The "People Power" Health Superbook Book 3. Medical Knowledge, Topics & Ideas (Journals, Research, Websites, Events, Conferences, Tests, Find a Doctor by Tony Kelbrat

The "People Power" Health Superbook Book 3. Medical Knowledge, Topics & Ideas (Journals, Research…

byTony Kelbrat

Kobo ebook | February 28, 2014

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This book tries to cover what’s out there in established medical knowledge and current, emerging medical knowledge.  It’s a basic framework for medical knowledge and the medical profession.

Volume 1. Basic Medical Knowledge

Chapter 1. Medical Publications 1

General Medical Information

The book Medical Books in Print contains a bibliography of the relevant medical books out there.  

The Medical Section at the library is #610-619 of the Dewy Decimal System, R in the Library of Congress system.  

610.  Medical Sciences.
611.  Human anatomy.
612.  Human physiology.
613.  Hygiene, fitness, diet.
614.  Public health.
615.  Therapeutics and pharmacology.
616.  Medicine, diseases.
617.  Surgery.
618.  Specialized medicine, women, childbirth, children.
619.  Comparative and experimental medicine.

R, Medicine.
RB, Pathology.
RK, Dentistry.
RT, Nursing.

At #613, you'll find hundreds of books dealing with current health topics on everything from women's issues to nutrition, exercise, fitness, recreation, yoga, etc.  

For general medical textbooks that cover everything, popular medicine as they call it, go to #616.00 or RC81 at the library.  

There are a lot of healthcare books at #361-362.  

Some of the special topics are:

Acne, 616.53.
Adult child abuse victims, 616.858, RC569.5.
Aging, 301.435, 613.0438, RA777.
Anatomy, physiology, 612.
Arthritis, 616.716-72.
AIDS, 616.97, RC607.
Allergies, asthma, 619.97.
Arthritis, 616.72.
Attention deficit disorder, 616.8589.
Back problems, 617.564, RD798-RD7771.
Biology, body, physiology, 612, QP38.
Biology, general, 574, QH313.
Birth control, sex, 613.9.
Blood diseases, hematology, 612.11, 616.15.
Breast cancer, 616.99, RC280.
Burns, 617.51.
Business end of the healthcare industry, 362.160, RA644.
Cancer, 616.8, 616.99,
Cancer survivorship, 362.1.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, 616.399.
Celiac, 616.399.
Childbirth, 618.401, RG518-661.
Children's medical issues, 618.9.
Chronic fatigue syndrome, 616.047, RB150.
Chronic illness, disability, 362.196, RJ108-RJ380.
Colitis, 616.344.
Communicable diseases, epidemiology, 614.4, RA651.
Constipation, 616.342.
Contraception, 613.94.
Coronary heart disease, 616.10-12, RC672-RC685.
Cosmetic surgery, 617.95.
Cystic fibrosis, 616.37.
Cystitis, 616.623.
Death and terminal illness, 362.175, R726.8.
Dentistry, 617.643, RK61-RK527.
Diabetes, 616.462, RC660.5.
Digestion, colon, 616.344, RC862.
Diseases of all kinds, 616.9.
Dizziness, 616.841.
Doctors, family medicine, 610.69, R729.
Doctors, women, 610.92, R154.
Drugs, 615.1.
Drugs, recreational, 178.8, 615.782.
Ear, hearing, 591.18, 612.85.
Eastern medicine, 610.951, R603.
Eating disorders, 616.852, RC552.
Eczema, 616.51.
Endocrinology, 612.4, QP187.
Epilepsy, 616.853, RC372.
Exercise, 613.71, RA781.
Eyes, 617.7.
Fertility, 616.69.
Fibromyalgia, 616.74, RC925-927.
Food habits, 394.14, GT2853.
Foot, podiatry, 617.585.
Funerals, 393, 395.3.
Gallstones, 616.36.
General selfcare, 616.0.
Geriatrics, 616.0084, 618.97, RC952.
Hair loss, 616.546.
Headache, 616.849 to 616.850, RB128.
Healing, 610, RZ999.
Health care system, 362.1, RA410-RA412.
Health insurance, health care reform, 362.109, RA395.
Health cookbooks, 641.56.
Heart, 616.12.
Hemorrhoids, 616.35.
Hepatitis, 616.36.
High blood pressure, #612.14 and #616.132.
Hodgkin's disease, 616.42.
Holistic medicine, 615.5, 615.882, F1435.
Home remedies, 615.32.
Hospitals, 338.433, RA971.3.
Hypertension, 616.123, RC685.
Incontinence, 616.623, RC921.
Infertility, 613.9, 616.69.
Injuries, general, wounds, 617.51.
Irritable bowel syndrome, 616.34.
Kidney disease, 616.61.
Lice, 595.7, 614.43.
Loneliness, 158, 248.86, BV4911.
Longevity, 612.67, QP85.
Lungs, 612.2, 616.24, respiratory tract diseases, 616.2, bronchitis at #616.23 and emphysema at #616.248.
Lupus, 616.978
Lyme disease, 616.92.
Lymphedema, 616.079.
Measles, mumps, viral infections, #615.372.
Medical genetics, 616.042, RB155.
Medical history, 610.9, R850.
Medical tests, 616.075, RC71.
Mental healing, 615.852, RZ400.047
Mental health, 618.92, RC514.
Mental health therapy, 616.89, RC489.
Mental problems like stress, depression, anorexia, etc., 616.8.
Middle-aged health, #618.2082, RA778.
Multiple Sclerosis, neurological diseases, 616.834.
Neurosis, 616.85, RC530.
Nuclear medicine, 616.075, RC78.7.
Nursing, 610.73, RT41.
Nutrition, 613.26, RA776-784, RM237.
Ostomy, 617.55.
Osteoporosis, 616.716.
Pain control, 616.0472, RB127.
Pain control, cancer, 616.99, RC262.
Panic disorders, 616.852, RC535.
Parkinson's disease, 616.833.
Pediatrics, children, 618.92, RJ78.
Piercing, tattooing, #617.95, RD119.5
Poison, toxicology, 615.9, RA770.5.
Popular, general medical books, 610.3.
Books about the practical and financial aspects of medical care are at #362.1 or RA410.5 at the library.
Practical and financial aspects of medical care, 362.1, RA410.5.
Prescription drugs, 613.2662, 615.1, RM236.
Preventive medicine, 613, RA431, RC81.
Prostate, 616.65, 616.99.
Psychiatry, 616.9.
Scoliosis, 617.375.
Self destructive behaviors, 616.8582, RC569.5.
Sexual diseases, 616.951.
Sickle cell anemia, 616.152, RC641.
Skincare, 646.726, RL87.
Social services, 361.973, HV91.
Social welfare organizations, 361.
Spina bifida, 618.9283, RJ496.
Spinal cord injury, 617.151.
Sports medicine, 612.76, 612.1027, 617.1027-1210, RC1230-RC1235, RD97.
Skin disorders, 616.508, RL87.
Sleep disorders, 612.82, 616.84.
Snoring, 612.21.
Stomach, 612.3, 616.33.
Steroids, doping in sports, #617.1027, RC1230.
Stress, 158.1, 613.09.
Stress disorders, 616.852, RC552.
Strokes, 616.81.
Surgery, 617.
Temporamandibalon/ TMJ, #617.522.
Thyroid, 616.44.
Tuberculosis, 616.950, RC311.
Ulcers, 616.33.
Urinary tract, 616.61.
Varicose vein, 616.143.
Women's healthcare, 362.10, RA564.85.
Women's issues/ childbirth, 618.  

