The Life Plan: 700 Simple Ways To Change Your Life For The Better by Robert AshtonThe Life Plan: 700 Simple Ways To Change Your Life For The Better by Robert Ashton

The Life Plan: 700 Simple Ways To Change Your Life For The Better

byRobert Ashton

Paperback | November 1, 2006

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Are you leading the life you want? Or could you be living a happier, more successful life?


If you’ve picked up this book, then - like a huge number of people today - you want to improve your life for the better. Maybe you’re at a crossroads or your personal life has changed and you’re not sure where to go next? Whatever your circumstances, you know you want to change.


Great. But, don’t just think it – do it!


Changing your life does not have to be a daunting process. All you need to remember, is that the key to successful life change is lots of small, but positive steps, that together create huge impact. The Life Plan contains 700 of these small steps, leading you step by step through each area of your life.


The Life Plan is your key to a new you. A step-by-step checklist process that allows you to review and improve every aspect of your life. It will become an invaluable source of reference as it delivers a set of simple, practical, often amusing - but most importantly - achievable tips on success, wealth, health, stress, relationships and your career.


Personal development should not be like a trip to the dentist; something you endure to free yourself of pain. It should be more like a holiday, helping you create the opportunity to try new things. There’s nothing here you won’t enjoy.


The Life Plan will not only provide soul-searching questions that are specific and personal to you, it will help you find the answers too. Refer to it whenever doubt or choice confronts you, and discover what success looks like to you. Work out how you want to be viewed by those around you. Define a clear vision for the rest of your life. Discover the things about yourself and your world that you passionately want to change. Find out how to successfully campaign for what you believe is right. Become more influential, and as Ghandi said: ‘be the change you want to see’.


Robert Ashton is a successful serial entrepreneur and community activist. Since deciding in 2000 that there really is more to life than money, Robert has completely transformed his life: * Selling his business to give him the freedom to explore * Learning to give family events the same priority as business meetings * Developing a hob...
Title:The Life Plan: 700 Simple Ways To Change Your Life For The BetterFormat:PaperbackDimensions:208 pages, 8.55 × 5.35 × 0.65 inPublished:November 1, 2006Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – So what does success look like to you?

1.1     10 types of success

1.2     10 ways to define your own personal success

1.3     10 questions to ask yourself

1.4     10 ways to recognise why we all see things differently

1.5     10 ways to make it achievable

1.6             10 things to do when you begin to have doubts

1.7             10 things that make everyone happy

Chapter 2 – Ways to set priorities and find the time

2.1     10 good places to go and think

2.2     10 ways to work out your priorities

2.3     10 radical ideas to stretch your thinking

2.4     10 ways to involve someone else

2.5     10 simple ways to make each day seem longer

2.6     10 easy ways to measure your success

Chapter 3 – Making changes

3.1     10 big things people sometimes decide to change

3.2     10 small changes that are easy to make

3.3     10 ways to push over the barriers

3.4     10 ways to avoid becoming a victim

3.5     10 ways to keep on track

3.6     10 pitfalls that might await you

3.7     10 benefits to benefit from the experience of those around you

Chapter 4 – Health & Fitness

4.1     10 reasons why it's smart to be healthy

4.2     10 simple health things you can check yourself

4.3     10 people who can help you stay healthy

4.4     10 ways to become more confident

4.5     10 simple things to improve your diet

4.6     10 quick ways to get yourself fitter

Chapter 5 – Stress

5.1     10 examples of good and bad stress

5.2     10 ways to minimise the risk of stress

5.3     10 signs of stress and how to counter them

5.4     10 simple ways to reduce your stress

5.5     10 ways to make sure you get enough sleep

Chapter 6 – Your world of work

6.1     10 common work niggles and how to deal with them

6.2     10 positive ways to manage your boss

6.3     10 ways to be happier at work

6.4     10 ways to win the support of other people

6.5     10 points to think about when considering self-employment

6.6     10 steps to starting your own business

Chapter 7 – Making more of leisure time

7.1     10 simple new hobbies you might explore

7.2     10 low cost ways to have fun with friends and family

7.3     10 affordable alternatives to a week in the sun

7.4     10 ways to get more out of your holiday

7.5     10 ways to learn for free



Chapter 8 – Relationships

8.1     10 ways to widen your circle of friends

8.2     10 fun things you can do with a good friend

8.3     10 ways to help improve any relationship

8.4     10 ways to cope when any relationship ends

8.5     10 ways to meet your neighbours

8.6     10 neighbour problems and how to overcome them

Chapter 9 - Children

9.1     10 questions to ask yourself when considering starting a family

9.2     10 top parenting tips

9.3     10 ways to spend quality time with children

9.4     10 ways to nurture ambition in your children

Chapter 10 – Parents

10.1   10 ways to show your parents that you're now grown up

10.2   10 questions that will get your parents talking more openly

10.3   10 tips for helping your parents as they grow old

10.4   10 new things you can encourage parents to do         

Chapter 11 – Money

11.1   10 reasons why you've never got enough

11.2   10 simple ways to spend less

11.3   10 ways to increase your income without moonlighting

11.4   10 ways to get out of debt

Chapter 12 – Home

12.1   10 small things that make life more comfortable

12.2   10 ways to make your home really feel like home

12.3   10 affordable ways to make your home feel special

12.4   10 ways to de-clutter your home

12.5   10 top tidiness tips

Chapter 13 – Retirement

13.1   10 tips when planning your own future

13.2   10 volunteering opportunities that will help you

13.3   10 ways to make a smooth transition

13.4   10 things to do before it's too late

Chapter 14 – Making it happen


Editorial Reviews

Extracted advice featured in Prima and Daily Mirror "I was a self-help cynic until I read this book" - Start Your Business, December 2006 Featured in Marie Claire "packed with handy checklists and asks soul-searching questions - but also helps readers work out the answers" - Professional Manager March 2007 "If you want to change your life for the better this book is full of suggestions for small steps that can lead to big changes" - Woman Alive March 2007