The Path of Daggers: Book Eight of 'The Wheel of Time' by Robert JordanThe Path of Daggers: Book Eight of 'The Wheel of Time' by Robert Jordan

The Path of Daggers: Book Eight of 'The Wheel of Time'

byRobert Jordan

Paperback | November 12, 2013

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Since its debut in 1990, The Wheel of Time® by Robert Jordan has captivated millions of readers around the globe with its scope, originality, and compelling characters.

The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and go, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth returns again. In the Third Age, an Age of Prophecy, the World and Time themselves hang in the balance. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

The Seanchan invasion force is in possession of Ebou Dar. Nynaeve, Elayne, and Aviendha head for Caemlyn and Elayne's rightful throne, but on the way they discover an enemy much worse than the Seanchan.

In Illian, Rand vows to throw the Seanchan back as he did once before. But signs of madness are appearing among the Asha'man.

In Ghealdan, Perrin faces the intrigues of Whitecloaks, Seanchan invaders, the scattered Shaido Aiel, and the Prophet himself. Perrin's beloved wife, Faile, may pay with her life, and Perrin himself may have to destroy his soul to save her.

Meanwhile the rebel Aes Sedai under their young Amyrlin, Egwene al'Vere, face an army that intends to keep them away from the White Tower. But Egwene is determined to unseat the usurper Elaida and reunite the Aes Sedai. She does not yet understand the price that others--and she herself--will pay.

TV series update: "Sony will produce along with Red Eagle Entertainment and Radar Pictures. Rafe Judkins is attached to write and executive produce. Judkins previously worked on shows such as ABC's "Agents of SHIELD," the Netflix series "Hemlock Grove," and the NBC series "Chuck." Red Eagle partners Rick Selvage and Larry Mondragon will executive produce along with Radar's Ted Field and Mike Weber. Darren Lemke will also executive produce, with Jordan's widow Harriet McDougal serving as consulting producer." -Variety

