The One by Kiera CassThe One by Kiera Cass

The One

byKiera Cass

Paperback | May 6, 2014

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The highly anticipated third book in Kiera Cass's #1New York Timesbestselling Selection series,The Onewill captivate readers who love dystopian YA fiction and fairy tales.The Oneis perfect for the fans who have followed America's whirlwind romance since it began-and a swoon-worthy read for teens who have devoured Veronica Roth'sDivergent, Ally Condie'sMatched, or Lauren Oliver'sDelirium.

The Selectionchanged America Singer's life in ways she never could have imagined. Since she entered the competition to become the next princess of Illéa, America has struggled with her feelings for her first love, Aspen-and her growing attraction to Prince Maxon. Now she's made her choice . . . and she's prepared to fight for the future she wants.

Find out who America will choose inThe One, the enchanting, beautifully romantic third book in the Selection series!

Kiera Cass is the #1New York Timesbestselling author of the Selection series. She is a graduate of Radford University and currently lives in Christiansburg, VA with her family. Kiera has kissed approximately fourteen boys in her life. None of them were princes.
Title:The OneFormat:PaperbackDimensions:336 pages, 8.3 × 5.44 × 0.92 inPublished:May 6, 2014Publisher:HARPERCOLLINS PUBLISHERSLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Perfect Ending!!! This book was the perfect ending to the trilogy and everything I had hoped for. I read it in one day and could not put it down because it was just sooo good!! #plumreview
Date published: 2017-05-16
Rated 5 out of 5 by from AMAZING This is the best book I have ever read! I was so happy with the ending of this book and the other books in the series are really good as well! I had so many emotions and at one point wanted to through the books at the wall. Really good for teens 12-100+ I think this book will be so enjoyable to anyone who reads it.
Date published: 2015-10-04
Rated 4 out of 5 by from More Than Satisfying Conclusion to Trilogy I've had a love/hate relationship with the Selection series in the past, but The One was such a satisfyingly well done finale! America has shown such growth as a character since The Selection that the problems I had with the previous novels just didn't really apply anymore. While I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with the concept of one person dating many others at the same time, I really did always try to not let it detract from my enjoyment of this series. America's compassion has always been one of her strongest attributes, even if the consequences mean facing the king's wrath, as we learned in The Elite. She fights for the castes who don't have a voice, understanding the poverty that many of them will never escape. And while America seemed to have a better idea of how to use her position as one of the Elite to help counter the rebels and bring equality to her people, her romantic life was still very much complicated. America was hesitant to admit her feelings about Maxon in order to protect her vulnerable heart, but she was also still keeping her past relationship with Aspen a secret and someone was bound to be hurt when the truth was revealed. What I really loved about America in The One is that instead of constantly doubting herself, she finally decides to fight back — not just for Maxon's heart, but for her country too. It really annoyed before that all America seemed to do was wallow and cry instead of taking advantage of the incredible opportunity she had been given. Don't get me wrong, there were still a few times when America frustrated me, but I really thought she displayed much more strength, maturity, and leadership in The One! When I reached the end of the novel, I had a ridiculous happy smile on my face. Kiera Cass found a way to perfectly conclude the trilogy! Sacrifices were made and lives were lost, but I just knew that everything would work out in the end. Even though The One is the final novel in the trilogy, you get the feeling the characters are still living beyond the pages... and that's the best kind of feeling when you finish a series.
Date published: 2015-07-02
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great book to finish the series! The One was the perfect ending to the trilogy! It wrapped everything up nicely and all loose ends were tied up. I love who America ends up with... I knew it would be them from the start of this series! I'm so happy with how this book ended and I don't think it should've been any other way! Overall, I would recommend this book and the rest of the series, as it is exciting and enjoyable!
Date published: 2014-12-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from This book will make you cry I got this book and got in trouble for reading it nonstop. It was absolutely too hard to put down. You must read this book it is the best . You are going to read lots of romance where girls fight for a future , a crown and a prince
Date published: 2014-11-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from To good to end! This book is to amazing you get so into the story you feel like your part of it. No matter how may times I read it it still exciting. When you finish all you want is for it to continue. Awesome book!
