The Seed Of Yggdrasill: Deciphering The Hidden Messages In Old Norse Myths by Maria Christine KvilhaugThe Seed Of Yggdrasill: Deciphering The Hidden Messages In Old Norse Myths by Maria Christine Kvilhaug

The Seed Of Yggdrasill: Deciphering The Hidden Messages In Old Norse Myths

byMaria Christine Kvilhaug

Hardcover | May 1, 2017

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Kvilhaug has researched the archeaology and background to the Eddas, Poems and Sagas of Northern literature and Historical folk lore data. She has translated the original ancient Norse manuscripts and approaches the Poems as metaphor for traditional ritual and rites of passage in the ancient cultures of Scandinavia. Her insights open up the poems to reveal a whole new world where The tree of life, the red-gold of wisdom and the goddess of death and renewal are central to an almost forgotten way of life. She describes a Golden Age of travel, interexchange of cultures and trade. We are confident that "Yggdrasill" will revolutionize the way in which the old Norse Sagas are approached by academics, story-tellers, and religious leaders alike. This unique approach to the metaphors of the Eddas and Norse poems will cause much debate amongst modern new-age and the Scandinavian faith, Asatru, followers. Controversy aside however, we predict this book will help rebuild an understanding of the pagan past of the Northern peoples. It may even restore a rationalized familiarity with their true Northern god(s) and goddess(es) The Edda poems were most probably created by Viking Age skalds who knew the art of making metaphorical riddles and how to hide messages behind words. Many poems are veritably incomprehensible without the knowledge it takes to decipher the riddles. When Snorri in the 1220's realized that young people were beginning to lose their understanding of the ancient form of Norse poetry, he wrote his book so that "young students of poetry may decipher that which has been subtly spoken", adding that knowledge has been "cleverly disguised in runes". Why was the manuscript hidden throughout four centuries? What were the real messages behind Old Norse poetry? Are the Norse myths truly just funny stories about gods, trolls and giants, or do they hide some deeper insights? In The Seed of Yggdrasil, Maria Kvilhaug explores the parables of Old Norse myths, revealing spiritual mysteries and metaphysical speculation at the heart of Old Norse Paganism.
Maria Kvilhaug graduated from the University of Oslo in 2004 with a degree in Old Norse Philology. Previously she studied World History and Philosophy (Norway), and graduated wth a Bachelor of Arts in 2000 (Camberwell College UK). She has written articles and frequently lectures on the subject of Old Norse Mythology. In 2012 she gave a...
Title:The Seed Of Yggdrasill: Deciphering The Hidden Messages In Old Norse MythsFormat:HardcoverDimensions:712 pages, 10 × 7 × 0.98 inPublished:May 1, 2017Publisher:Whyte TracksLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Definite Answers? The Eyes that See Translations Norse Letters Spelling Pronunciation Important Norse Pagan Terms and Scared Professions An Overview of the Old Norse Supernatural Powers 1 THE BOOKS OF OLD - Our Sources to Old Norse Pagan Beliefs 1.1 The Forgotten Manuscript (Poetic Edda) Poetical Riddles List of Edda Poems - Original Titles and Author´s