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ROBERT JORDAN (October 17, 1948-September 16, 2007), a native of Charleston, South Carolina, was the author of the bestselling The Wheel of Time®, with millions of books in print.
Title:The Path of Daggers: Book Eight of 'The Wheel of Time'Format:PaperbackDimensions:528 pages, 9.19 × 6.7 × 1.01 inPublished:November 12, 2013Publisher:Tom Doherty AssociatesLanguage:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great for hardcore fantasy fans This series is very long, and there are times when the only thing that kept me reading was my completionism. Because of this, I always caution potential new readers - getting into this series is a huge time investment, and there will be times when you will want to give up. That said, fans of the genre will get a lot out of the series - the worldbuilding is wonderful, and the length of the series allowed Jordan to give it a depth that we don't often get to see. The characters, too, are very interesting - even Rand, who has basically no personality, manages to be interesting.
Date published: 2018-01-13
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Wheel of Time Robert Jordan's fantasy epic is one for the ages!
Date published: 2017-08-17
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Couldn't do it. I rage quite the series half way through this book. I couldn't handle it anymore. The story lines meandered and seemed to go nowhere ultimately, some where just mysteriously dropped. I couldn't take one more description of embroidery or fringes.
Date published: 2017-06-29
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great followup I enjoyed this book so much after the previous one. There is often a little bit of a letdown in some books in a large and complex series like this but there has been little drop in the quality.
Date published: 2016-12-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Enthralling This series is pure gold. I enjoy all the twists and turns and the depth of the characters and their backgrounds is fantastic
Date published: 2015-10-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Doesn't disappoint Still building out the world and the history of this land, by the end of book eight, the complexity of the story and all the characters is wholly compelling.
Date published: 2014-09-15
Rated 4 out of 5 by from If you're still reading, you're either fan or fool I don't know if there's really any point to reviewing the later installments of the Wheel of Time series. By the time you've reached this book, you've either made your peace with Jordan's writing style, or you're an idiot for thinking he'll change it. I've made my peace with it, by listening to the series on audiobook rather than reading it. To each their own, but its made all the difference in the world for me. I listen to the story daily on my commute or while shoveling the walk, and it's a bit like watching a TV series, which is what I liken WOT to anyhow. Each book is like a season, and I found myself captivated by most of the episodes in this 'season' in the epic series. I missed Mat, but I think keeping his fate a secret heightened suspense. The pacing was excellent - a good mix of action pieces and character development. You can really tell when Jordan's reached an action moment. The detailed descriptions disappear and events unfold rapidly. A worthy addition to the series.
Date published: 2007-12-16
Rated 2 out of 5 by from a pathetic follow up Much like its predecessor, book 8 fails to live up to the standards of the rest of the Wheel of Time series. It's shorter, dry and relatively unimaginative. Like book seven, the characters and some sparse interesting plot event keep things moving. If the book had been any longer it might not have been enough to get through it.
Date published: 2006-06-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Another Great Book Once again, Robert Jordan has written a wonderful book. With new ideas, problems, and adventures for Rand and his companions, Jordan has created what i can call a master peice. A great addition to the Wheel of Time series, i think i share other Whell of Time fans enthuasiasm when i say this is a must read. Keep up the good work, Robert Jordan
Date published: 2003-05-24
Rated 5 out of 5 by from WOW!!! Amazing,Brilliant,wonderful,Outstanding,Master piece! Can't stop naming them!This is the greatest book by Robert Jordan, disscription flowing, The plot's great what can reander want more? DON"T MISS THIS BOOK!!!
Date published: 2001-03-13
Rated 5 out of 5 by from ~GIFTED AUTHOR~ Robert Jordan is a gifted writer he knows his words well and he knows his characters as he knows himself. Many people agree that this wasn't the greatest book and it was totally boring, but in my point of view I think that this book is Roberts masterpice fullof wonderful disscription imagination with new characters, simply iresistable!!!
Date published: 2001-03-12
Rated 4 out of 5 by from The Path Of Daggers I have been an avid fan of the series since it came out. I find moments of humor interspersed with alot of action and suspense. Book 8 has closed a couple of doors and opened many more. Leaving us to wonder WHAT NEXT!!!!
Date published: 2000-10-31
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Greatly Lacking Jordan's latest installment, in comparison to his other works, was quite lacking. It fails wholly to mention Mat, whom we last hear of at the end of Book 7. Book 8 has very little plot, and it's my estimation that the entire text could easily be summated in a dozen chapters. The only consolation I get from reading it is that Book 9 by comparison is going to be a whopper of a read.
Date published: 2000-10-19
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Another Great HIT! Though a lot of people have their own opinions on all sorts of books they read, and each person is intitled to their opinion. I believe the eigth books capivates me to continuing on in the series, it left me hanging their wanting to know what happens as it reached it's climax, as well it leaves everyone in mystery about what will happen next for all the characters. The eigth is one of the best in the series and i hope Jordan keeps up the good work and not let anything stop him from doing what he loves. Jordan has created his own world and has brought it to life, great job!
Date published: 2000-10-07
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Not up to par This book was okay, but definetly not up to par with the rest of the series. The ending I found VERY poorly written. You can't do a cliff-hanger on every plot line when you are running dozens of concurrent lines at the same time. It really makes the ending choppy.
Date published: 2000-08-21
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Jordan's done Better... Up till this book, I had awaited each novel with drooling anticipation. Alas, the eigth was not worth the wait. I don't necessarily think I want 'closure' in the series, but it was unnecessary for Jordan to so obviously open up a 1000 new (and uninteresting) plots just to keep his series going. Book 8a didn't do it for me. Hope 8b (winter's heart) is better.
Date published: 2000-08-18
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Keep it coming! I first started the Wheel of Time series a month ago. I read each book, one after the other, and became addicted. Each book is interesting and captivating. The eighth book also reaches this standard. I can't wait for the next one. I hope this series lasts for quite a few more books, what will we do when it stops?
Date published: 2000-08-11
Rated 1 out of 5 by from oh my gosh can you say retarded?! this book had little plot line and many added characters. how can a series that is already eight books long hope to have an end in sight when each of the five hundred characters that join the scene each have their own sub-plot? it is time for robert jordan to throw us a bone and liven things up. who cares about rand's inner woppet? let's get to the goods, eh?!
Date published: 2000-06-05
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Not up to Par With the way this adventure first started I thought that I wanted it to go on forever. I waited each time for the next installment anxiously, but with this book the time has come. Let's wrap it up, to continue pass one more book to wrap it up would be like kicking a dead horse.
Date published: 2000-05-31
Rated 2 out of 5 by from Dissapointing I was very dissapointed with this book. I was expecting an interesting novel with a lot of action and important events. Sadly, nothing happened in this book. With all the other 7 books being so intruiging, I though Robert Jordan did a second-rate job on this one. It seems like he is just writing to keep the series going. I could barely force myself to finish reading it. Hopefully, his next book will make up for the poor job he did on The Path of Daggers.
Date published: 2000-05-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Oliver is wrong! I think it is good how the series goes on for so long. It gives you lot's to think about and keeps you waiting for more as. As long as he keeps it interesting it keep on being one of the best sellers every time it comes out.
Date published: 2000-04-04
Rated 2 out of 5 by from The Path of Disappointment My god, when is Jordan going to finish this series? This latest installment of the Wheel of Time series was a tedious read and an exercise in itself just to complete. Talking about beating a dead horse! Jordan, we need closure!
Date published: 2000-04-03

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"Robert Jordan has come to dominate the world Tolkien began to reveal." -The New York Times