The Mask Of Power: Eruptor Meets The Nightmare King #7 by Onk BeakmanThe Mask Of Power: Eruptor Meets The Nightmare King #7 by Onk Beakman

The Mask Of Power: Eruptor Meets The Nightmare King #7

byOnk Beakman

Paperback | May 3, 2016

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Eruptor Meets the Nightmare King is the seventh book in the ongoing Mask of Power series of illustrated original novels set in the Skylanders universe. In this installment, Eruptor makes a chilling discovery when he meets his own double frozen in ice! What starts as a cold snap leads to a red-hot adventure, as the Skylanders come face to face with the Nightmare King. The secrets of the Mask of Power unfold further as the series approaches its thrilling conclusion.
Onk Beakman has devoted his life to chronicling the greatest adventures of the Skylanders. Though he was hatched on the icy wastes of Skylands’s Frozen Desert, this book-loving penguin now lives in a shack on the beautiful sands of Blistering Beach with his two pet cucumbers.
Title:The Mask Of Power: Eruptor Meets The Nightmare King #7Format:PaperbackDimensions:160 pages, 7.62 × 5.12 × 0.45 inPublished:May 3, 2016Publisher:Penguin Young Readers GroupLanguage:English

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Chapter One: The Frozen Seas   Anyone who has ever traveled to Skylands knows that it’s a magical place. It’s made up of an infinite number of floating realms; there’s an island for everyone. Do you like sun-drenched golden sands? No problem—head to Blistering Beach. Prefer the dark? Then you’ll love Moonlight Mountains. There’s even an island where volcanoes spew sweet popcorn high into the sky. Perfect if you’re feeling a little hungry.   Of course, not every island is popular. Take the Frozen Seas, for example. As the name suggests, it’s a chilly, unforgiving place. Massive waves of ice hang in the air, frozen in place since an everlasting winter fell upon the island millions of years ago. It’s so cold that visitors eat ice cream to warm themselves up!   Only people who really, really like the cold go to the Frozen Seas—which is why a Skylander by the name of Eruptor started this adventure in a particularly bad mood.   Eruptor is a lava monster, born in the bowels of a volcano. The kind that gushes red-hot magma, not popcorn. He’s hotheaded in every sense of the word. Scalding lava bubbles beneath his rocky skin, ready to erupt at any moment, and he has a temper to match. Most of the time he keeps his bad moods in check, but he can’t help boiling over every now and then. Such as when he’s cold, for example. And on this day he was very, very cold.   Eruptor gritted his teeth as he appeared on the top of one of those gigantic frozen waves. The wind had cut through him as soon as he leaped from a Portal, chilling him to his molten core.   “N-not g-good,” he stuttered, teeth chattering like castanets. “N-not g-good at-t-t all!”   “What are you talking about, Eruptor?” said the hulking four-armed creature who appeared beside him. “This looks cool to me!”   “That’s the problem,” snarled Eruptor, turning to face the newcomer. “It’s all right for you, Slam Bam. You take an ice bath every night!”   It was true. As a yeti, Slam Bam loved subzero conditions. In fact, before he became a Skylander, he had lived on a floating glacier. He’d spent his days carving ice sculptures and eating snow cones. His arctic existence only came to an end when an evil Portal Master known as Kaos blasted Slam Bam’s glacier, sending him adrift. Luckily, the yeti washed up on an island that belonged to Master Eon, the greatest Portal Master of them all.   Master Eon had invited Slam Bam to join the Skylanders, the brave band of heroes who protect Skylands from villains like Kaos and his menacing minions. That is how Slam Bam had met Eruptor. Despite their differing temperatures, the two Skylanders became firm friends, united in their fight against the forces of The Darkness.   Slam Bam had always wanted to visit the Frozen Seas, but had never managed to persuade Eruptor to join him—until today. Master Eon had received a cry for help from the Frozen Seas’ icy wastes and quickly dispatched the two heroes to investigate, along with a third Skylander.   “It’s fright time!” Grim Creeper said as he appeared through the Portal, swirling his super-sharp scythe in excitement.   “Hey, watch what you’re doing, Grim.” Slam Bam chuckled, raising two of his arms in fake alarm. “I don’t need a haircut right now.”   Grim Creeper grinned. “Sorry, Slam. I’m just excited to be here.”   Master Eon came across Grim Creeper after the young ghost saved the prestigious Grim Acres School for Ghost Wrangling. At first, Grim had been turned away from the academy. The Scaremaster in charge thought that the young spirit didn’t have what it took to be a reaper. Then Grim Acres was attacked by a gang of galloping ghouls. The other pupils turned and fled in terror, but Grim Creeper stood his ground, saving students and teachers alike from the pesky poltergeists. Grim Creeper was welcomed into the school and, after he graduated, went on to join the Skylanders. This was his first mission, and the Undead Skylander was itching to get started.   “So, what do we do now?” Grim Creeper asked.   “Go home?” Eruptor grumbled.   A look of shock passed over the phantom’s face. “You’re kidding, right?”   “Of course he is.” Slam Bam laughed. “Eruptor never gives up, no matter how much he moans. Ain’t that right?” The yeti nudged Eruptor in the ribs, causing the hair on his elbows to sizzle slightly against the lava monster’s red-hot skin.   Eruptor couldn’t hide a sneaky smile. “Cool it, Slam. I’ve got a rep to protect!”   Before Slam could reply, a scream sounded across the icy ocean.   “HEEEEEEELP!”   “Sounds like someone’s in trouble,” Grim Creeper said, clutching his scythe tighter than ever.   “That’s why we’re here,” rumbled Eruptor, peering over the edge of the huge wave. “But how do we get down?”   “We slide!” Slam Bam whooped, throwing himself forward. Grim Creeper’s eyes widened as he watched the yeti zoom down the near-vertical drop of the frozen wave, arms outstretched like a surfer.   “That looks like fun,” the Undead Skylander said, taking off after Slam Bam. “Come on!”   Eruptor shrugged and leaped into action behind the other two Skylanders. The ice beneath his feet hissed as he picked up speed.   “Last one to the bottom’s an icicle!” he shouted as he steamed past his friends.