The Nine Doors of Midgard: A Curriculum of Rune-work by Edred ThorssonThe Nine Doors of Midgard: A Curriculum of Rune-work by Edred Thorsson

The Nine Doors of Midgard: A Curriculum of Rune-work

byEdred Thorsson

Paperback | July 1, 2016

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The Nine Doors of Midgard are the gateways to self-transformation and mastery through the Runes. This complete course of study and practice has been used by the initiates of the Rune-Gild since 1980. Long out-of-print to the wider public and difficult to obtain, it is now being made available in a completely revised and updated fifth edition. The Runic Tradition represents a whole school of inner work as ancient as any other and with the added importance that it is the ancestral, or natural, path for folks of Germanic (English, German, Dutch, and Scandinavian) background. The graded steps of The Nine Doors of Midgard are the only curriculum to take a systematic and traditional approach to inner Rune-work. Through nine “lessons” the book takes the Rune-worker from a stage in which no previous knowledge of Runes or esoteric work is assumed to a high level of initiation. 

Edred Thorsson (pen name of Stephen E. Flowers) founded the Rune-Gild in 1980. It is the only traditional initiatory organization that employs the Runic key to personal and cultural development. Edred received his Ph.D. in 1984 with a dissertation entitled Runes and Magic. He has subsequently authored over forty books on topics of runo...
Title:The Nine Doors of Midgard: A Curriculum of Rune-workFormat:PaperbackProduct dimensions:272 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.61 inShipping dimensions:9 × 6 × 0.61 inPublished:July 1, 2016Publisher:The Rune-GildLanguage:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from Utimate Primer Well written, easy to understand for anyone who is interested in runework
Date published: 2016-12-27

Table of Contents

Table of ContentsPreface to the New EditioniPreface to the Third EditioniiiPreface to the Second EditionvRevised Preface to the First EditionviiIntroductionxiiThe First Door of Midgard1The Other Door of Midgard19The Third Door of Midgard45The Fourth Door of Midgard79The Fifth Door of Midgard105The Sixth Door of Midgard135The Seventh Door of Midgard155The Eighth Door of Midgard177The Ninth Door of Midgard199Appendix A: Tables of Basic Runelore211Appendix B: The Rites of the Rûna-Workshops219Appendix C: Introductory Information221Appendix D: Readings226

Editorial Reviews

"This new fifth edition of Edred Thorsson's The Nine Doors of Midgard, finely detailed with explanations and illustrative diagrams, is undoubtedly the most comprehensive course of rune practice that exists. Based upon the twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark, The Nine Doors of Midgard is a practical exposition of the underlying principles of Germanic esoteric lore. The runes embody the hidden principles of everything in existence, and The Nine Doors of Midgard gives the reader and participant access to the inner workings of human consciousness and our place in the cosmos."-Nigel Pennick, author of many works on European traditions including Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition, The Book of Primal Signs, and Magical Alphabets"Dr. Stephen Flowers is, without question, the most important contemporary writer on the Nordic Mystery Tradition. For more than four decades he has explored the secrets of the runes and Norse magic in theory and practice. He is always faithful to the historical sources, but at the same time innovatively adapts the old wisdom to the needs of the present day. Another important feature of Stephen Flowers's work is that he-like Odin-does not shy away from the dark or controversial, but guides the seeker to discover the runic secrets in all of their manifold meaning. This new edition of The Nine Doors of Midgard will be welcomed by scholars and practitioners of the Nordic Tradition alike."-Thomas Karlsson, Ph.D., founder of Dragon Rouge; author of Uthark: Nightside of the Runes and Adulruna and the Gothic Cabala"The Runes, like the Hebrew letters, have always been seen not just as an alphabet but as a set of glyphs representing cosmic principles and different forms of energy. For those who wish to opt for the Runes as a system of personal development, this book provides a carefully thought-out curriculum, involving ritual practice, meditation, and more. Edred Thorsson stands in the tradition of a succession of runologists who, since the late nineteenth century, have continued to reinterpret and re-apply the Runes within a changing world."-Christopher McIntosh, author of Eliphas Levi and the French Occult Revival, The Swan King: Ludwig II of Bavaria, and Gardens of the Gods"Edred Thorsson offers the reader a complete paradigm of magic, rooted in the deep cultural soil of northwestern Europe. Informed by his expert understanding of linguistics and enriched by material culled from historical sources, our author has developed a comprehensive curriculum for those who wish to engage with the Mystery. From metaphysical theory to results-magic, The Nine Doors of Midgard is an essential text for serious students of the Runes and the Germanic tradition."-Julian Vayne, co-author, The Book of Baphomet"This new edition of The Nine Doors of Midgard provides those interested in the runes with a plethora of techniques and source materials, which are fascinating and useful in their own right in addition to forming the basic programme of work required to join the Rune-Gild. The style of the text is very much Edred's own, yet the material is presented with the emphasis on the reader/runer gaining her own understanding by direct work. This is a thorough explanation of the current study of runic mysteries."-Nikki Wyrd, co-author, The Book of Baphomet