The Molecular Biology of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria in Chlamydomonas by J.-D. RochaixThe Molecular Biology of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria in Chlamydomonas by J.-D. Rochaix

The Molecular Biology of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria in Chlamydomonas

byJ.-D. RochaixEditorM. Goldschmidt-clermont, Sabeeha Merchant

Paperback | October 3, 2013

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The Molecular Biology ofChloroplasts and a genetic dissection ofphotosynthesis was first Mitochondria in Chlamydomonas is the seventh recognized by Paul Levine. Together with his volume to be published in the series Advances in coworkers, he initiated along-rangegenetic approach Photosynthesis of Kluwer Academic Publishers which proved to be highly successful. It provided (Series Editor: Govindjee). Volume 1 dealtwith The genetic support for the linear Z scheme of Molecular Biology of Cyanobacteria; Volume 2 with photosynthesis and led to the identification ofnew Anoxygenic PhotosyntheticBacteria; Volume 3 with components ofthe photosynthetic electron transfer BiophysicalTechniques in Photosynthesis; Volume 4 chain such astheRieskeproteinofthe cytochrome with Photosynthesis and the Environment; and complex. Volume 6 with Lipids in Photosynthesis: Structure, During the past 20 years, the powerful techniques of molecular biology and genetics, and the Function and Genetics. The main goal ofthis book is to provide a development ofmethods for efficient nuclear and comprehensive overview ofcurrent research with chloroplast transformation of C. reinhardtii have the green alga Chlamydomonas on chloroplast and greatly enhanced the potential ofthis organism as an mitochondrial biogenesis and function, with special experimental system for studying chloroplast emphasis on the assembly and structure-function biogenesis. This has led to impressive advances in relationships ofthe constituents ofthe photosynthetic our understanding of the regulation of chloroplast apparatus.
Title:The Molecular Biology of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria in ChlamydomonasFormat:PaperbackDimensions:733 pagesPublished:October 3, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface. Color Plates. 1. Introduction to Chlamydomonas; E.H. Harris. 2. Perspectives on Early Research on Photosynthesis in Chlamydomonas; R.K. Togasaki, S.J. Surzycki. 3. Organization of the Nuclear Genome; C.D. Silflow. 4. Nuclear Transformation: Technology and Applications; K.L. Kindle. 5. Modes and Tempos of Mitochondrial and Chloroplast Genome Evolution in Chlamydomonas: A Comparative Analysis; A.M. Nedelcu, R.W. Lee. 6. Uniparental Inheritance of Chloroplast Genomes; E.V. Armbrust. 7. Replication, Recombination, and Repair in the Chloroplast Genetic System of Chlamydomonas; B.B. Sears. 8. Chloroplast Transformation and Reverse Genetics; M. Goldschmidt-Clermont. 9. Chloroplast RNA Stability; J. Nickelsen. 10. Chloroplast RNA Synthesis and Processing; D.B. Stern, R.G. Drager. 11. RNA Splicing in the Chloroplast; D.L. Herrin, et al. 12. Regulation of Chloroplast Translation; C.R. Hauser, et al. 13. Chloroplast Protein Translocation; M.C. Perret, et al. 14. Supramolecular Organization of the Chloroplast and of the Thylakoid Membranes; J. Olive, F.-A. Wollman. 15. Assembly of Photosystem II; J.M. Erickson. 16. Functional Analysis of Photosystem II; S.V. Ruffle, R.T. Sayre. 17. Structure and Function of Photosystem I; A.N. Webber, S.E. Bingham. 18. Reexamining the Validity of the Z-Scheme: Is Photosystem I Required for Oxygenic Photosynthesis in Chlamydomonas? K. Redding, G. Peltier. 19. Assembly of Light-Harvesting Systems; J.K. Hoober, et al. 20. Pigment Biosynthesis: Chlorophylls, Heme, and Carotenoids; M.P. Timko. 21. Glycerolipids: Composition, Biosynthesis and Function in Chlamydomonas; A. Trémolières. 22. In vivo Measurements of Photosynthetic Activity: Methods; P. Joliot, et al. 23. New Digital Imaging Instrument for Measuring Fluorescence and Delayed Luminescence; P. Bennoun, D. Béal. 24. The Structure, Function and Biogenesis of Cytochrome b6f Complexes; F.-A. Wollman. 25. Assembly and Function of the Chloroplast ATP Synthase; H. Strotmann, et al. 26. Molecular Aspects of Components of the Ferredoxin/Thioredoxin Systems; J.-P. Jacquot, et al. 27. Genetic Engineering of Rubisco; R.J. Spreitzer. 28. CO2 Acquisition. Acclimation to Changing Carbon Availability; M.H. Spalding. 29. Regulation of Starch Biosynthesis; S.G. Ball. 30. State Transition and Photoinhibition; N. Keren, I. Ohad. 31. Synthesis of Metalloproteins Involved in Photosynthesis: Plastocyanin and Cytochromes; S. Merchant. 32. Responses to Deficiencies in Macronutrients; J.P. Davies, A.R. Grossman. 33. Nitrogen Assimilation and its Regulation; E. Fernández, et al. 34. Mitochondrial Genetics; C. Remacle, R.F. Matagne. 35. Chlororespiration, Sixteen Years Later; P. Bennoun. 36. Perspectives; L.J. Mets, J-D. Rochaix. Index.