Title Translations, with Summary of Content 1.2 Snorri Sturluson`s Prose Edda and The Ynglinga Saga 1.3 Gylfaginning - The Revelation of the Sorcerer 1.4 Skaldskáparmál, Hidden Meanings in Poetical Metaphors 1.5 Hidden in Plain Sight - What Snorri could not Say 1.6 Other Sources of Old Norse Mythology 1.7 My Methods of Interpretation That By Which a Thing is Known The Meaning of Names Reading Myth as a Parable Comparative Mythology The Formula is the Key Truth or Fiction - The Eyes that See Do the Myths Represent Common Beliefs or the Beliefs of Spiritual Elites? 1.8 Gender as a Mythical Formula - and some other Observations about Mythical Formulas as a Method to Unlock the Meaning of the Norse Myths Viking Age Gender Roles The Poetical Gender Metaphor 2 CREATION, the Cosmos and the Ruling Powers 2.1 Preconceptions and Stereotypes - What the Ancients Knew about the Cosmos 2.2 VÇ«luspá - âThe Divination of the VÇ«lva" - The Witch who Spoke the World´s Story A Séance of Seiðr The Witch Before Time Auðhumbla , Ymir and Ginnunga Gap 2.3 The Nine Within the Wood The Daughters of the Ocean The One and the Many As Above so Below Giantesses Carry the Ages and Reside Within the Worlds Chart: The First Stage of Creation (Poetic Edda) The Seed of Yggdrasill 2.4 In the Beginning was the Wave - and a Big Bang! - the First Cosmic Giants When Fortresses Burst in the Grove of Bright Shine Poisonous Gases, Streams of Heat and Cold, Mists, Light and Sound Vibrations The Hidden Meanings Evil Giants - or the guardians of wisdom? The Lineage of the Giant Sound The Death-Mother Giantess 2.5 Aesir [Gods] - The First Awareness Óðinn, Víli and Vé The Historical Origin of Óðinn The Three Virtues of Awareness (Transcript From YouTube-Video 22: Óðinn, Víli and Vé - Spirit, Mind and Passion) The Three First Ásyniur [Goddesses] and the First Golden Age 2.6 The Steeds of Heaven (SUN, MOON, STARS) Night and all Her Kind The Sun Goddess The Moon God (and Þórr, Freyr and Helgi) 2.7 EARTH - The Ancestral Mother The Giantesses and the Mill of Fate Skaði, Hel and the Wolfriders Óðin´s Wife 2.8 The Earth´s Protective Field and Þórr the Thunder god 2.9 Dwarfs - the Blueprints of Existence 2.10 Askr and Embla - The First Humans and the Aesir Gods The Wood and the Brew: Askr and Embla The Threefold Gift of the Aesir 2.11 Yggdrasill - The World Tree Man and the World Tree The World Tree of Shamans Yggdrasill - The Steed of Spirit The Mead Tree The Soul Tree and the Wells The Serpent, the Squirrel and the Eagle 2.11 Nornir, Fylgjur - and the Runes of Fate Past, Present and Future The Runes of Fate Óðinn - Uprooting the Runes Fate, the World Tree and The Well of Origin Norns and Souls The Fylgjur - âFollowers" The Hamingja, a Soul-Walker 2.12 Vanir, Seiðr and The Sacred Mead Restoring Gullveigr to Cultural Memory - How and Why the Burned Witch of the Edda has been Misinterpreted Seiðr - The Secrets of Fate The War of the Tribes - Who Are The Vanir? NjÇ«rðr - Father of the Nine Freyr - The Lord of Elves Freyia - The Three Times Born Society and Religion Heimdallr, Kvasir and the Precious Mead 3 THE MAIDEN WITH THE MEAD Initiation and Consecration through Ritual Drinking and Sacred Marriage Introduction: A Path of Initiation 3.1 The Mead of Poetry (Hávamál - The High One`s Speech) 3.2 Origin´s Well (Hráfnagalðr Óðin`s eða FÇ«rspjallsljóð - Óðin`s Raven Charm or the