The Mage In Black by Jaye WellsThe Mage In Black by Jaye Wells

The Mage In Black

byJaye Wells

Mass Market Paperback | April 1, 2010

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The sequel to Red-Headed Stepchild from USA Today Bestselling author Jaye Wells...

Sabina Kane doesn't have the best track record when it comes to family. After all, her own grandmother, the leader of the vampire race, just tried to kill her. When she arrives in New York to meet the mage side of her family, the reunion takes the fun out of dysfunctional.

On top of that, the Hekate Council wants to use her as a pawn in the brewing war against the vampires. Her mission will take her into the bowels of New York's Black Light district, entangles her in mage politics, and challenges her beliefs about the race she was raised to distrust. And Sabina thoughtvampireswere bloodthirsty.
Raised in Texas,USA Todaybestseller Jaye Wells grew up reading everything she could get her hands on. Her penchant for daydreaming was often noted by frustrated teachers. She embarked on a series of random career paths, including stints working for a motivational speaker and at an art museum. Jaye eventually realized that while she lov...
Title:The Mage In BlackFormat:Mass Market PaperbackProduct dimensions:352 pages, 6.75 × 4.25 × 1 inShipping dimensions:6.75 × 4.25 × 1 inPublished:April 1, 2010Publisher:OrbitLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loved It! A great sequel with some really intense fights and a lot more character development. I adore Maisie and Rhea, and while I really like Sabina, I have to admit that she made some pretty bad choices that had me sighing and doing a face-palm. I have to admit that while it seemed a bit silly at first, the idea of a Demon Fight Club (You do NOT talk about Demon Fight Club!) was a lot of fun, and the twist at the end is promising a dark turn for the next book (more than likely). Can't wait to keep going!
Date published: 2016-12-02
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Not bad....but predictible The Mage In Black is the 2nd book in the Sabina Kane Trilogy. Sabina is a mage/vampire hybrid who was raised vampire only. She was trained to be an assassin for the Dominae and who's grandmother is the head of. She was lied to her whole life, and after her grandmother tried to kill her, Sabina walked away from that life. Sabina learned she has a half sister who was raised a mage (the Dominae's enemy). She is off to meet her sister for the first time and learn about her mage side. Sabina goes to New York with Adam, the sexy mage and her familiar Giguhl (who is my favorite character). She is trying to embrace her Mage side but somone does not want sabina to have a happy reunion with her sister. Attemps are made on Sabina's life and somoone is tryhing to cause unrest among the dark kind. To make matters worse, Sabina meets The Shade aka Slade who is a old flame and who also left Sabina and Doninae behind. This was a good sequel. I love Giguhl's character and was glad he had his own story in this book. I love the relationship that Sabina and Adam are developing and throwing Slade in the mix made it very intersting. This book is very "predictible" but was still very entertaining. I am wondering how she will finish the trilogy in the next book, with so much needing to be told. I will defenityly pick up Green Eyed Demon, the final book in the Sabina Kane trilogy.
Date published: 2010-06-08
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Back for More The Mage in Black is the second book by Wells featuring the vampire assassin, Sabina Kane, and it is every bit as good, if not better than the first. The series is set in a world where vampires, mages, demons and faeries exist mostly unnoticed by the human population. The vampires in this world are not undead but are living supernatural beings that are born, rather than made. They have a lot of the usual strengths and weaknesses of vampires but their origins, and their genetic red-hair, are linked back to original bible myth (they are the earthly descendents of Lilith and Cain) and as a result they have some original weaknesses involving apples. Sabina is actually half vampire and half mage, a forbidden mixture of bloodlines that has made her an outcast her entire life. Orphaned at birth, she was raised as a vampire by her maternal grandmother, who is the leader of the Dominae (the ruling body of the vampires.) In the first book, Red-Headed Stepchild, Sabina was forced to re-evaluate her relationship with her grandmother and the Dominae - rapidly coming to the conclusion that she was more a useful tool rather than a loved family member. In Mage in Black, Sabina has left the Dominae behind and is now ready to meet her twin sister and explore the other side of her heritage, the mage side. Her welcome is not as warm as she might have hoped however and unfortunately for Sabina, it doesn't take long before she finds trouble in the Big Apple, including an old lover with a new identity. This book is fast-paced fun. It reads like a hot knife slicing through butter. I sat down to start it and next thing I knew I was done. I was that engrossed. Wells does an excellent job in drawing you in and hooking you, with a good balance of dialogue and fantasy action to keep you entertained. Sabina, as narrator, adds a light, humorous touch and the plot moves along at break-neck speed. All our favourite characters from the first book are back: Adam, Ghighul (the demon familiar); and there are some new ones, including Maisie, Sabina's twin sister thrown in for good measure. 2010-081
Date published: 2010-04-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from One of the best Urban Fantasy's of 2010! In book two of the Sabina Kane series The Mage In Black, Sabina meets her twin sister Maisie who is the leader of the mages after just finding out about Maisie’s existence. Sabina has left her “family” in LA after finding out her grandmother (the ruler of the vampire race) has been draining mage blood to help the vampires retain some of the mage powers so they could go to war against them. Sabina isn’t very trusting of anyone since finding out about the schemes her grandmother has underway, so it’s hard for her to come to terms with the twin she had no idea existed thanks to her grandmother hiding the fact. Someone is also out to kill Sabina & someone very close to her after finding out Sabina may be the person to unite all the Dark Races. Giguhl, Sabina’s demon buddy, has been roped into the Demon Fight Club (snort), as if Sabina doesn’t have enough problems already she finds out the man behind the DFC – The Shade, is actually her former partner & someone she slept with. Then we have Adam, the mage who’s helping Sabina with her magic and someone Sabina is trying to deny her feelings for. Look what happend to her parents, Vampires & Mages just shouldn’t mix…or should they? Jaye Wells is a master at Urban Fantasy, not even 3 pages into The Mage In Black and there’s a huge fight scene! That sets the pace for the rest of the book, which is non-stop action, humor, mystery & a little bit of spicy romance rolled into one. This is one book that I have been waiting for and it did not disappoint, I read it well into the middle of the night and picked it up as soon as my eyes cracked open in the morning. Not only is it fast paced, there is snark…what more can you ask for? There were times that snorts actually escaped my mouth and I found myself laughing out loud. That’s what I love about Jaye Wells writing, the plot lines are amazing and intense, but she can throw in some good snark! Of course we still have everyone’s favorite shopping channel addicted demon, Giguhl who’s now fighting like a UFC fighter. Giguhl even gets a little romance of his own, and she’s a demon to lust after. There is even a cliff-hanger ending of epic proportions….. The Mage In Black is a great addition to the series and is even better than the first, so much so I did something I never did…I read the excerpt at the back for Green-Eyed Demon. One of my favorite books of the 2010!
Date published: 2010-04-02