The Real Armageddon: How "Beings" Can Prevail

October 28, 2020|
The Real Armageddon: How "Beings" Can Prevail by Michel A. de Visser
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It is absolutely essential that all Beings, and I mean all, regardless of race or religion, step back from what we think we know to discover our programmed ignorance of worldly truth and where civilization is being rapidly herded. Being vs. NWO is a reality, an armageddon that will determine the course and destiny of civilization, and it's covertly underway.

The contents of this book are very real. They explain the truth of the most horrific crime committed against humanity within this entire civilization: the concealment and imprisonment of Being, and the enslavement of body through a deceitful belief system which prevents individual Self-Empowerment.

For two thousand years, the Vatican and the ruling elite possessed ancient knowledge concerning a cosmic cycle, which pertains to civilization entering the cusp of a new dawn. Whence: Beings will reach a heightened awareness and enlightened intelligence, awakened to the power of love energy and correct thought manifestation, or Self-Empowerment.

The Vatican and ruling elite are frantically attempting to implement a totalitarian system before the masses awaken and unite. They are desperate to prevent this event from transpiring, because their chokehold on civilization would collapse, rendering them powerless.

The jaw-dropping, thought-provoking Truth in this book will shock you into conscious awareness and provoke immediate offensive action. This book provides the knowledge and understanding to prepare you and your loved ones for drastic changes forthcoming. Psychological warfare has been initiated, the armageddon is underway, and it's time to make a choice, before it's game over!

Every Being needs to read this book. It is Creation's will.

Title:The Real Armageddon: How "Beings" Can Prevail
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:October 28, 2020
Publisher:Tellwell Talent
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780228837855

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