The Reluctant Lord: A Qurilixen World Novel by Michelle M. Pillow

The Reluctant Lord: A Qurilixen World Novel

byMichelle M. Pillow

Kobo ebook | April 20, 2015

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Paranormal Dragon-shifter Romance

Polished, dignified and reserved in all things. That is a true nobleman.

Lady Clara of the Redding, a living statue of perfection, has been raised a true Redde noblewoman. She has been taught to never show emotion, to never raise her voice, to touch as little as possible, and to never act wildly or rashly. According to her people’s custom, the new generation cannot begin until the current one is settled. She is the last of her siblings without a husband and her pregnant sisters will remain in stasis until she’s married.

After Clara denies all suitable males on her home world, her parents are left with one choice—send her to a primitive place where several noblemen await marriage. The men hardly appear picky about their choices, a perfect arrangement for a reluctant bride.

An uninhibited woman to match his untamed soul. That would be his ideal wife.

Dragon-Shifter Lord Vladan is not like his noble brothers. Adopted into their family after a mining accident killed his parents, he is every bit as titled as his new brothers, and every bit as welcome into the fold. Yet he can’t help but feel the pull of his commoner past. He loves his family, and will always do as duty demands, but a part of him still yearns to shift into dragon form and run free in the wild. It is a side he indulges every chance he gets. This is how he knows his bride will be the most wild of creatures, for he wants passion, not perfection. Surely the gods are mistaken when they bind him to the most refined, reserved, frustratingly perfect creature in the universe.

