The New Physics, Now

May 17, 2015|
The New Physics, Now
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Worth Tens of Trillions of Dollars! How outlandish. Seems incredible. Must be braggadocio. But, it is true. Contained within this tome are the first steps in an almost unlimited supply of gold, diamonds and gasoline (liquid long chain hydrocarbons.) Also, within are avenues for indentifying, NEOs, CATS and TOEs. Also, contained are a simple viable source of fresh water and a far out but possible method of eliminating must nuclear waste.

Some of these thoughts on the new physics have been explored, but perhaps a new light could be provided. Some of the experiments may have been attempted, but are now presented to seek different answers. It identifies possible particles thirty magnitudes smaller than the Plank Length. It explores the possibilities of capturing, manipulating and identifying these particles. It suggests areas of the electromagnetic spectrum never previously acknowledged. It contains a method for filling in all the currently known decimal places of physics, with fundamental natural constants, no renormalizations and this effort would include total predictability.

Very few of the experiments costs more than a million dollar to perform. Many can be accomplished within the personal entertainment budget of most people. Some require expertise; many require no more knowledge than general mechanics. The reader is invited to take the concepts in this book and use them to propel physics to a realm. Keep in mind that many of the efforts describe may require a great deal of time to fine-tune the results. If something can be made to work, it can always be made to work better.

The purpose of this effort is to move physics into the “New Physics,” a realm of understanding the mechanical nature of the physical universe, of seeking answers, obtaining results and doing something with the results, for example propelling an aircraft with a surface effect. This book does not argue against current theories, it simply states an alternate view. It is different. It is unique. Enjoy.

Title:The New Physics, Now
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 17, 2015
Publisher:Ken Ramsey
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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