The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mind by Brian McLaughlinThe Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mind by Brian McLaughlin

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mind

EditorBrian McLaughlin, Ansgar Beckermann, Sven Walter

Paperback | February 1, 2011

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The study of the mind has always been one of the main preoccupations of philosophers, and has been a booming area of research in recent decades, with remarkable advances in psychology and neuroscience. Oxford University Press now presents the most authoritative and comprehensive guide everpublished to the philosophy of mind. An outstanding international team of contributors offer 45 specially written critical surveys of a wide range of topics relating to the mind. The first two sections cover the place of the mind in the natural world: its ontological status, how it fits into the causal fabric of the universe, and thenature of consciousness. The third section focuses on the much-debated subjects of content and intentionality. The fourth section examines a variety of mental capacities, including memory, imagination, and emotion. The fifth section looks at epistemic issues, in particular regarding knowledge ofone's own and other minds. The volume concludes with a section on self, personhood, and agency. The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mind will be an invaluable resource for advanced students and scholars of philosophy, and also for researchers in neighbouring disciplines seeking a high-level survey of the state of the art in this flourishing field.
Brian McLaughlin is Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers. Ansgar Beckermann is Professor of Philosophy at University of Bielefeld, Germany. Sven Walter is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at University of Bielefeld, Germany.
Title:The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of MindFormat:PaperbackDimensions:832 pagesPublished:February 1, 2011Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I. The Place of Mind in Nature1. Jaegwon Kim: Mental Causation2. David Papineau: The Causal Closure of the Physical and Naturalism3. E. J. Lowe: Dualism4. Sven Walters: Epiphenomenalism5. Julie Yoo: Anomalous Monism6. Lynne Rudder Baker: Nonreductive Materialsim7. Robert Van Gulick: Functionalism8. Ansgar Beckermann: What Is Property Physicalism?9. Barbara Montero: What Is the Physical?10. Howard Robinson: Idealism11. William Seager: PanpsychismII. The Nature of Consciousness and The Place of Consciousnes in Nature12. John Perry: Subjectivity13. David Rosenthal: Higher-order Theories of Consciousness14. Michael Tye: Representationalist Theories of Consciousness15. Alex Byrne: Sensory Qualities, Sensible Qualities, Sensational Qualities16. Joseph Levine: The Explanatory Gap17. Kati Balog: Phenomenal Concepts18. David Chalmers: The Two-Dimensional Argument Against MaterialismIII. Intentionality and Theories of Mental Content19. Daniel Dennett: Intentional Systems Theory20. Frances Egan: Wide Content21. Gabriel Segal: Narrow Content22. Fred Dretske: Information-theoretic Semantics23. Ruth Millikan: Biosemantics24. Robert Matthews: A Measurement-theoretic Account of Propositional Attitudes25. Ralph Wedgwood: The Normativity of the Intentional26. Christopher Peacocke: Concepts and Possession Conditions27. Jose Bermudez: The Distinction between Conceptual and Nonconceptual Content28. Tim Crane: Intentionalism29. Michelle Montague: The Content of Perceptual Experience30. George Graham, Terence Horgan, and John Tienson: Phenomenology, Intentionality, and the Unity of the MindIV. Self, Unity of Consciousness, and Personal Identity31. Galen Strawson: Selves32. Paul Raymont and Andy Brook: Unity of Consciousness33. Tamar Gendler: Personal Identity and MetaphysicsV. Variety of Mental Abilities34. Colin McGinn: Imagination35. Louise Antony: Thinking36. John Heil: Language and Thought37. John Campbell: Consciousness and Reference38. Krista Lawlor: Memory39. Jesse Prinz: Emotions: Motivating Feelings40. Alfred Mele: Intention and Intentional ActionVI. Epistemic Issues41. Adam Morton: Folk Psychology42. Anita Avramides: Other Minds43. Cynthia Macdonald: Introspection44. Jessica Brown: Semantic Externalism and Self-knowledge45. Kent Bach: Self-deception