Books about seniors, retirement and aging are at #301.435, #305.26 and #646.79-80 at the library.  

You'll find some inspirational, psychology type books at #155.67.  

Medical books for seniors are at #612.67 and #618.97.

Social welfare organizations are at #361-362.  

Health and nursing care books go from #362.6097 to #362.82 and HV1450.  

There are also books at #371.334.  

Books about funerals are at #393 and 395.23 at the library.  

Books about grief are at #152.24, books about widowhood are at #155.937.  

Books about death are at #301.428 and #306.87-90.  

The most basic places to find medical information are:

Public library.
Federal government National Institute of Health,
Associations, voluntary organizations.
Medical, hospital or university libraries.
Doctors, other health professionals.
Medical research data services for a fee.
Medical databases.

Look for the following major medical books at the library or through internet book companies.

American Academy of Family Physicians Medical Guide.

American Hospital Assn. Guide to The Health Care Field,

American Medical Assn. Encyclopedia of Medicine

American Medical Assn. Family Medical Guide.

Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons.

Complete Home Medical Guide.

Consumer Health Information Sourcebook,

Dun's Guide to Healthcare Companies, 800-526-0651.

Family Health & Medical Guide.

Health & Medical Yearbook

Mayo Clinic Family Health Book.

Medical & Health Information Directory (3 Vols., Organizations, Publications and Health Services); Encyclopedia of Medical Organizations and Agencies,, 800-521-0707.

Medical & Healthcare Marketplace Guide, 800-822-3366.

Medical Reference Library: Medical Tests.

Medical Self Care.

Our Bodies, Ourselves.

The Consumer Health Information Sourcebook, Oryx Press.

The Medicine Show, Consumer Reports Annual.

The Self-Help Sourcebook: The Comprehensive.
Reference of Self-Help Group Resources.
U.S. Medical Directory.
For medical services in your area, look in your local phonebook then look through the phonebooks at the library such as the AT&T Toll Free Directory.

For basic information, contact:

Agency for Health Care Policy
& Research
Pob 8547
Silver Spring, Md 20907
888-586-6340, Tty
Free booklets about most medical conditions, free AHCPR publications catalog.

American Self Help Clearinghouse
St. Clare's-Riverside Medical Center
100 E. Hanover Ave.
Cedar Knolls, Nj 07927-2020
973-625-9053, Tdd
Fax: 973-625-8848
Fax: 973-326-9467
Mostly mental health help but also help in locating local support groups in most conditions.

Center for Disease Control
Automated Information Line
1600 Clifton Rd. Ne
Atlanta, Ga 30333
Fax: 888-232-3299
Many topics like AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc.  You can request to talk to an expert or have information faxed to you.

Free information on a broad range of medical topics.


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