The Mantle (Fathers to Sons... Sons to Fathers)

May 17, 2015|
The Mantle (Fathers to Sons... Sons to Fathers) by Donnie Clark
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Being raised in a Pentecostal, Southern church, I grew up knowing every cliche phrase that we are taught sitting in our pea green colored pews. I learned scriptures, learned how to dress, talk, act. I learned the things to say when people did not receive what they came to be prayed for. Things like "Just keep believing, brother", or "it must not be a healing moment". Twisted phrases that excused God for not being everything we claimed Him to be in our practiced sermonette. I learned how to play the crowd, how to get a response by quoting verses that people needed to hear. Things such as "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn." (Isaiah 54:17). Scriptures like "we are overcomers by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our testimonies!" (Revelation 12:11 - paraphrased). But do we really believe deep down in the core of our being the words of life spoken in the Holy Word of God? Do we really trust that God is our Healer, our Provider, our Peace, our Savior, our Lover, our Friend, our everything?

Do you really believe what you say you believe? We say that we believe that God is omni-present, that He is everywhere at all times. That He is the critical component of all creation. That "The heaven is His throne, and the earth is His footstool." (Isaiah 66:1, paraphrased). We sing songs with phrases that declare, "there's no one like You", or ""Our God is greater", "You never let go", and thousands more that are legitimately worthy songs to sing. But do we actually believe those songs?

Do we believe that God is everywhere? Because if we did, would we be so blatant about the things we participate in? If God is everywhere, then is He sitting next to you at that movie theater? how about in the car on a date with someone when you "just want to get to know each other"? or maybe after you put your kids to bed and sit with your laptop open looking at various websites that if your wife saw you, she would feel angry, insufficient, dirty, or even betrayed? You see, we all "believe" what the Bible says about God , but in reality it's not belief. it's hope. And it's not much hope, to say the least. we hope God is who He says He is, but we're not sure. we hope God is our defense, but we have some doubts. This is why although we are Christian, our behavior is more bent towards self-preservation and atheism.

“Truth is never offended by being questioned.”
Damon Thompson

That's a phrase that is all too well known in the church local, but falsely cloaked in attendance. You being at the same building for many years is not being firmly planted. It is not position that authenticates you, but resistance. It's been said that a cobweb is as strong as a cable when there is no resistance. It's the storm that determines strength. This is why wind after a rain is dangerous to certain tree types. Because when the ground is loosened by over-moisturization, a strong wind can easily topple a tree with a weak root system. In fact, the taller the tree, the more danger it is in if it's root are substandard. It's the same with us. We spend most of our time trying to be the biggest tree, but when the storms come, we quickly lose our footing, because we never had to be firm in anything.

Title:The Mantle (Fathers to Sons... Sons to Fathers)
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 17, 2015
Publisher:Donnie Clark
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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