Date published: 2014-08-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Ending! Oh My God!! This book was pure addicting! I finished it so fast that I was wishing there were more pages!! From the beginning of this series I knew it was going to be a hit! From the last book I was a little torn at what was going to happen with the romance between America, Maxon and Aspen but The One really cleared on one pure winner and I was totally rooting for him from the first pages!! Kiera Cass did an amazing job finishing out this series that was a cross between The Hunger Games and The Bachelor. There was many happy feels when I was reading and some shocking discoveries. Even the cover is gorgeous! America has had a very stressful time during this process of trying to win over Maxon's heart in The Selection. There was even more great insight to the relationship of America and Maxon trust each other and respect one another through each of the books. In the final book, we get the chance to see who he chooses. The plot was very fast-paced and full of action. There is also sadness and crying but it had a good mixture of everything. Its great being back in America's head because she is still the same feisty, rule breaker who cares about her family and learned to adapt to royal life. She does not complain or whine. I liked her better in this book than the rest because she finds herself during this process. She is more assertive and direct and is going to fight for what she wants. Her relationship with Maxon is unique and I loved the scenes where he could show who he really is and want to be. He has grown more as a character. While they don't immediately show their feelings, you can see it in Cass' writing the intensity of it! It was the AHHH moment. I overall enjoyed The One since we know who she chooses, the letters were beautiful and I am satisfied with the entire book. I do feel bad that there wasn't enough Aspen scenes because he also grows as a main character who fights for America. Even the epilogue was a favorites since it puts everything together and happily ever after can happen. While there was conflicts still arise you get to see the rebels as either trustworthy or liars. I just want to re-read this entire series again. All readers who have been waiting to read The One, Kiera Cass will not disappoint!
Date published: 2014-07-28
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing book! I always loved the story in The Selection and The Elite and this one made me go through so many emotion..I really liked this book and if you read the two others books, you're going to love this one too!
Date published: 2014-07-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Wonderful Finale Great ending to a great series of books!
Date published: 2014-07-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Wonderful Conclusion I am always wary to read the last books in a series, because I find the quality of the story line and writing diminishes. I was surprised that The One kept my attention all the way through... I loved it! There were so many surprises, and many more scenes with Maxon :) I have loved this whole series, but this book was by far my favourite.
Date published: 2014-06-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Best Ending to a Series Ever! I have been hooked on the Selection series right from the start! I was so excited when I bought this book and I could not put it down for the 2 days it took me to finish it. I have been un satisfied or sad with some endings for series (ex: The Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.) but definitely not with The One. Every little thing was tied together perfectly. A great ending to a great series!!
Date published: 2014-05-29
Rated 5 out of 5 by from SPECTACULAR!! This was a fantastic conclusion to the already epic "Selection" series. It kept me on my toes making me want to keep reading, never wanting to stop. Absolutely phenomenal.
Date published: 2014-05-20
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awesome Conclusion! Loved, loved, loved this book, it was a wonderful conclusion to The Selection, series. I enjoyed all the twists and turns that the author included. A wonderful series and a wonderful read.
Date published: 2014-05-13
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Great Ending To A Wonderfully Romantic Series! The third book in the Selection series, "The One" by Kiera Cass is enthralling as the three remaining contestants - America, Elise, Celeste and Kriss- compete for the Prince's heart and a crown. America struggles with her growing love for Maxon hating his seeming indifference, knowing its fuelled by his need to show impartiality, but fearing rejection she guards her feelings which could jeopardize their relationship. Even her lack of complacency with the King's laws by standing firmly on her ethical principles could cost her Maxon's love, but as political tension grows America may have no alternative but to act in the best interests of the country. As the competition draws to a close America fights to rebuild Maxon's trust and keep his heart, but will secrets destroy all that they've built. Blended into a plot with undercurrents of injustice, hatred, prejudice and anarchy are elements of friendship, love, forgiveness, and mercy. In this narrative the Select begin to look at each other through new eyes, reaching out and cementing friendships they never thought