The Life of Mohammad: The Prophet of Allah by Sliman Ben Ibrahim

The Life of Mohammad: The Prophet of Allah

bySliman Ben Ibrahim, E. Dinet

Kobo ebook | December 11, 2012

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The contents of this book consisted of

- The Moslem Prayer.—Description of Makkah. —The Temple of the Ka'bah and the Black Stone.—The Marriage of Abdullah, Father of the Prophet.
- The Birth of Mohammad.—Mohammad's Childhood with the Banu Sad Tribe in their Badya-Land.—Mohammad and the two Angels.—Aminah's Death.—Mohammad's first Journey to Syria.—How Mohammad met the Monk Bahira.—The second Syrian voyage.—The Marriage of Mohammad and Khadijah.—How the Temple of the Ka'bah was rebuilt.
- Desert Retirement.—The Revelation.—The First Moslems.—The Announcement of the Hour.—The First Hostilities.—The Incident of the Blind Man.—How Hamzah was converted.—Utbah's proposals.—The Miracle of the Qur'an.—How it was forbidden to listen to the Qur'an.
- Persecution.—The Emigration to Abyssinia.—The Conversion of Umar, son of Al Khattab.—The Exile of the Banu Hasham.—The Decree of Expulsion destroyed by a Worm.—The Death of Abu Talib and Khadijah.—The Journey to Taif.—The Nocturnal Journey and Ascension.—How six Inhabitants of Yasrib were converted.—The two Oaths of the Aqabah.—The Plot against the Prophet.
- The Hegira, or the Migration of the Prophet to Al-Madinah.—Suraqa's Mishap.—The Prophet's Arrival at Quba. —The Era of the Hegira.—Arrival of the Prophet at Yasrib. —How the Mosque of Al-Madinah was built.—The Qiblah of Makkah. —Institution of the Azan, or Call of the Mu'azzin.—The Fast of Ramadhan.—Property bestowed in Alms, and the prohibition of fermented liquors.—Ayishah in the House of the Prophet. —Hostility of the Jews and the Munafiqun.—Al-Jihad (the Holy War), and how it was instituted.—The Gazwah of Badr.—The Sojourn at Badr and the Return to Al-Madinah.
- Ali's Marriage.—The Prophet's Marriage with Hafsah and Ummu'l Masakin.—The Battle of Uhud.—The Marriage of Mohammad and Zainab.—The Ghazwah, or Expedition of Zat-ir-Riqua.—The Ghazwah, or Expedition of the Banu Mustaliq.—The Tayammum, or the Ceremony of Ablution performed with Sand.—The Battle of the Ditch.—The Treaty of Al-Hudaibiyah.
- Expedition against the Qaynuqa Jews. —Expedition against the Jews of the Banu Nadir.—Expedition against the Jews of the Banu Quraizah.—Expedition against the Jews of Khaibar.—Importance of Horse-breeding according to the Prophet.—The Poisoned Lamb.—Amratu'l-Qada, or the Pious Visitation.—The Prophet sends Ambassadors to the Principal Monarchs of the World.—The Expedition of Mutah.—The Taking of Makkah.—Entry of the Prophet into Makkah.—The Prophet at Safa.—Ghazwah, or Expedition of Hunain.
- Ayishah slandered.—The Birth and Death of Ibrahim.—Ghazwah, or expedition of Tabuk.—The Thamud Country. —Arrival and Sojourn of the Prophet at Tabuk. The Prophet goes back to Al-Madinah.—The Valedictory Pilgrimage.
Illness and Death of the Prophet.—Abu-Bakr elected.—The Prophet's Burial.
-The March of Islam.—Influence of Moslem Civilisation in Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. And The Future of Islam.

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