The Nramp Family by Mathieu CellierThe Nramp Family by Mathieu Cellier

The Nramp Family

EditorMathieu Cellier, Philippe Gros

Hardcover | August 25, 2004

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This book is the first comprehensive volume on the "Nramp family", highlighting the physiological importance of Nramp proteins as metal transporters. The molecular knowledge of these membrane proteins is presented from an evolutionary perspective, considering Nramp cellular function and mechanism of transport in key model organisms. The pathological significance of Nramp genetic polymorphism is discussed with emphasis on metal homeostasis and microbial infection. The chapters were contributed by leading investigators, providing a timely state of the art book in this rapidly growing field. The Nramp Family will be useful to a broad community of scientists interested in metal transport and molecular biology. It will be of interest to the research audience in the broad fields of metal ions and molecular medicine.
Title:The Nramp FamilyFormat:HardcoverDimensions:216 pagesPublished:August 25, 2004Publisher:Springer USLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface. 1. Mouse Natural Resistance Associated Macrophage Protein 1 (Nramp1): A Key Player in Host Innate Immunity Against Infections; Nada Jabado, Steven Lam-Yuk-Tseung, John R. Forbes and Philippe Gros.Why Mouse Models? Nramp1: A Mouse Host Resistance Locus.- Pathogens Under Nramp1 Control.- Nramp1 Gene and Protein Expression in Macrophages.- The Nramp Gene Family.- Divalent Cation Transport by Nramp Proteins.- Nramp1 Dependent Divalent Cations Transportat the Phagosomal Membrane.- Structure/Function Studies by Site Directed Mutagenesis.- Divalent Cation Transport and Resistance to Infections.- Nramp1 and Phagosomal Maturation .2. Genetic Susceptibility to Infectious Diseases Linked to NRAMP1 Gene in Farm Animals; Judith Caron, Danielle Malo, Christopher Schutta, Joe W. Templeton and L. Garry Adams.Comparative Genomics.- Nramp1.- Chicken Genomics, Salmonella Infection and NRAMP1.- Bovine Genomics, Brucella abortus Infection and NRAMP1.3. The NRAMP Genes and Human Susceptibility to Common Diseases; Audrey Poon and Erwin Schurr.NRAMP1 Gene Location and Structure.- NRAMP1 Polymorphisms.- NRAMP1 Function.- NRAMP1 and Infectious Diseases Susceptibility.- NRAMP1 and Autoimmune Diseases Susceptibility.- NRAMP2 Location and Genomic Structure.- NRAMP2 Functions.- NRAMP2 Polymorphisms.- NRAMP2 Polymorphisms and Human Diseases Susceptibility.4. Pleiotropic Effects of Nramp (Bcg/Lsh/Ity) Gene Expression on Macrophage Functions; Luis F. Barrera and Martin Olivier.Resistance to Three Pathogens Controlled by One Gene.- Bcg/Lsh/Ity Gene Expression in Macrophage.- Bcg/Lsh/Ity Gene Pleiotropic Effects on Macrophage Functions.- Nramp, a Candidate Gene for Bcg/Lsh/Ity Gene.- Impact of Nramp Gene Expression on Macrophage.- Signaling Activity and Functions Regulation.5. Role of Nramp Family in Pro-Inflammatory Diseases; Jenefer M. Blackwell, Hui-Rong Jiang and Jacqueline K. White.Genetic Associations with Pro-Inflammatory Autoimmune Disease in Man.- Evidence for Gene x Environment Interactions?.- Searching for the Functional Polymorphisms in SLC11A1.- Relating Disease Phenotypes to Pleiotropic Effects of SLC11A1.- A Direct Role for Iron in SLC11A1 Regulated Autoimmune.- Disease Phenotypes?.- Mouse Models to Study Slc11a1 Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Diseases.6. Role of Nramp2 (DMT1) in Iron Homeostasis; Nancy C. Andrews.Mammalian Iron Metabolism.- Roles of Nramp2 (DMT1) in Iron Homeostasis.