The New Astrology

March 24, 2016|
The New Astrology
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Though astrology is many centuries old, it is only perhaps once in a generation that a thoroughly new, totally original way of looking at the zodiac is discovered. The New Astrology is such a system. Suzanne White offers a startling and provocative thesis: There are not 12 but 144 signs of the zodiac, each distinct, each unique, each vital to everyone's quest for self-understanding.

By combining the astrological systems of the traditional Chinese (terrestrial) with that of the Occident (celestial), Suzanne White demonstrates that each of us is governed by two signs. Hence, a Capricorn/Tiger is quite different from a Capricorn/Cat, as is a Leo/Dog from a Leo/Dragon, and so on.

This unique marriage of Western and Chinese Astrologies gives detailed analyses of each of the 144 signs, including individualized sections of love, sex and romance, business, money, careers, home life and compatibility (or lack of it) with other signs.

A worldwide best-seller,The New Astrology is a massive undertaking and the result of more than a decade of research and study of the two systems. It offers insights into not only our own lives, but also those of all who are close to us.

Suzanne White's prose is lucid, candid, and suffused with a sense of fun, but The New Astrology is above all a serious tool for self-awareness and understand the rich variety of human nature all around us.

Title:The New Astrology
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 24, 2016
Publisher:Suzanne White
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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