The Lick Road Incident

May 24, 2016|
The Lick Road Incident
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Robert Miller is the son of a wealthy mine and land owner. while at university in chicago he meets an attractive woman, Abigail who is studying to become a teacher. She considers him to be conceited and is only prepared to be his friend. After completing her studies she moves to california. Later Robert Miller establishes a successful business in California and he arranges to visit Abigail.
He returns to Chicago to attend his best friend’s wedding and inadvertently becomes involved in an incident which results in him being pursued by a determined gangster. The gangster has been ordered to kidnap him and take him back to Chicago. After chasing Robert for some time the gangster eventually captures him. however, very soon after a car accident which results in the death of a passenger, a strange incident occurs.
Some considerable time has elapsed when Robert finds himself in a very confusing situation, but free of the gangster, who he believes to be dead. Robert makes new friends but these friends begin to suspect that he is not what he claims to be. Meanwhile the gangster is alive but has lost track of Robert. Robert, through a change in circumstances is now unknowingly pursued by the police while in the process of trying to establish his true identity and prove to his new friends his legitimate identity.The gangster, believing that Robert has further harmed his own interests decides to find Robert and kill him. The gangster enlists the help of several other gangsters and eventually discovers Robert’s whereabouts. The gangster resumes his deadly pursuit of Robert which finally results in a suspenseful and unusual climax.

Title:The Lick Road Incident
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 24, 2016
Publisher:Vernon W. Wilson
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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