The Secret Within

May 9, 2015|
The Secret Within
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Mary Chestney woke up feeling a little strange, she was expecting and due any day now with her and Charlie’s first born child. Although it had become hard for her to get around, she was excited about the day at hand. She enjoys organizing special occasions and this was a special one to her and Charlie. Charlie and Mary’s dream was to own their own business and today was the celebration of 3 years. Although their little store wasn’t very old, they had already established excellent customer relations and that was very important to the both of them.

Storms raged outside which was normal for this time of year in Oklahoma, and this didn’t stop them from getting ready for all that was planned. The only thing that seemed to hamper any schedule was the special order of merchandise that wasn’t delivered the day before, forcing Charlie to squeeze in a two hour round trip for the things needed to bring completion to all the planning Mary had been working on for weeks.

As the morning ticked by, Mary’s strange feeling was accompanied with small contractions, but she quickly dismissed each one for fear of another false run to the hospital. Charlie also sensed there was something going on, unsure of whether or not he should leave her in the stage she was in, Mary reassured him everything was okay.

A little into Charlie’s trip he notices the weather not letting up, only getting worse. His concerns for Mary began to surface again… something wasn’t right. The unnatural feeling in the air, mixed with his concerns for his wife, were starting to grip his anxieties…

The Secret Within the depths of Oklahoma are starting to churn. Rumors of the ominous threat have been heard, only to be laughed at and ignored…now Charlie quickly finds himself torn from reality…

Title:The Secret Within
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 9, 2015
Publisher:Kristy Russell
Appropriate for ages:9 - 12
ISBN - 13:9781465926753

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