Song of the First Speech) 3.3 Hel´s Prisoner (Vegtamskviða eða BaldrsDraumar - The Song of One Who Knows the Way or the Dreams of Baldr) 3.4 The Frosty Cup (Skírnismál - The Speech of the Bright Shining One) 3.5 The Mead of Memory (Hyndluljóð - The Song of the She-Wolf) 3.6 Earth`s Guidance (Hymiskviða - the Song of Hymir) 3.7 The Bride of the Burial Mound (Helgakviða Hundingsbani Ç«nnur - The Second Poem of Helgi Hundingsbani) Helgi´s Previous Life The Second Helgi 3.8 The Sleeping Valkyria (Sigrdrifumál - The Speech of Sígrdrífa) 3.9 The Maidens of the Wind Shielded Island (Oddrúnargrátr - The Lament of Oddrún) 3.10 The Mountain of Medicine - The Tree of Memory - Behind the Doors of Death (FjÇ«lsvinnsmál - The Speech of Much Knowing) 3.11 A Woman´s Path of Initiation (Guðrunarkvíða Ç«nnur - The Second Poem of Guðrún) 3.12 Bright Rune, The Mead-Producer above ValhÇ«ll - and Valkyriur Ready to Ride the Earth (Grímnismál - The Song of the Masked One) 3.13 Freyia-Gullveigr - The Goddess is the Drink 3.14 Soma and Haoma, Ambrosia and Kykeon -and Cerridwen´s Cauldron - the Indo-European Connection Soma and Haoma The Norse Dísir and the Indian Dhisanas Ambrosia and Kykeion The Book of Taliesin 3.15 Beowulf and Archaeology: The Real Mead-Women The Lady of the Hall The Goddess, Oracle and Priestess Counterparts of the Iron Age Archaeological Evidence 3.16 The Mead and the Sun Goddess 3.17 Not Quite the Christian Poem After All (Sólarljóð - The Song of the Sun) 4 RETRIEVING THE SOUL OF THE GODS: HaustlÇ«ng - A Skaldic Poem: What Poetical Metaphors Convey About Mythical Characters 4.1 A Shield Poem of the Viking Age 4.2 Shamanistic Soul-Retrieval 4.3 The Myth of Iðunn and Þjazi - Snorri`s version ( 1225 AD) 4.4 The Myth of Iðunn and Þjazi - Thiodolf`s version (900 AD) Metaphors for Þjazi in HaustlÇ«ng 4.5 The Meaning of the Journey of the Three Gods 4.6 The Origin of a Sacred Path 4.7 The Verse-Smiths: How the Gods are Known 4.8 Þjazi - the Eagle of Death 4.9 The Wolf and the Giantess of the Burial Mound 4.10 The Bride of the Gods The original unity between Skaði and Iðunn 4.11 The Known and the Unknown: Gender as metaphor in Old Norse Poetry 4.12 The Knowledge-Hungry Goddess - The Soul of the Gods? 4.13 Loki - the Stirrer of the Stories 5 THE LOSS OF THE GOLDEN AGE in Old Norse Myths 5.1 Golden Ages in Human Prehistory The New Culture Type Myths and Legends of Conquest 5.2 The Peace of Wisdom and the Song of the Millstone (GrottasÇ«ngr) When the God of War lost his Arm to Greed Loki and his three children The Chains that Bound Fenrir Týr and the Fenris Wolf 5.3 Out of Eden (Paradise Lost) 5.4 When Wisdom was Free - The Myth of Kvasir/Heimdallr The Vanir´s Gifts to the Aesir Kvasir and Heimdallr 5.5 Who Really Killed Baldr? A Murder Mystery The Courage of Broad Perception - the Wisdom Parable of Baldr Frigg´s Secret Óðin´s secret The Path Begins - The Journey to the Underworld 5.6 The Rape of the Rejecter 5.7 The Song of the Sacred Grove (VÇ«lundarkviða) A Medieval Version: Velent the Smith The Song of the Sacred Grove 5.8 Lost in Illusion When Frigg was Married to Víli and Vé When Freyia Became Many Where did Óðinn go then? (Váfþrúðnismál) 5.9 The Sleeping Goddess Left and Right side Brain Functions 6 RAGNARǪK and the New Age 6.1 The Build-Up to RagnarÇ«k 407 The Loss of Poetry´s Maiden The Boundary Between the Worlds Óðin´s Eye and