The Red Sea Specie I.D. Reference Guide

May 9, 2015|
The Red Sea Specie I.D. Reference Guide
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A Canadian from Toronto. Has entered the sport of scuba diving in 1996. Since then the scuba diving for this Canadian has evolved over the years. Canadian diving compared to The Tropical destination differs. Life nourishes in the tropical waters, while it spreads in the cold water.. Canadian diving in cold water or ice diving. The Marine Life is different from that of other dive site. Although there is incredible Ice Diving, Cold Water Diving in a different atmosphere. In Canada diving consists of Whales, Dolphins in some parts, Sharks six gills, crabs, lobsters, groupers, lion seals and many other marine life to encounter. One day I went to the Bahamas and discovered a new type of diving. Tropical and sub tropical. From that day forward I have been mesmerized at the crystal clear waters. The Thousands of Marine Life that roam the oceans.

The dive sites; wrecks, caves, coral reefs, walls full of corals. The ocean is flourished with life never imagined. I have found my passion. Over a decade I dove the Bahamas, Hawaii, Palau, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, Red Sea, South America, Fiji and a few others. My passion for the underwater world is like no other. You must see it to believe it, to experience it. Have you visited the Red Sea? If not…I encourage them to develop the urge to experience the underwater world. This eBook is a taste of what lies beneath the ocean surface. As an underwater photographer I present you with the utmost direct from the source. - The Red Sea I.D. Reference Guide.

About This eBook

Underneath the surface are the most diversified mammals and marine life. Some seen others never thought exist. Direct from the ocean colourful photos of the Red Sea species. From the point of The Gulf of Aqaba and Gulf of Suez on to the merging point in Sharm El Sheilkh. The Red Sea stretches over 2,000 km towards Sudan, Ethiopia through the Gulf of Aden where is departs on to the Mediterranean Sea. Hundreds of thousands of people visit and cherish every moment submerged in the Red Sea. What can you do in the Red Sea? Scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, boating, yachting, water skiing, Kayaking, Surfing and Kite Surfing.

This Red Sea is heaven for every visitor that has the privilege to experience. This eBook is based on experience in the Red Sea. Throughout the dives dove and people met including the marine life encountered. I have succumbed to the underwater environment. What many take for granted I've cherished every moment. The marina life that passes beneath the surface is absolutely magical; if many only knew what lies beneath! 1000's of species roam these waters every day. Over hundreds of different corals! You'll be shocked at their aliened shape that’s beyond your imagination. The marine life that call it home! And those that glide through the currents! Between destinations that stretch thousands of kilometres. I've included vivid colour photos and information on each species. On your next snorkelling, swimming or diving adventure; you'll be equipped with the knowledge to identify and refer with others. What you've encountered. Enjoy your underwater activity with knowledge, fun and the Red Sea filled with marine life and corals that will keep you mesmerized.

The Purpose of this eBook

I've found that many lack knowledge about what lies beneath the ocean surface. Everyone should be acknowledged about the underwater environment. What type of marine life? what type of Coral reefs? Experience scuba diving and photography! The future of the ecosystem and ocean preservations is in our hands. Spread the word!!!

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