- Nramp2 (DMT1) in Iron Disorders.7. Molecular Physiology of the H+-coupled Iron Transporter DMT1; Bryan Mackenzie and Matthias A. Hediger.Molecular Mechanisms of DMT1.- Substrate Profile.- Structure-Function Analysis of DMT1.- The Role of DMT1 in the Biology of Iron Transport.- Multiple Splice Forms Reveal Discrete Expression.- Control Mechanisms.- DMT1 and its Association with Human Disease.8. Cellular and Tissue Expression of Rat DMT1 / Nramp; Evan H. Morgan.Gastrointestinal Tract.- Liver.- Erythroid Tissue.- Brain.- Kidney.- Placenta.9. Tissue Distribution and Subcellular Localization of Nramp Proteins; François Canonne-Hergaux and Philippe Gros.NRAMP1: Discovery of the Nramp1 Gene.- Tissue and Cellular Expression of Mouse and Human Nramp1 mRNA.- Cellular and Subcellular Expression of the Nramp1 Protein in Macrophages and in Neutrophils.- NRAMP2: Nramp2/DMT1 gene, RNA and Protein Isoforms.- Topology Model of Nramp2/DMT1 Protein.- Nramp2/DMT1: Ubiquitous and Cell Specific Expression.- Nramp2/DMT1 in Epithelial Cells.- Nramp2/DMT1 in Peripheral Tissues.- Nramp2/DMT1 Studies: Rich but Controversial Literature.10. Plant Metal Transporters with Homology to Proteins of the NRAMP Family; Sebastien Thomine and Julian I. Schroeder.Genomic Analysis of the NRAMP Family in Plant Species.- Functional Characterization of NRAMP Metal Transport.- Properties in Heterologous Expression Systems.- NRAMP Gene Expression Pattern and Regulation in Plants.- Analysis of NRAMP Functions in Plants.- Conclusions and Perspectives for the Analysis of Plant NRAMP Functions.11. The Role of Yeast Nramp Metal Transporters in Manganese and Iron Homeostasis; Edward Luk, Laran Jensen and Valeria Culotta.Historical Perspective: Why the Name SMF?.- The Function of S. cerevisiae Smf1p.- Smf2p as a Manganese Transporter.- Smf3p as an Iron Transporter.- Using Yeast as a Model to Study Nramp Metal Transport from Diverse Species.- Post-Translation Regulation of SMFs by Manganese.- Transcriptional Regulation of SMF3 by Fe.12. Metal-ion Transporters-From Yeast to Human Diseases; Adiel Cohen, Hannah Nelson and Nathan Nelson.Discovery of the Yeast Smf1p as a Metal-Ion Transporter Revealed that Metal Ions Function Through NRAMP in Resistance and Sensitivity to Bacterial Infection.- A Glimpse into the Mechanism of Metal-Ion Uptake.- Expression of Heterologous Metal-Ion Transporters in Yeast Cells.- The Involvement of NRAMP in Diseases.13. Regulation of Bacterial MntH Genes; John D. Helmann.Mycobacterium tuberculosis.- Bacillus subtilis.- Staphylococcus aureus.- Escherichia coli and Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium.14. Manganese and Iron Transport by Prokaryotic Nramp Family Transporters; Krisztina M. Papp, David G. Kehres and Michael E. Maguire.Nramp Proteins in Prokaryotes.- Physiological Cation Transport.- Transport Mechanism.- Regulation of MntH.- Other Mn2+ Transporters.- Mn2+ in Pathogenesis.15. Role of the Nramp Orthologue, MntH, in the Virulence of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis; Pilar Domenech and Stewart T. Cole.M. tuberculosis Is an Intracellular Pathogen.- Murine Nramp1 and the M. tuberculosis Phagosome.- M. tuberculosis MntH Is Constitutively Expressed.- M. tuberculosis MntH Protein As a Cation Transporter.- Role of the M. tuberculosis MntH Protein in Virulence.16. Molecular Evolutionary Analysis of the Nramp Family; Etienne Richer, Pascal Courville and Mathieu FM Cellier.Early Gene Duplication in Eukaryotes Gave the Outparologs 'Prototype' and 'Archetype' Nramp.- Characterization of Bacterial Nramp Orthologs: MntH A and B.- Study of MntH Xenologs: MntH Cá, Câ, Cã.- Proposed Evolutionary Pathway of Bacterial Nramp Genes.- Significance and Implications in the Context of Bacterial Infection.- Index.