possible. As political unrest swirls throughout the countryside and death knocks at the palace walls, flashes of humour and the playful interaction of Maxon and America lighten a mood that seems bleak and hopeless. As the plot thickens and Maxon draws closer to choosing a bride, tension mounts as fresh proposals cement new alliances, and the devious manipulation of a king who fears loss of power gains momentum. Twisting and turning as the subplot converges with the central theme creates a host of emotions until the thrill ride climaxes in an unforgettable but heartwarming conclusion. With this book the personalities of many of the characters have begun to change, some for the better. Power-hungry and manipulative Celeste discovers a conscience and seeks forgiveness and friendship from those she spitefully wronged. Although she hides a secret about her past Kriss has become tenacious in the fight for the man she loves. The usually reserved and poised Elise has grown candid in expressing her feelings which could cost her the contest and the Prince. America remains impulsive, feisty and temperamental. Often she makes bad decisions even when she has the best of intentions. Aspen remains patient and understanding, more dedicated than ever to his job as a royal guard. At first Maxon seems torn between duty and his love for America. Intimidated by the brutality of his father and his insecurity about America's feelings Maxon makes bad choices although as the story progresses he seems to let his courage and insight shine through. Although the highlight of the story is the passionate romance between America and Maxon which heats up as events unfold it would have been gratifying to see love sprout between Lucy and Aspen especially as he realized his feelings for his childhood sweetheart were no longer reciprocated. I thoroughly enjoyed "The One" even though I expected more action when the southern rebels attacked the palace. Though in hindsight this is a young adult romance not a thriller which is destined to capture hearts with a love affair and a contest of wills that will live on when this fairytale has ended. Kudos to Kiera Cass for a wonderful series. I will look forward to reading more of her books in future.
Date published: 2014-05-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Too Good For Words. There are simply no specific number of gifs that I could use that could simply express my gratitude and LOVE AND ADORATION AND AMOUNT OF FEELS that I have encountered with this book and this whole series. So I won't use a gif (yet) in the beginning to show my craziness for this book, but please note that this is my favourite book of 2014, and best ending to a trilogy. Be aware that I have just finished this book and am still getting over it (it will take a long time) so my review won't be as detailed and long as they usually are because this was spectacularly amazing. "But even now I know that this isn't a fairy tale, I know that we'll have hard times, confusing times. I know that things won't always happen the way we want them to and that we'll have to work to remember that we chose this. It won't be perfect, not all the time. This isn't happily ever after. It's so much more than that." I remember buying The Selection when I was twelve. I picked it up so many times, read the first few pages and was like "Eh, I don't feel like reading this right now." I put it back into my bookshelf until that one snowy December day when I was sick with my head pounding and decided to pick it up. Next thing I knew it, I finished the book and I was fangirling. But fangirling didn't exist back then, didn't it? So here we are, in 2014. I have been anticipating this book for over two years now, and the day this came out, I went out and got it on my Kindle. (But I'll obviously buy a physical copy for my collection.) I just had to get it. This book zoomed into the action and romance so quickly. It takes place right where the second book left off, and we didn't even need a recap of what was going on. I remembered who the characters were (since there weren't that many anyways) and I was craving for the ending, which I had made many interpretations about. I knew that it could be either really fudging sad, or so happy, but either way, my feels would explode and I would be bawling. I just knew it. Oh, and the theories about the white dress America is wearing in the cover? Holy fudgesicles, wedding dress or funeral dress. That thought was in my mind for a long time. I just expected America to die any minute while reading this. How can you even get bored reading this? You just can't. It's so captivating and you can't put this down, unless you want a beautiful book sitting on a table intimidating you, then you're absolutely good. Otherwise, make sure you have a few hours to pitch in to read this, no fun and games in between. This book is made out of a select few genres- romance, dystopia, chick-lit and adventure, and I find that throughout this whole trilogy, everything seemed to flow perfectly together. It's like the genres are meant to be. No other author has ever established something so strong and flowing like this. And the thing is, every minute of the aspects the genres created are those to keepsake. Have you ever read a book that made you happy, then sad, then happy again? Yep, this perfectly explains THIS. It was so unpredictable, you never