The PlanetDeath Chronicles

April 5, 2016|
The PlanetDeath Chronicles
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This is an anthology of four individual but connected short stories dealing with the controversial topic about climate change. They cover a period of time when human induced climate change is an undeniable reality. A reality to be faced here and now. In the first story is told from a child's perspective. Tippi is a child that likes to learn, who's playful, and yet serious minded who makes a shocking discovery. She's an only child who fancies she's a musician, and hangs out with her best friend, Janus. Janus is a killer whale, and he wants to talk to this little girl. He desperately wants to talk to her and finds a way to do so. What he had to say wasn't pleasant listening though.

The second story, Sam Clinton is a computer jockey, a really good one despite being fed up with the science team with which he works. He has a special relationship with Wharf, a humpback whale. In this tale, Wharf is the last real friend Sam will ever have. Before departing, Wharf leaves a final message that grasps hold of Sam's heart and won't release its grip until the day he dies, whenever that will be.

The third story, a little girl known as Rizin is a fun-loving kid who lives underground. She sort of tells her own story of what life is like for humans forced into subterranean life. She doesn't think much of what grown-ups say or believe. That doesn't matter, she's a clever lass who loves operating pneumatic powered elevators. When not doing that she likes taking huge risks by playing a dangerous game of "chicken" with those high speed elevators. Or exploring the dark forbidden sections of her cave home. A devil may care kid who takes a life that's not very good and lives it to the hilt.

The final tale, there's ARTIC 4, a sentient computer vested with control of a Mars bound spaceship and maintaining the life of its crew. Its mission is to bring the crew safely to Mars and assist the terra-forming effort. ARTIC 4's ultimate mission is to help humanity escape the destruction they have imposed on planet Earth and by default, themselves. But then, something went wrong, gravely wrong and ARTIC's sorrow knew no bounds.

Title:The PlanetDeath Chronicles
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 5, 2016
Publisher:James R. Womack
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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