The Process of Decision Making in Chess: Volume 2 - Goals and Plans

September 16, 2014|
The Process of Decision Making in Chess: Volume 2 - Goals and Plans
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Long-awaited, the second volume of "The Process of Decision Making in Chess" acts as a natural yet independent sequel. It teaches a very practical and applicable approach to decision making in chess - for you who have already read volume 1, it will serve as a guide for the practical application of the theory you studied, and as the next step in your studies and your understanding of chess. For the reader who is new to the series, the book will offer an eye-opening approach that makes chess much more comprehensible, considerably increasing the depth of your gameplay and understanding level. You will learn how to collect and process the required information about a chess position, translate it into goals and then into practical playable plans, all this in a very flowing approach. The book is especially designed to be read without using an external chessboard to play the moves, which means you can read it anywhere and on the go. It is easy to navigate between all the stages and chapters by clicking on the appropriate interconnecting links inside. The information in the book is aimed at all levels, from beginner to expert, each has its own illustration examples and suitable explanations. For instance, if you are an intermediate level player, and you did a good job working through the book, you can revisit the book this time as an advanced level player and study the appropriate examples. Having read this book, you will never get stuck during a chess game with no plan in mind; you will acquire all the necessary tools to constructively find your way in every position, and to raise your game to a level of art.

Title:The Process of Decision Making in Chess: Volume 2 - Goals and Plans
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 16, 2014
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781483538822

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