knew what was coming, and then plot twists were zooming at me at 5000 kilometres per hour, no joke. The moments hit me so hard that I began to bawl either way- happy or sad and then everything changed so unexpectedly. I love twists, it's what I try to look for in most books. Okay, and then the ending. Hallelujah. It just made me so happy and made my day, NO my year. I don't remember being this happy with a book, and afterwards, I just sat there smiling like an idiot. People (family members duh) began to look at me weirdly, but I DON'T CARE, it's The One, so that's all that matters. I'll try to keep this spoiler free, but if you want spoilers, read my Goodreads review. I've always been fighting with myself to choose between Aspen and Maxon, and I never found out who I truly love until the middle of this book. And it's Maxon, it's just him. He's everything and loves America so much beyond words, and Kiera Cass truly created a character who just will break your heart. I felt like I was America making the decision. I think we all had our problems with America, all throughout this trilogy, but I won't deduct any .5's or whatever from my reviews because the books are just amazing and you can't compare them to anything else. In the beginning, she was weak. One minute, she confessed her love for Aspen, the next paragraph, Maxon. Come on, girl! But I'm happy with the way things ended up. :') I don't ever remember being that happy for a character, and that means a lot. Is it just me, or was Kiera Cass trying to create less scenes and dialogue with Aspen in this one? He didn't get a scene with America at all! (Barely) I'm going to have to read 'The Guard' very soon (ASAP) to see his point of view on things. I can't really say anything about him, but he was annoying. He's like a copy of America. One minute he loves her, the next someone else. (L) He moves on from her faster than a bullet. Maxon, Maxon, Maxon. I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH, OKAY? OKAY. I couldn't calm down throughout this entire book. He just gave me frustration. :( I wish that he was real because this guy is the cutest most gorgeous guy you will ever read about. Wanting to die for America and knowing that she will be happy just made me tear up and those lines around that time just made my heart skip a beat. He went through so much, and he didn't deserve what had sadly happened to him. Okay. The romance here was so scandalous, hilarious and fun. At some points, you will tear up, have your ovaries explode, laugh, or all of the above. It was so beautiful and at the same time, it made me think about what I'd be losing at the end of this book. And I just lost it. The Selection trilogy, one of the best trilogies of all time, has ended. It made such a progress and has changed many people's lives, including mine. This is a trilogy that I will be reading over and over again, because I just can't get enough LOVE. No, no, I was wrong. This was long and I'm babbling too much. Bear with me. :')
Date published: 2014-05-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent Conclusion When I picked up the selection 2 years ago I didn't think I would love it as much as I did. I actully thought it was going to be horrible but read it anyway. I was stunned. I've always loved books with more political undertones and the selection blew me away. When The Elite came out I was excited to finish the story. Only to be disappointed when I came to the end and the story still continued, the king bag upset about America doing the things she did. Gosh that girl is a girl after my own heart. I stayed up all night reading The Elite. I ate it up. I began checking in November to see when the next one would come out. I purchased The One at 1146 last night for my kobo and promptly began reading it. I finished about 2 minutes ago and I loved it. Kept me intrigued and interested. I am defiantly curious to see what Keira Cass comes up with next.
Date published: 2014-05-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Just finished the book I just finished reading it and it was amazing! I had been waiting to get this book for over a year and it was worth the wait i loved it so much!!!
Date published: 2014-05-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from omg can't wait i read the selection and elite and i can not wait at all
Date published: 2014-04-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing I finished the series in less then 4days and I seriously cannot wait till the next book comes out. I'm ripping my eyes out to get  my hands on it
Date published: 2014-02-17
Rated 5 out of 5 by from really suspenseful! I started this seriers 5 weeks ago and am not able to put it down!! I love the suspense and the suspiciousness that it makes you feel
Date published: 2014-01-10

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Praise for Kiera Cass:"Reality T.V. meets dystopian fairy tale in Kiera Cass's delightful debut. Charming, captivating, and filled with just the right amount of swoon!" - Kiersten White, New York Times bestselling author of Paranormalcy"An engrossing tale reminiscent of Shannon Hale's Princess Academy and Ally Condie's Matched. Fairy-tale lovers will lose themselves in America's alternate reality and wish that the next glamorous sequel were waiting for them." - School Library Journal"Deliciously entertaining." - Publishers Weekly