mark of our vampire masters etched into our skin, the brands that told you who you were, where you lived and who you belonged to. Of course, the vampires said it was to keep us safe, to keep track of everyone within the city, to know how much food they had to allow for. It was for our own good. Yeah, right. Call it what you wanted, it was just another way to keep their human cattle enslaved. You might as well be wearing a collar around your neck.There were several good things about being Unregistered. You didn't exist. You were off their records, a ghost in the system. Because your name wasn't on the lists, you didn't have to show up for the monthly bloodletting, where human pets in crisp white coats stuck a tube in your vein and siphoned your blood into clear bags that were placed into coolers and taken to the Masters. Miss a couple lettings and the guards came for you, forcing you to pony up the late blood, even if it left you empty as a limp sack. The vamps got their blood, one way or another.Being Unregistered let you slip through the cracks. There was no leash for the bloodsuckers to yank on. And since it wasn't exactly a crime, you'd think everyone would do it. Unfortunately, being free came with a hefty price. Registered humans got meal tickets. Unregistereds didn't. And since the vamps controlled all the food in the city, this made getting enough to eat a real problem.So we did what anyone in our situation would do. We begged. We stole. We scraped up food wherever we could, did anything to survive. In the Fringe, the outermost circle of the vampire city, food was scarce even if you weren't Unregistered. The ration trucks came twice a month and were heavily guarded. I'd seen Registered citizens beaten just for getting out of line. So while it wasn't exactly a crime to be Unregistered, if you got caught stealing from the bloodsuckers and you didn't have the Prince's cursed brand gracing your skin, you could expect no mercy whatsoever.It was a lesson I'd learned well. Too bad these three never did."eight ounces of soy, two potatoes, and a quarter loaf of bread." The pet was still going on, and his audience had their eyes glued to the gallows now, morbidly fascinated. I slipped into the crowd, moving away from the platform. The smug voice rang out behind me, and I clenched my hands, wishing I could drive a fist through his smiling teeth. Damn pets. In some ways, they were even worse than the bloodsuckers. They'd chosen to serve the vamps, selling out their fellow humans for the safety and luxury it brought. Everyone hated them, but at the same time everyone was jealous of them, as well."The rules regarding Unregistered citizens are clear." The pet was wrapping up, stretching out his words for the greatest effect. "According to clause twenty-two, line forty-six of New Covington law, any human found stealing within city limits, who does not have the mark of protection from the Prince, shall be hanged by the neck until they are dead. Do the accused have any last words?"I heard muffled voices, the oldest thief swearing at the pet, telling him to do something anatomically impossible. I shook my head. Brave words wouldn't help him. Nothing would now. It was fine and good to be defiant to the end, but it was better not to get caught in the first place. That was his first mistake and, ultimately, his last. Always leave yourself an out; that was the first rule of the Unregistereds. Do whatever you want—hate the vamps, curse the pets—but never get caught. I picked up my pace, hurrying past the edge of the crowd, and broke into a jog.The clunk of the trapdoors releasing echoed very loudly in my ears, even over the gasp of the watching crowd. The silence that followed was almost a living thing, urging me to turn, to glance over my shoulder. Ignoring the knot in my stomach, I slipped around a corner, putting the wall between myself and the gallows so I wouldn't be tempted to look back.Life in the Fringe is a simple thing, like the people who live here. They don't have to work, though there are a couple "trading posts" set up around the Fringe, where people collect what they find and exchange it for other things. They don't have to read; there are no jobs that require it, and besides, owning books is highly illegal—so why risk it? All they have to worry about is feeding themselves, keeping their clothes mended, and patching up whatever hole or box or gutted out building they call home well enough to keep the rain off them.The secret goal of almost every Fringer is to someday make it into the Inner City, past the Wall that separates the civilized world from the human trash, into the glittering city that looms over us with its great starry towers that had somehow resisted crumbling into dust. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who was taken into the city, a brilliant mind or a great beauty, someone too unique or special to be left here with us animals. There are rumors that the vampires "breed" the humans on the inside, raising the children to be their thralls, completely devoted to their Masters. But since none who are Taken into the city ever come out again—except the pets and their guards, and they aren't talking—no one knows what it's really like.Of course, this only feeds the stories."Did you hear?" Stick asked as I met him at the chain-link fence that marked the edge of our territory. Beyond the fence, across a grassy, glass-strewn lot, stood a squat old building that my gang and I called home. Lucas, the de facto leader of our gang, said it used to be a "school," a place where kids like us gathered every day in huge numbers to learn. That was before the vamps had it gutted and burned, destroying everything on the inside, but it was still a refuge for a gang of skinny street rats. Three stories high, the brick walls were beginning to crumble, the top floor had fallen in, and the halls were filled with mold, rubble and little else. The charred halls and empty rooms were cold, damp and dark, and every year a little more of the walls fell away, but it was our place, our safe haven, and we were fiercely protective of it."Hear what?" I asked as we ducked through the gap in the rusty fence, striding through weeds and grass and broken bottles to where home beckoned invitingly."Gracie was Taken last night. Into the city. They say some vampire was looking to expand his harem, so he took her."I looked at him sharply. "What? Who told you that?""Kyle and Travis."I rolled