The Reader by James C. McdonaldThe Reader by James C. Mcdonald

The Reader

byJames C. Mcdonald

Paperback | December 28, 2011

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The Reader encourages students to explore significant topics that impact their lives and have shaped the wider culture around them.  Classic, timeless readings underscore the staying power of each topic (including identity; marriage and family; faith and religion; language; education; work; wealth and property; popular culture; and war, terrorism, and protest) but are complicated by current issues, contemporary perspectives, and varied genres that offer new opportunities for critique and exploration. 


The Reader draws on research that connects reading and writing in order to help students practice literacy strategies that broaden and strengthen their reading, writing, and researching skills.  Three rhetoric chapters explain how the problem-posing, problem-solving aspects of college-level inquiry require that students engage texts and the research that informs them using a process of thoughtful questioning–and that students bring this questioning methodology to their own processes of inventing, researching, drafting, and revising.

Title:The ReaderFormat:PaperbackDimensions:464 pages, 10.7 × 8.4 × 0.8 inPublished:December 28, 2011Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Ch. 1: Writing

Components of a Writer’s Composing Process

Planning and Inventing



Editing and Proofreading

One Student Composing an Essay

            Ashley Jankower, “Learning Who I am as a Writer”      (Literacy Narrative)


Ch. 2: Reading and Writing

Reading as a Process

Using the SQ3R Approach

Practicing SQ3R+R: A Reading and Writing Activity


Ch. 3: Research and Writing

Applying Reading and Writing Processes to Research Writing

Finding a Topic and Creating a Research Question

Choosing and Evaluating Print and Online Sources

Choosing What to Include in Your Research Writing

Avoiding Plagiarism


Ch. 4: Identity

Judith Ortiz Cofer, “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria” (Cultural Criticism)

Joseph Bruchac III, “Ellis Island”   (Poem)

Promoting Ethnic Identities on the Web

        American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee      (Web page)

        National Congress of Vietnamese Americans     (Web page)

David Sedaris, “I Like Guys”    (Memoir)

Nancy Mairs, “On Being a Cripple”                  (Essay)

Lauren Moak, “Is This What You Really Want?”          (Student Research Paper–MLA)

Identity and Identification in Magazine Advertisements.

        Diet Coke, "I'm no super woman”          (Ad)

        Adbusters, "Welcome to Malboro Country”     (Ad)

Melissa Nicolas, “A Name of My Own: Disrupting (White) Heterosexual Naming Practices”   (Academic Article)

John H. McWhorter, “Retiring ‘African American’”   (Essay)

Lisa Nakamura, “Headhunting in Cyberspace”  (Academic Article)

Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes      (Cartoon)        

James McDonald, “Student Metaphors of Themselves as Writers”         (Academic Article)

Suggestions for Essays on Identity


Ch. 5: Marriage and Family

Chang-Rae Lee, “Coming Home Again”           (Memoir)

E. B. White, “Once More to the Lake” (Essay)

Theodore Roethke, “My Papa’s Waltz”            (Poem)

Mary Cappello, “Atavism: Or The Body in Pain”

Norman Rockwell, Easter Morning                 (Painting)

Brian Lanker, “The Moment of Life”     (Photograph)

Barack Obama, “Father’s Day Speech”   (Speech)

Geleve Grice, “Haircut”            (Photograph)

Molly Klane, “Playing the Princess: Examining the Implications of Performance and Gender on Contemporary American Weddings and Women”  (Student Research Paper–MLA)

Joan Didion, “Marrying Absurd”

Andrew Sullivan and David Frum, “Gay Marriage”   (Online Debate)

Barbara Kantrowitz and Peg Tyre, with Joan Raymond, Pat Wingert, and Marc Bain, “The Fine Art of Letting Go”              (Magazine Article)

Images of Family in Advertising

        Parents. The Anti-Drug (Ad)

        Hallmark Recordable Storybooks  (Ad)

Suggestions for Essays on Marriage and Family


Ch. 6: Citizenship

Thomas Jefferson, “Declaration of Independence”         (Essay)

Jonathan Hennessey and Aaron McConnell, The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation    (Graphic Novel)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, “Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions”  (Essay)

Iconic American Images

        Gadsden Flag               (Photo)

        Statue of Liberty           (Photo)

        Uncle Sam Army Recruiting Poster       (Poster)

        “We Can Do It!”          (Poster)

        9/11 Memorial (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida)    (Photograph)

Scott Russell Sanders, “Beneath the Smooth Skin of America”   (Essay)

Sherman Alexie, “What Sacagawea Means to Me”       (Essay)

Aurora Levins Morales, “Child of the Americas”           (Poem)

Martin Luther King, Jr. “Letter from Birmingham Jail”    (Letter)

Toni Smith, “A Leader is More Than a Messenger”                   (Student Editorial)

Suggestions for Essays on Citizenship


Ch. 7: Language

Neil Postman, “Invisible Technologies”  (Book excerpt)

George Orwell, “Politics and the English Language”                   (Essay)

Geoffrey Nunberg, “If It’s Orwellian, It’s Probably Not”           (Cultural Criticism)

Peter Norvig, “The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation”          (PowerPoint Presentation)

Wiley Miller, Non Sequitur      (Cartoon)

Suzan Shown Harjo, “We Are People, Not Property”  (Editorial)

Hurricane Katrina photographs             (Photographs)

R. Crumb, “The Tower of Babel”          (Graphic novel)

Jon Whyte, “Tower of Babel”   (Poem)

Deborah Tannen, “How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently” (Academic Article)

Generic Names for Soft Drinks By Country       (Map)

Gloria Anzaldúa,  “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”          (Cultural Criticism)

Kalyn Guidry, “The French Language: The Heart of Louisiana”  (Student Research Paper–MLA)

Douglas R. Hofstadter, “A Person Paper on Purity in Language”  (Essay)

Suggestions for Essays on Language


Ch. 8: Education.

