The Re-Set Process: Trauma-Informed Behavior Strategies

byDyane Lewis Carrere, M.Ed.Foreword byMelissa Sadin

November 11, 2020|
The Re-Set Process: Trauma-Informed Behavior Strategies by Dyane Lewis Carrere, M.Ed.


When students with histories of trauma struggle with self-regulation and challenging behaviors, traditional interventions often fall short. The educators on your staff need a clear and consistent trauma-informed process to help students re-regulate and return to learning—and that's what they'll find in this reader-friendly guide to the revolutionary Re-Set Process.

Developed by two seasoned educators who specialize in trauma-informed teaching, the Re-Set Process is a neuroscience-based approach to improving behavioral success in children from Grades K–8. This four-step process is structured yet flexible, refined through nearly a decade of field testing, and easy to integrate into any individual teacher's classroom or an entire school's student support system. Blending best practices from behavioral approaches, mindfulness practices, and trauma-informed care, the Re-Set Process not only addresses behavior, but also guides schools in meeting the neurological and attachment needs of dysregulated students, reducing barriers to social and academic success. This book is a vital resource for classroom teachers, school counselors, administrators, and other professional support personnel.

With this comprehensive guide to the Re-Set Process and its continuum of practice—from whole-class proactive approaches to individual student reactive approaches—educators will be able to:

  • Understand the science of trauma, including its physiological and emotional impacts on children
  • Interpret students' behavior through a trauma-informed lens
  • Successfully implement all forms of the Re-Set Process with clear and specific step-by-step instructions
  • See the Re-Set Process in action with case studies and insightful Notes from the Field
  • Integrate the Re-Set Process with other behavior support efforts, including Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
  • Address challenging behavior proactively and reactively
  • Design classrooms effectively by creating predictability, protecting emotional safety, and nurturing relationships
  • Build students' regulation skills with a wealth of activities and exercises
  • Provide timely, specific behavioral feedback that promotes a positive classroom culture
  • Integrate essential self-care strategies into the school day

PRACTICAL MATERIALS: Educators will have access to a complete package of more than 30 online downloads to help them implement the Re-Set Process, including planning forms, blank templates, activity sheets, and a book study guide suitable for individuals and groups.

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Title:The Re-Set Process: Trauma-Informed Behavior Strategies
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:November 11, 2020
Publisher:Brookes Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781681254203

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