The Kierkegaard Killer

July 28, 2019|
The Kierkegaard Killer


Jasmine is naively unprepared for her Saint Valentine's unceremonious breakup; naively unprepared for the university internship horrors awaiting her at Mozartstraße 9; spectacularly unprepared too for the news she discovers that had spread like demonic wildfire throughout the world's press; and wholly unprepared for the second-floor ward at the Psychiatric Department of the Vienna City Hospital.

Dan is fully aware of his sense of self after divorce and the loss of his daughter. His self-sabotaged lifestyle of international travel - fuelled by various addictions - comes to a head when he meets a woman-in-recovery on the Camino de Santiago. And he begins a Road to Damascus journey of empathic recovery; falling in love with the woman who, by age, could have been his daughter.

Their path remains brief, however, with one eloping home like a sunflower turning for its sunrise, while the other falls deeper into depression with no distance left to walk at the coastal terminal the ancient Romans considered the end of the world: Finisterre. But despite their respective free will choices, neither will ever remain completely unshackled from the obsessive, sadistic impulses of the Kierkegaard Killer.

Title:The Kierkegaard Killer
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:July 28, 2019
Publisher:​Mikail Androsace
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781393385936

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