my eyes in disgust. Kyle and Travis belonged to a rival gang of Unregistereds. We didn't bother each other, usually, but this sounded like something our competitors would concoct just to scare us off the streets. "You believe anything those two say? They're screwing with you, Stick. They want to scare you."He trailed me across the lot like a shadow, watery blue gaze darting about. Stick's real name was Stephen, but no one called him that anymore. He was taller than me by several inches, but my five-foot nothing didn't make this feat all that impressive. Stick was built like a scarecrow, with straw-colored hair and timid eyes. He managed to survive on the streets, but just barely. "They're not the only ones talking about it," he insisted. "Cooper said he heard her scream a few blocks away. What does that tell you?""If it's true? That she was stupid enough to go wandering around the city at night and probably got herself eaten.""Allie!""What?" We ducked through the broken door frame into the dank halls of the school. Rusty metal lockers were scattered along one wall, a few still standing, most dented and broken. I headed toward an upright one and yanked the door open with a squeak. "The vamps don't stay in their precious towers all the time. Sometimes they go hunting for live bodies. Everyone knows that." I grabbed the brush that I kept here to go with the mirror that was stuck to the back, the only useable one in the building. My reflection stared at me, a dirty-faced girl with straight black hair and "squinty eyes," as Rat put it. At least I didn't have teeth like a rodent.I ran the brush through my hair, wincing at the snags. Stick was still watching me, disapproving and horrified, and I rolled my eyes. "Don't give me that look, Stephen," I said, frowning. "If you're out past sundown and get tagged by a bloodsucker, that's your fault for not staying put or not paying attention." I replaced the brush and shut the locker with a bang. "Gracie thought that just because she's Registered and her brother guards the Wall, she was safe from vampires. They always come for you when you think you're safe.""Marc is pretty torn up about it," Stick said almost sullenly. "Gracie was his only family since their parents died.""Not our problem." I felt bad for saying it, but it was true. In the Fringe, you looked out for yourself and your immediate family, no one else. My concern didn't extend beyond myself, Stick and the rest of our small gang. This was my family, screwed up as it was. I couldn't worry about the trials of everyone in the Fringe. I had plenty of my own, thanks."Maybe" Stick began, and hesitated. "Maybe she'shappier now," he continued. "Maybe being Taken into the Inner City is a good thing. The vampires will take better care of her, don't you think?"I resisted the urge to snort. Stick, they're vampires, I wanted to say. Monsters. They only see us as two things: slaves and food. Nothing good comes from a bloodsucker, you know that.But telling Stick that would only upset him more, so I pretended not to hear. "Where are the others?" I asked as we walked down the hall, picking our way over rubble and broken glass. Stick trailed morosely, dragging his feet, kicking bits of rock and plaster with every step. I resisted the urge to smack him. Marc was a decent guy; even though he was Registered, he didn't treat us Unregistereds like vermin, and even spoke to us on occasion when he was making his rounds at the Wall. I also knew Stick had feelings for Gracie, though he would never act on them. But I was the one who shared most of my food with him, since he was usually too scared to go scavenging by himself. Ungrateful little snot. I couldn't watch out for everyone; he knew that."Lucas isn't back yet," Stick finally mumbled as we came to my room, one of the many empty spaces along the hall. In the years I had been here, I'd fixed it up the best I could. Plastic bags covered the shattered windows, keeping out the rain and damp. An old mattress lay in one corner with my blanket and pillow. I'd even managed to find a folding table, a couple chairs and a plastic shelf for various clutter, little things I wanted to keep. I'd built a nice little lair for myself, and the best part was my door still locked from the inside, so I could get some privacy if I wanted."What about Rat?" I asked, pushing on my door.As the door squeaked open, a wiry boy with lank brown hair jerked around, beady eyes widening. He was older than me and Stick, with sharp features and a front tooth that stuck out like a fang, giving him a permanent sneer.Rat swore when he saw me, and my blood boiled. This was my space, my territory. He had no right to be here. "Rat," I snarled, bursting through the doorway. "Why are you snooping around my room? Looking for things to steal?"Rat held up his arm, and my stomach went cold. In one grubby hand, he held an old, faded book, the cover falling off, the pages crumpled. I recognized it instantly. It was a made-up story, a fantasy, the tale of four kids who went through a magic wardrobe and found themselves in a strange new world. I'd read it more times than I could remember, and although I sneered at the thought of a magical land with friendly, talking animals, there were times when I wished, in my most secret moments, that I could find a hidden door that would take us all out of this place."What the hell is this?" Rat said, holding up the book. Having been caught red-handed, he quickly switched to the offensive. "Books? Why are you collecting garbage like that? As if you even know how to read." He snorted and tossed the book to the floor. "Do you know what the vamps would do, if they found out? Does Lucas know about your little trash collection?"

Editorial Reviews

Allie is a terrific heroine-tough, pragmatic, yet sympathetic-and readers will be hungry to see where her story goes. Kagawa wraps excellent writing and skillful plotting around a well-developed concept and engaging characters, resulting in a fresh and imaginative thrill-ride that deserves a wide audience. -- *Starred* Publishers Weekly review"Action packed, rife with drama and moralquandaries, and laced with an impossible romance, this first in the Blood of Eden series will hit the markwith readers who like some supernatural in their dystopias and don't mind a bloody sword fight." -- Booklist"Allie's a smart, strong and compelling heroine, and readers will gladly join her for this adrenaline-rich ride."-- Kirkus Reviews