The Shaman Speaks: How To Use The Power Of Shamanism To Heal Your Life Now by Maggie WahlsThe Shaman Speaks: How To Use The Power Of Shamanism To Heal Your Life Now by Maggie Wahls

The Shaman Speaks: How To Use The Power Of Shamanism To Heal Your Life Now

byMaggie Wahls, Shaman Elder Maggie WahlsForeword byLori Lee

Paperback | September 20, 2010

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If you could ask a Shaman Elder any question, what would you want to know?
Forty-five questions are answered through the words of Shaman Elder Maggie who has practiced for over 50 years her centuries-old family lineage of Traditional Shamanism, trained by her own Shaman Grandmother.
See your life from a Traditional Shamanic perspective and eliminate the fears and problems that interfere with your own happiness. The questions in this book come from the thousands of emails that Shaman Elder Maggie receives through her Internet course and her free counseling service online.

Students of this book will:

  • Discover the truth of your own energy and how to use it to your favor
  • Learn how to stand in your power and be captain of your own ship
  • Practice exercises you can use to bring balance to your life
  • Find the spiritual joy in living
  • Discover ways to practice mental awareness so you never get blindsided again
  • Create physical health for yourself and those you love
  • Improve your own life by adopting ancient Traditional Shamanic principles

The Shaman Speaks provides wisdom for every day of your life! "You put all these wonderful things out there for us to look at, ponder on, research, pick up and play with, or to pick up add it to our set of tools and learn to use. So, thank you for this most fabulous tool. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
--Darill Hall

"I don't know how many lives and loves you have saved or helped heal but you have done both here with us. Bless you, namaste!"
--Felicia Dale

"I realize that your purpose is to show me how to find the answers within myself, which of course you knew all along. I know what it means to be a teacher now. You truly are wise, Shaman Elder Maggie." --John

About the Author
Shaman Elder Maggie has been providing counseling free of charge for nearly 30 years. She has a Doctorate of Divinity and is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. She is an artist, a mystic, a visionary, a teacher, a friend to all and a lover of life. She is one of America's most beloved teachers of traditional Shamanism.

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Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls has been practicing Shamanism since her grandmother, a traditional indigenous Shaman, began teaching her at age three. She has written and published many articles including a book titled "The Shaman Speaks" and teaches an online apprenticeship course in traditional Shamanism at She is avai...
Title:The Shaman Speaks: How To Use The Power Of Shamanism To Heal Your Life NowFormat:PaperbackDimensions:132 pages, 9.21 × 6.14 × 0.28 inPublished:September 20, 2010Publisher:Loving Healing PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Table of ContentsTable of Contents . iAcknowledgments iForeword iiiIntroduction vChapter 1 - Committing to the Path 11. "Why study Shamanism?" . 12. "Where am I supposed to make room in my life to study anyspiritual practice?" 33. "Am I ready to become a healer?" . 84. "Is there any one to help me do this work?" . 125. "What is the most important quality to nurture?" . 136. "Does a person need an initiation to be a Shaman?" . 167. "Every time I try to walk my path as a healer something gets inthe way. Why is that and what can I do about it?" 178. "Is Meditation required in Shamanism?" 19Chapter 2 - Energy Signatures . 239. "What is an energy signature?" . 2310. "Does a crystal have its own energy?" . 2511. "Are Spirit Guides the same as Totems?" 2712. "Do you hear voices?" 2913. "What of the earth's trembling?" 3114. "Why am I feeling more physical sensations in my body as Istudy energy signatures?" 33Chapter 3 - Talismans and Tools of the Shaman 3515. "What is a power song and where do I get one?" 3516. "What is a medicine bag and how do I make mine?" 3617. "What is a Prayer Tree?" 3918. "Why are there so many different kinds of medicine wheels?"19. "What do animals tell us?" . 43ii The Shaman Speaks20. "When you refer to the talismans (i.e. stones, feathers, etc.)being presented to us, do you mean on our inner journeys or inthe physical world?" 4521. "What is a talking stick?" . 4622. "Do most people require physical symbols to accept thatsomeone is able to perform a healing and to display that thehealing act has been accomplished?" . 46Chapter 4 - Safety and Protection . 4923. "How do I stay safe in this reality and in others?" 4924. "Can you give me a surefire way to be grounded andprotected?" 4925. "Should I fear studying Shamanism?" . 5126. "I have visions. Is that good?" . 5327. "How do you communicate with your guides and teachers?" 56Chapter 5 - Traditional Shamanic Wisdom . 6128. "Can you explain what 'grace' is?" . 61Power. . 6529. "What is the deal with 'good versus bad'?" . 6730. "I realize I am human but I have a hard time when it comes toforgiveness." 6831. "You frequently use the terms Causal and Buddhic. What aretheir meanings?" . 7332. "Is there a parallel between Buddhism and Shamanism?" . 7733. "How does the Shaman define soul and spirit? 8034. "What good are emotions?" 8235. "What does personal power have to do with Shamanism?" 8636. "What do you mean by the word 'intent'?" . 89Chapter 6 - Standing in Your Power . 9337. "How would you say one develops personal power? I tend tohave a very aggressive, controlling personality, which hinders mein many areas." . 9338. "I feel I am here to help heal the rifts in Mother Earth'senergies. Can you tell me how to go about this?" 9539. "How do I manage my time and balance myself in this hecticworld?" . 9940. "Why do all these difficult experiences keep happening tome?" 100Contents iii41. "Do I control my emotions or do they control me?" . 10242. "I have the sensation of swimming or flying up to a differentpoint in time. . 10343. "I have a hard time staying focused. Any suggestions?" 10444. "What does a Shaman know that most people don't?" . 10545. "How do you protect yourself from predatory spirits?" 107Bibliography . 111About The Author . 113About the cover . 116Index . 117

Editorial Reviews

"This is a fabulously and honestly presented Truth. Shaman Maggie addresses student questions in this book but in a way that is beneficial for all. I highly recommend this book for anyone that knows inately... or is seeking for... universal answers and personal power. The most meaningful thing I can say here is AMEN." - Altyerre"I loved this book because the questions I would have asked about life and spirituality were answered simply and completely. There were questions about Shamanism, questions about life and how to live in a way that gives me peace, and even questions about why we are here on this earth now. I loved how the answers were so easy to understand, no matter what a person's background might be. And I love the fact that the answers ring true, as if I already know these things and I'm remembering them again. A lot of books on Shamanism talk about recipes for doing journeys, as if anyone can do these, but nothing on real life and how to grow spiritually and live as full a life as possible. You explain how to really get every moment out of life here and now".- OakalakaleahShaman Maggie comes across as very personable and real. Thank you, Shaman Elder Maggie, and your Spirit Guides, for this book"I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for personal truth and a spiritual path to follow. The book speaks the truth." -Diana Gooch"This is a well-done explanation of Shamanism, and how it can be applied to improving one's life anyway if you're not interested in becoming a Shaman. If you are, this is an excellent beginning point for further study." - Wayne Gallup