The Nile: Origin, Environments, Limnology And Human Use by Henri J. DumontThe Nile: Origin, Environments, Limnology And Human Use by Henri J. Dumont

The Nile: Origin, Environments, Limnology And Human Use

byHenri J. Dumont

Hardcover | November 23, 2009

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What have we learnt about the Nile since the mid-1970s, the moment when Julian Rzóska decided that the time had come to publish a comprehensive volume about the biology, and the geological and cultural history of that great river? And what changes have meanwhile occurred in the basin? The human popu- tion has more than doubled, especially in Egypt, but also in East Africa. Locally, industrial development has taken place, and the Aswan High Dam was clearly not the last major infrastructure work that was carried out. More dams have been built, and some water diversions, like the Toshka lakes, have created new expanses of water in the middle of the Sahara desert. What are the effects of all this on the ec- ogy and economy of the Basin? That is what the present book sets out to explore, 33 years after the publi- tion of "The Nile: Biology of an Ancient River". Thirty-seven authors have taken up the challenge, and have written the "new" book. They come from 13 different countries, and 15 among them represent the largest Nilotic states (Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya). Julian Rzóska died in 1984, and most of the - authors of his book have now either disappeared or retired from research. Only Jack Talling and Samir Ghabbour were still available to participate again.
Title:The Nile: Origin, Environments, Limnology And Human UseFormat:HardcoverDimensions:819 pagesPublished:November 23, 2009Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Introductory chapter: A Description of the Nile Basin, and a Synopsis of its History, Ecology, Biogeography and Natural ResourcesHenri J. Dumont 2. The Nile Delta: History of Scientific Research. Jack F. Talling PART I ORIGIN3. Cenozoic Evolution of the Nile BasinMichael R. Talbot & M. A. J. Williams 4. Late Quaternary Environments in the Nile BasinMartin A. J. Williams & Michael R. Talbot PART II MAJOR NILOTIC ENVIRONMENTS5. The DeltaWaleed Hamza 6. The Fayum Depression and its LakesGamal M. El Shabrawy & Henri J. Dumont 7. Lake Nasser-NubiaGamal M. El Shabrawy 8. The Toshka LakesGamal M. El Shabrawy & Henri J. Dumont 9. Lake Tana: Source of the Blue NileJacobus Vijverberg, Ferdinand A. Sibbing & Eshete Dejen 10. Swamps of the Upper White NileJim Green & Asim I. El Moghraby 11. The Kyoga CatchmentJim Green 12. Lake VictoriaJohn T. Lehman 13. Rwenzori Mountains (Mountains of the Moon): Headwaters of the White NileHilde Eggermont, Kay Van Damme & James M. Russell 14. Nilotic Lakes of the Western RiftJim Green 15. Lake Turkana and its Link to the NileThomas C. Johnson & John O. Malala PART III CLIMATES AND HYDROLOGY16. Nile Basin ClimatesPierre Camberlin 17. The Hydrology of the Nile BasinJohn V. Sutcliffe PART IV LIMNOLOGY AND BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY18. Physical and Chemical Water CharacteristicsJack F. Talling 19. River Nile Pollutants and their Effect on Organisms and Water QualityMostafa El-Sheekh 20. Bacteria and Viruses of the NileSaleh Ahmed Rabeh 21. Phytoplankton: Composition, Development and ProductivityJack F. Talling, Faisal Sinada, Ola E. Taha & Emad M. H. Sohby 22. Hydrophytes of the Nile in EgyptMahmoud A. Zahran 23. Aquatic Plants in the SudanOsman M. M. Ali 24. The Cnidaria of the Nile BasinHenri J. Dumont 25. The Oligochaeta of the Nile Basin revisitedSamir. I. Ghabbour 26. The crustacean Zooplankton (Copepoda, Branchiopoda), Atyid Decapoda and Syncarida of the Nile BasinHenri J. Dumont 27. Freshwater Crabs and Shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda) of the Nile BasinNeil Cumberlidge 28. The Nile BenthosGamal El-Shabrawy & Mohamed R. Fishar 29. Freshwater Mollusks of the Nile Basin: Past and PresentDirk Van Damme & Bert Van Bocxlaer 30. Aquatic Insects of the Nile, with Emphasis on the OdonataHenri J. Dumont 31. Fish Fauna of the NileFrans Witte, Martien van Oijen & Ferdinand Sibbing 32. Fossil Fish from the Nile River and its Southern BasinsKathlyn M. Stewart 33-Birds of the NileJim Green PART V HUMAN USE34. Fisheries in the Nile SystemFrans Witte, Martin de Graaf, Oliva Mkumbo, Asim I. El-Moghraby & Ferdinand Sibbing 35. Nile Basin Asymmetries: a Closed Fresh Water Resource, Soil Water Potential, the Political Economy and Nile Transboundary HydropoliticsJohn Anthony Allan 36. Human Impact on the Nile Basin: Past, Present, FutureMart