The Order of Creation

May 10, 2015|
The Order of Creation
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The Order of Creation is a book about you. It is designed to help you understand yourself; who you are, and how you handle experiences in your life, depends on how you understand the essence of your own being-ness. Every experience is a spiritual experience, and is happening for a specific reason: to move you to become that special person, who was put on this physical earth for a purpose.
You already are who you are supposed to be, but you may not be conscious of that being-ness, and that is what you are here to learn about on this journey of life.
The Creator’s divine creation of you has already made you a miracle of life, a magnificent beautiful flower already in full bloom, which can move those mountains of obstacles you put on your own path.
The divine essence of yourself is already within you, and you can remove those obstacles on your path and free yourself to realize and manifest the Creator’s divinity that is already there in the spirit world.
Confidence, happiness, peace, love and stillness are inherently part of you, and who you are is so much more than this; you are an infinite wonderful being.
The Creator’s essence is an endless infinite boundless source of all things that already exist in the spirit world, and your destiny is to manifest that which is already yours.
You are not separate from the Creator; you are one and the same, and by understanding, trusting and completely surrendering to your own divinity you can open yourself up to allow what already exists for you in spirit, to flow and manifest itself in the physical world.
Forgiveness, detachment and observing everything—from your unconditional, non-attachment, no-expectations, non-judgmental, inherent self—further empties and keeps that spiritual portal open to allow the creator’s divinity to flow. Then, from that source of everything, you can manifest and experience that reality in the physical world that already exists in spirit.
You are part of a conscious living intelligence that has been described in thousands of books by countless authors, and that will continue to be that nameless mystery which has eluded the rational-thinking mind.
The nameless mystery, that divine intelligent energy, is the source of all that is everything, yet remains invisible and is not a thing. That nothingness, which is in everyone and everything at the same time, is YOU.

Title:The Order of Creation
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 10, 2015
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781301138692

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