A Qurilixen World Novel

Title:The Reluctant Lord: A Qurilixen World NovelFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:April 20, 2015Publisher:The Raven Books LLCLanguage:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from Great series Hi I just posted my review for The Reluctant Lord on Here is what I wrote..... The Reluctant Lord is book 7 of Dragon Lords series by Michelle M. Pillow. It tells the love story of Clara and Vlad. Lady Clara of Redding is a noblewoman who has been taught never to show emotion, to raise her voice or in any way to act undignified and, most importantly to touch or allow herself to be touch as little as possible. Clara has mental abilities that make her able to communicate with animals, heal others and to destroy. Lord Vladan, Ealdorman Honorary of the Draig is the adopted son in the Draig household. He has finally come of age that will allow him to attend his first Breeding Festival. While Clara is repressed Vlad is the opposite of her in every way. He is wild, reckless, always ready to laugh and free spirited. I love the stories and characters that Ms. Pillow comes up with. Her stories are always so full of passion, love, action, intrigue, excitement, adventure, villains to concurre, sexy heroes and feisty stubborn females. Oh and humor, lots of humor. My favorite part of the story was when they all met Clara. She was wearing a cone-shaped wig, skin painted white and a costume that would fit in the 1800's. No one knew what to make of her and thought that she might have a cone shaped head because of the height of the wig. That still makes me laugh thinking about it. Loved it. I highly recommend this series!!! Dragon Lords Series 1 1. Barbarian Prince 2. Perfect Prince 3. Dark Prince 4. Warrior Prince 5. His Highness the Duke 6. The Stubborn Lord 7. The Reluctant Lord 8. The Impatient Lord 9. The Dragon's Queen Received gift copy L.
Date published: 2015-07-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from His crystal glowed. His dreams were coming true. OH MY LORD!! I am not reluctant to admit it, Michelle has wowed me yet again! This time with Vlad & Clara and their adventure to find that elusive happily ever after. For Clara that means falling in love and being able to marry that person for love, not station as is expected of her. For Vlad it means attending his first ever Breeding Ceremony and finding that one woman that has been chosen for him by the will of the gods, signaled by making his crystal glow. (Oh the things I could say to that! The one woman who lights-gets-sets his rock all aglow; lights up his rock...LOL) I very much enjoyed this story, and of course cried for the last chapter or 2! I certainly did not expect this ending at all! Which is exactly why I am enjoying each of the books in this series, one after another! Okay, by now we all know that Michelle is a fantastic author, but do you REALLY understand or comprehend just HOW fantastic she truly is?!? Take these first 7 books in The Dragon Lords for example. You would think that after the first 3 or so, there would be a pattern and the books would start to feel familiar, sort of a 'been there done that' vibe. I mean, seriously! The Lords all meet their future wives that Galaxy Brides has delivered on time for the annual Breeding Ceremony, the new couples then try to adjust to their new lives, some kind of trouble or fight-miscommunication ensues, they kiss & make-up and live happily ever after. So end of story, right? Why read the rest of the books now that you have 'cracked' the code? Well! Let me remind you that Michelle M. Pillow IS THE AUTHOR. MICHELLE M. PILLOW people! You know, the PHENOMENALLY GIFTED, ASTRONOMICALLY TALENTED author whose books are the polar opposite to cookie cutter! I am positive that Michelle is the ONLY author that could write so many stories that by all rights should be repetitive, but yet are each so different, so creative, so entertaining and oh so very yummy!! Each story is unique, and I absolutely love the 'shared' scenes! Being able to see one scene from numerous views, angles & because each of the women have different backgrounds, upbringing & training, their insights all give these scenes new life & an original feel to them. In fact a few times I didn't even realize it WAS the same scene until that specific something happened! I think that I am enjoying this second grouping of books (5-8) that are about the cousins of the Princes simply because they don't live the Royal life at the castle. Of course, they also seem to have different takes on the Breeding Ceremony traditions which leads to some great hilarity!! And then how it affects them going forward is as entertaining as it is frustrating...for them! All in all, this story (& the series), is very well written with lots of humor, it's hot & sexy, engrossing, highly entertaining and one you do not want to miss out on! Once again Great Lady Michelle has managed to seduce this not-at-all reluctant reader with her phenomenal wealth of talent and her ability to mesmerise me with her fangasmic stories, time and again!
Date published: 2015-06-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love found in an unexpected place This is the seventh book of the Dragon Lords series. This book is such a touching book about Clara and Vlad and the things they must overcome to find love and happiness. Lady Clara is a noblewoman of the Redding. She is the youngest daughter and is the only one that is not wed. She really doesn't want to marry after seeing how the marriages her nineteen older sisters are. The problem is that her pregnant sisters will remain in statis until she marries because of the inheritance laws. Her parents decide to send her to Qurilixian to participate in their annual Breeding Festival. The only stipulation is that she is must marry a nobleman. Lord Vladan, Ealdorman Honorary of the Draig, is the only one of his brothers to be excited about attending the Breeding Festival. It's the first time he is able to participate and stand in the receiving line to have a chance at meeting his bride. Before the Festival starts, the King and Queen call the four princes along with he and his brothers to the castle to ask them to meet Lady Clara prior to the beginning of the Festival to see she is she is destined to be one of their brides. Each of them proceed through the tent to meet her. They are all taken back by her appearance since she has a cone-shaped wig and a extensive and heavy dress. That doesn't matter to Vlad because his crystal starts to glow once he sees her. Clara is very confused about the whole process. She doesn't understand how none of the princes or the most of the King's nephew can walk in and then just walk out again. How do they know if they are compatible if they don't talk to her. She is still very confused when she meets Vlad and finds out that he will be her husband. Vlad has a hard time getting to know Clara since she tries to avoid touching him or anyone else. He doesn't realize that it is part of her customs to avoid touch since most on her planet are empaths. Both are in for a surprise when they travel to Vlad's home and Clara awakens with a herd of ceffyls surrounding her. Clara and Vlad have some tough trials to get through that brings them closer to one another. They find love and acceptance with each other that they didn't know they were looking for. This is a wonderfully written book and a great continuation of the series. I love how two people from such different backgrounds are able to find such love with each other. It's more than Clara ever expected in her marriage. I can't wait to find out what happens with the last brother.
Date published: 2015-05-13