Heimdall´s Hearing The War of the Flaming Necklace The Two Brothers: Mind and Passion Baldr The Third Loki´s Bondage 6.2 RagnarÇ«k 427 The River of Illusion The Wolf-Mother The Attack of the Giants The Defence of the Aesir Natural Catastrophes Initiation and RagnarÇ«k. 6.3 The Resurrection 441 The New World The New Gods The Halls of Aegir The Land of Tomorrow 7 DEATH AND RESURRECTION 7.1 Elves, Souls and Reincarnation 451 7.2 Into the Darkness - The Underworld Journey 453 The Dark, Resounding Path The Hel Hound The Colour of Dead Men The Gates and Walls of Hel Rituals, Sacrifice - and Waking the Dead Why the Death Journey? 7.3 The Kiss of Death 466 7.4 Afterlives 472 The Twelve Heavens (Grímnismál) Snorri´s Ten Heavens 7.5 Salvation - The Old Norse Elysium 476 Apuleius´ Initiation and the Old Norse Mysteries The Norse "Isis" and the Golden Hall The Warriors of ValhÇ«ll Life in ValhÇ«ll The Crystal Fields 8 THE WAY OF THE WAND WITCH 8.1 Restoring the Wise Woman 8.2 The VÇ«lva´s Path (Transcript From YouTube Video 11: Witches and Ritual of Initiation) 8.3 Witches and Warriors (Transcript From YouTube Video 18: Warrior Initiation and Witch Teachers) Real Life Warriors´ Priestesses or Warriors´ Guardian Spirits? 9 THE PRIESTESS AND THE KING 9.1 The Sacred Marriage Institution 511 9.2 The Sacred Marriage (Transcript From Video 13: Precious Mead and Sacred Marriage) 514 9.3 Óðinn and the Goddess (Transcript From YouTube Video 27: Óðinn in Myth, History and the Sacred Marriage) 521 10 THE WISE MAN'S PATH 10.1 Hanging the Sorcerer (Transcript From YouTube Video 12: Hanging the Sorcerer - The Initiation of Óðinn) 536 10.2 The Ritual Behind the Myth (Transcript From YouTube Video 14: Techniques of Ecstasy) 541 10.3 The Vision Quest (Transcript From YouTube Video 15: Vision Quests in Male Initiation Rituals) 546 11 THE TRIALS OF ÞÓRR the Son of Earth 11.1 Þórr in Hárbardsljóð (Transcript From YouTube video 19: The Son of Earth pt. 1) 553 11.2 Þórr in Þrýmskviða and Hymiskvíða (Transcript From video 20: The Son of Earth pt. 2) 560 11.3 Þórr and the Mind - a Personal Revelation (Transcript From YouTube Video 21: The Thundergod's Maze) 569 12 THE ONE AND THE MANY - Mysteries and Pantheism in Old Norse Myths 12.1 An Old Norse Mystery School? 579 Isis in Germany - or a Northern Mystery Religion? (Transcript From Video 17: Isis in Germany? Or a Mystery Cult?) 12.2 The Temple of Uppsala 587 The Golden Hall of the Maiden Sacrifice or Initiation? The Three-Fold Function A Caste and Class Matter? 12.3 The Great Goddess and the Universal Soul 596 Pantheism and the Great Goddess (Transcripts From YouTube Videos 9; "The Great Goddess", and 10; "The Universal Soul") The Universal Soul 12.4 Heimdallr - The Great World (Transcript From Video 25: Pantheism pt. 1: Mysteries, Heimdallr and the World Tree) 607 All-Seeing and All-Hearing Universal Sound Born of the Waves The Remembering Universe The Sheath of the Hall and the Sword that is the Head The Guardian of Heaven Gold and Brightness Heimdallr in the Elder Edda: a Mystery Revelation of the Unifying World The World Tree 12.5 The Wind- Eagle of Yggdrasill (Transcript From Video 28: The Source of Awareness and the Fire from Within) 620 12.6 Óðinn - The Universal Spirit (Transcript From Video 29: Pantheism pt.2: Óðinn - The Spirit) 634 Óðinn and Me - a Personal Revelation 652 Epilogue 657 Bibliography 661