The Opacity of Spiral Disks by J.I. DaviesThe Opacity of Spiral Disks by J.I. Davies

The Opacity of Spiral Disks

byJ.I. DaviesEditorDavid Burstein

Paperback | October 21, 2012

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We are well aware of how dust influences our observations of distant stars and how easily dust may mislead us with regard to the way in which stars are distributed within the Galaxy, but how does dust affect our view of other galaxies? This is the question that was posed to those who attended this meeting. By its very nature dust is illusive: as dust obscures by both scattering and absorption, it can effectively disguise its very own existence. It was not until the mid-1930's that astronomers generally agreed that dust did redden and dim stars in our own Galaxy, and it was not until the late 1950's that astronomers began to seriously inquire of its effects in other galaxies To the best of our knowledge, this is the first international meeting to have been held devoted solely towards understanding the observational effects of dust in other galaxies. Because of this we have been fortunate in attracting many of the major workers in this field, both observers and theorists. Among these pages the reader will find a wide range of opinion about how much dust there is in the disks of galaxies, where that dust is, and how to model the effects of dust. We tried to structure this meeting so that there was a ready and easy exchange between the speaker and the audience, and so that there was a large amount of time for discussion.
Title:The Opacity of Spiral DisksFormat:PaperbackDimensions:379 pagesPublished:October 21, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Foreword; J. Davies, D. Burstein. Introductory Remarks; M. Disney. Interstellar grain evolution and temperatures in spiral galaxies; J. Mayo Greenberg, A. Li. Radiative transfer models; G. Bruzual A. Radiative transfer in dusty galaxies; A.N. Witt. Opacity Diagnostics in spiral galaxies; N.D. Kylafis. Modeling dusty galaxies; G. Magris C., G. Bruzual A. Inclination-dependence of spiral galaxy physical properties: history and tests; D. Burstein, et al. Why a distance selection effect invalidates the Burstein, Haynes and Faber opacity test; J.I. Davies, et al. Statistical tests for opacity; E.A. Valentijn. Statistical measures of internal absorption in spiral galaxies; B. Cunow. The distribution of galactic inclinations; H. Jones, et al. Optical thickness of Sb-Scd galaxies from the Tully--Fisher relation; L. Gouguenhei, et al. Extinction in Sc galaxies at I band and in the 21cm line; R. Giovanelli. Extinction in the galaxy and in galactic discs; G. de Vaucouleurs. Properties of dust in backlit galaxies; W. Keel, R.E. White. The optical depth through NGC 3314A; P. James, P. Puxley. Dust extinction in highly inclined spirals; J. Knapen, et al. An optical search for dusty disks; M. Näslund, S. Jörsäter. Photometric asymmetry and dust opacity of spiral galaxies; Y.I. Byun. The scale-length test for dust in face-on spirals; J.E. Beckman, et al. Color gradients in spiral galaxies; S. Courteau, J. Holtzman. Constraints on the opacity of spiral disks from near-infrared observations; H.W. Rix. Arcsecond resolution of cold dust in spiral galaxies using optical and NIR imaging -- dust masses increase by nine hundred percent; D.L. Block, et al. Unveiling stars and dust in spiral galaxies;R.F. Pelletier, et al. Azimuthal distribution of dust in NGC 2997; P. Grosbøl, et al. Internal extinction in spiral galaxies at optical and near infrared wavelengths; A. Boselli, G. Gavazzi. The opacity of spiral galaxy disks; N. Devereux. The far infrared/stellar energy balance; R. Evans. Opacity from luminosity functions; M. Trewhella, et al. Estimating disk opacities using infrared images; W. van Driel. DIRBE observations of galactic extinction; R.G. Arendt, et al. Kinematics of edge-on galaxies and the opacity of spiral disks; A. Bosma. Spectroscopic studies of the disk and halo of M82; C.D. McKeith, et al. Disk origin and evolution; J. Silk. The luminosity and opacity of galaxies; B. Wang. Dust obscuration in starburst galaxies; D. Calzetti. Polarimetry of dusty edge-on galaxies; R.D. Wolstencroft, S.M. Scarrott. HII regions and extinction in the spiral galaxy M83; S. Ryder, et al. A search for dust in galactic halos; D. Zaritsky. Concluding thoughts and reflections: dust in galaxies; H.A. Thronson Jr.