The Original Horse Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Horse by Moira C. ReeveThe Original Horse Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Horse by Moira C. Reeve

The Original Horse Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Horse

byMoira C. Reeve, Sharon Biggs

Paperback | August 30, 2011

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The most comprehensive single volume dedicated to horses, The Original Horse Bible is a celebration of the long relationship that humans and horses enjoy, written by two highly regarded horsewomen, the late Moira C. Allen and Sharon Biggs. This 480-page volume, elaborately illustrated by world-renowned horse photographer Bob Langrish, is divided into eleven sections, covering topics that span the world of horses, from evolution and domestication to horse riding, training, competitions and more.

Section 1: “History, Physiology, and Behavior” discusses the natural history of the horse, including adaption, migration, and domestication, how horses became integral to human kind, the role of horses in society (war horses, law-enforcement horses, race horses), as well as animal welfare and the plight of wild and feral horses. The anatomy and physiology of the horse are detailed in discussions of the horse’s bodily systems, structure, senses, gait/movement, and coat and color patterns. In terms of behavior, the authors discuss the life cycle of the horse and reproduction, intelligence and trainability, and horse mentality and natural instincts.

In Section 2: “Breeds and Types,” the authors trace the evolution of modern horse types from three known ancient ancestors and archaic types and extinct breeds. They describe the modern types of horses based on their particular looks and specific uses (Baroque, Cob, Hack, Hunter, Polo Pony and so forth). A detailed discussion of horse color follows, explaining the differences between each and what specific characteristics define each (buckskin, palomino, and pinto).

The extensive breed chapter offers portraits of approximately 175 breeds, alphabetically arranged, from the Abaco Barb to the Welsh Pony, including many rare and handsome breeds from around the world as well as favorites like the American Quarter Horse, the Shetland Pony and the Thoroughbred. Main entries provide alternative names, region of origins, brief history, and physical descriptions for each breed. Sidebars called “Breed in Brief” offer concise overviews of the lesser known breeds.

The popular hobby of horse riding is the focus of Section 3: “Activities with Horses,” which describes English, western, and driving competition as well as rodeo, competitive trail riding, vaulting, polo, and other horse sports. Section 7: “Rider Instruction” continues the discussion on riding with chapters on riding instructions, safety and fitness as well as English and western riding skills.

In Section 4: “A New Horse” and Section 5 “Horsekeeping,” the Bible becomes a primer for all horse owners offering detailed information about choosing the right horse for novice riders, families, and experienced riders and purchasing the horse and the proper equipment (saddles and bridles, boots, gear, and gadgets). The section concludes with chapters on transporting horses, stabling and boarding, and feeding and grooming. Section 6: “Health” discusses veterinary care and vaccines, recognizing the signs of a healthy animal, first aid for each area of the horse’s anatomy, hoof care, and winter wear. A complete chapter is dedicated to battling parasites and pests and avoiding poisonous plants in the horse’s environment. A chapter on alternative care completes the section.

Section 8:”Horse Training” focuses on various training philosophies and early handling, training lessons, solving training problems (leading, bolting, biting/nipping, rearing/buckling and shying).

Section 9: “Competition” is dedicated to horse shows and classes, preparation for various kinds of shows for both the horse and the rider, and what to expect at the show. These chapters are filled with priceless firsthand advice and pointers from the authors about how to succeed at each of these events.

Section 10: “Breeding Mares and Raising Foals” offers a complete overview of the reproduction of horses, with details on choosing a stallion, live cover versus artificial insemination, pregnancy, delivery, and care, imprinting, and handling of the young. Section 11: “The Senior Horse” discusses the horse’s golden years, signs of aging, nutrition and care, retirement from activities, and general care for aging animals. Horse owners will find symptoms and treatment for sixteen of the most common equine aliments (found in the appendix) to be of great utility, as are the resource section and complete index at the end of the volume.
Moira C. Reeve is the former editor of Horse Illustrated magazine. She is a life-long equestrienne, first learning the ropes of western riding, then switching over to hunt-seat. She rode in the hunter division as a junior rider and then progressed to dressage. As an adult, she has competed in dressage, hunter, and equitation and now en...
Title:The Original Horse Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things HorseFormat:PaperbackDimensions:544 pages, 9 × 7 × 1.38 inPublished:August 30, 2011Publisher:FOX CHAPEL PUBLISHINGLanguage:English

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Table of Contents



Section 1 History, Physiology, and Behavior
Chapter 1 The History of the Horse
Chapter 2 Equine Physiology and Behavior

Section 2: Breeds/Types
Chapter 3 Breeds vs. Type
Chapter 4 The Breeds

Section 3: Activities with Horses
Chapter 5 English Competition
Chapter 6 Western Competition
Chapter 7 Rodeo
Chapter 8 Other Activities

Section 4: A New Horse
Chapter 9 Choosing the Right Horse
Chapter 10 Choosing the Right Equipment

Section 5: Horsekeeping
Chapter 11 Stabling
Chapter 12 Feeding
Chapter 13 Basic Care

Section 6: Riding
Chapter 14 Riding Basics
Chapter 15 English Riding
Chapter 16 Western Riding
Chapter 17 Safety and Fitness

Section 7: Competition
Chapter 18 Types of Competitions and Shows
Chapter 19 Rider Preparation
Chapter 20 Horse Preparation
Chapter 21 Showmanship and Judging

Section 8: Training
Chapter 22 Philosophy of Training
Chapter 23 The Lessons
Chapter 24 Problems and Solutions

Section 9: Exploring Natural Horsemanship
Chapter 25 Philosophy of Natural Horsemanship
Chapter 26 The Lessons
Chapter 27 Problems and Solutions

Section 10: Health
Chapter 28 Signs of Health
Chapter 29 Injury and First Aid
Chapter 30 Illnesses and Diseases
Chapter 31 Lameness
Chapter 32 Alternative Care

Section 11: Mare and Foal Care
Chapter 33 Breeding
Chapter 33 Pregnancy
Chapter 34 Special Housing
Chapter 35 Foaling
Chapter 36 Foal, Weanling, and Yearling Care

Section 12: Senior Horse
Chapter 37 Special Considerations and Ailments
Chapter 38 Retirement and End of Life
Chapter 39 Honoring Your Equines Life


Editorial Reviews

"Finally, a book that covers, in plain English, from A-Z, all the essential information an equestrian or budding equestrian needs." - Jerry Mayo, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, riding instructor"The Original Horse Bible is a comprehensive and easy-to-read guide for horsepeople of all experience levels. Educational for beginners and useful reference for more experienced readers, it is a great addition to any library. I wish I'd had a copy in my Pony Club days." - Amber Heintzberger, euestrian journalist, photographer, and award-winning coauthor of Beyond the Track: Retraining the Thoroughbred from Racehorse to Riding Horse."Although they say it takes several lifetimes to learn about horses and riding, The Original Horse Bible does an admirable job of distilling the information into a easy-to-use reference." - Jennifer O. Bryant, author of the USDF Guide to Dressage and Olympic Equestrian: A Century of International Horse Sport"The Original Horse Bible takes a comprehensive approach to the world or horses. Idividuals new to horses will find answers to most of their questions...experienced people will find useful and interesting facts throughout...The authors present more practical advice in this book than what is normally presented in many collegiate equine courses." = Brian D. Nielsen, PhD, PAS, Dpl ACAN, Professor, Equine Exercise Physiology, Michigan State University"This volume provides an amazing amount of well-organized information in one place. The Original Horse Bible is certainly destined to become a favorite resource for all equestrians, from the newest fan to the seasoned professional." - Timmie A. Pollock, PhD, sport psychologist