Richard Rodriguez, “Gains and Losses”             (Literacy Narrative)

Ta-Nehisi Coates, “The Littlest Schoolhouse”   (Essay)

Aaron McGruder, The Boondocks       (Cartoon)

Scott Jaschik, “A Stand Against Wikipedia”      (Web Article)

Adrienne Rich, “Taking Women Students Seriously”      (Cultural Criticism)

Visual Argument for Education Abroad    (Ads)

Langston Hughes, “Theme for English B”           (Poem)

Christine B. Whelan, “Helping First-Year Students Help Themselves”  (Essay)

Lauren Silverman, “College and Allowance”      (Radio Commentary)

Advertising Higher Education

        Baylor University          (Ad)

        Grinnell College                        (Ad)

        Northern Arizona University   (Ad)

Suggestions for Essays on Education


Ch. 9: Work

Nisha Ramachandran, “Working Life”   (News Article)

Heather Hunsaker, “Slouching and Digressing”              (Academic Article)

Mike Rose, “A Novice Cabinetmaker”     (Memoir)

Diana Claitor, “A Week in the Life of a Part-Time Teacher”      (Essay)

Judy Brady, “I Want a Wife”    (Essay)

Studs Terkel and Harvey Pekar, “Beryl Simpson: Airline Reservationist”  (Graphic novel)

Scott Adams, Dilbert, “Engineers in the Mist”   (Cartoon)

Neil Ravitz with Alec Morrison, “From the Ballfield to the Battlefield”  (Ad)

David R. Francis, “Why the New Jobs Go to Immigrants”         (Editorial)

Ezra Klein, “A Nativist Argument for Immigration”    (Essay)

Jimmy Santiago Baca, “So Mexicans are Taking Jobs from Americans”   (Poem)

Luis Alberto Urrea, “A Lake of Sleeping Children”  (Essay)

Child Labor Photographs

        Garbage picker, Mexico        (Photograph)

        Afghan child laborer   (Photograph)   

        Family sewing garters (Photograph)

Suggestions for Essays on Work


Ch. 10: Wealth and Property

David Kamp, “Rethinking the American Dream”    (Essay)

E.M. Forster, “My Wood”   (Essay)

Steve Breen and Rob Rogers, Two Political Cartoons  (Cartoons)

Christine Dugas, “Debt Smothers Young Americans”  (Newspaper Article)

Identifying Products with Buyers in Magazine Advertisements

        Rolex               (Ad)

        John Deere       (Ad)

        Fair Instant Coffee        (Ad)

Lamar Smith, “Smith Keynotes Foundation Conference”  (Speech)

Lawrence Lessig, “Some Like It Hot”   (Magazine Article)       

Garry Trudeau, Doonesbury     (Cartoon)

Brandi Trapp, “Plagiarism a Problem for WSU Students”          (Newspaper Article)

Meghan O’Rourke, “The Copycat Syndrome: Plagiarists at Work”        (Web Article)

Suggestions for Essays on Wealth and Property


Ch. 11: Folk and Popular Culture

bell hooks, “Piecing it all Together”       (Essay)

Three Quilts

        Harriet Powers, Bible Quilt       (Photograph)

        Polly Calistro, “Around America”          (Photograph)

        Squares from the AIDS Memorial Quilt (Photograph)

Patricia Rickels, “Some Accounts of Witch Riding”       (Academic Article)

Chris Rose, “Let the Good Times Roll”   (Essay)

Howard Nemerov, “Santa Claus”     (Poem)

John Consoli, “Where are the Black TV Shows?”    (Essay)

Michael Medved, “Assaults on TV Misdirected”           (Essay)

Nelson George, “Gangsters–Real and Unreal”             (Essay)

Angela Ards, “Rhyme and Resist: Organizing the Hip-Hop Generation”  (Magazine Article)

Clay Jones, “I Demand Reparations!”   (Cartoon)

Joanne Shih, “The Birth of Facebook”   (Film Review)

Suggestions for Essays on Folk and Popular Culture


Ch. 12: Technology

Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”  (Essay)

Dennis Baron, “Wikipedia: Write First, Ask Questions Later”  (Essay)  

Michaela Cullington, “Texting and Writing”   (Academic Article)

Matthew Battles, “A New Wrinkle in Time”   (Essay)

Selling Technology        (Magazine Advertisements)




Alexis Madrigal, “Take the Data Out of Dating”  (Essay)

David E. Fisher and Marshall Jon Fisher, “The Nitrogen Bomb”  (Essay)

Images of Technology, “Alternative Energy Revolution”   (Webcomic)

        Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine     (Movie Poster)

Clive Thompson, “Think Visual”  (Essay)

Thomas E. Lovejoy and Mitchell Joachim, “Smarter Infrastructure”   (Book chapter)

Suggestions for Essays on Technology