The One Force of Nature

November 17, 2016|
The One Force of Nature
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Current theory claims that there are 4 fundamental forces of nature which existed as a superforce at t=0. Carl Anderson experimentally proved that gamma ray photons split into electron-positron pairs. Physicists at Imperial College London built a photon-photon collider where low energy photons collide, coalesce and split into electron-positron pairs. This means that the primeval energy split into electrons and positrons from which protons and neutrons were made. Protons and neutrons would have positrons as a nucleus orbited by electrons just like atoms.

The protons will have one excess positron and neutrons will have equal numbers of electrons and positrons. When they bond to form nuclei, they do so electromagnetically. So, the strong and weak nuclear forces are manifestations of the electromagnetic force which implies that gravity is a manifestation of the electromagnetic force i.e there's only one force of nature. So unification was the wrong method to come up with a Theory of Everything. In fact, I believe that electricity and magnetism shouldn't have been unified in the first place as they seem to act independently.

I will go on to explain a lot of the natural phenomena in terms of the electric and magnetic forces like radioactivity, Pauli's Exclusion Principle and how pigeons use the earth's magnetic field to navigate. I believe that much of the 20th Century was wasted so I'll be using 19th Century physics as well. My theory and explanations will be non-mathematical and doesn't require higher knowledge than high school physics.

Title:The One Force of Nature
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:November 17, 2016
Publisher:David Simmons
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781370295128

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