The Shame Game: Leaving Shame to Live in Abundance

byJanice Sterling GauntForeword byTerrence Real

September 8, 2021|
The Shame Game: Leaving Shame to Live in Abundance by Janice Sterling Gaunt


A licensed counselor shows how to stop saying you’re not good enough, let go of shame, and grab life by the horns.

As you look at a newborn child, you become overwhelmed by his preciousness. Your heart is filled with love. Without doubt, you recognize that the child’s value was established at birth. The child’s value exists simply because he exists. You know with absolute certainty that this child—every child—can never be of lesser value. This child’s value simply is. This child is you.

Abundant living is everyone’s birthright. Toxic shame can impede your ability to live abundantly, and The Shame Game offers you the tools to claim your inheritance. Although there have been books that address shame, healing shame, and abundant living, The Shame Game brings the three issues together in a more informative, readable, and concise manner than has ever been done. Janice gently guides you on a journey of self-awareness and healing, empowering you to rediscover your birth-created value. The Shame Game can set you free from the past, teach you to embrace the present, and open the door to an abundant future.

Praise for The Shame Game

“Janice Gaunt has highlighted the importance of acceptance and self-forgiveness in her first book, The Shame Game. This groundbreaking work will revolutionize how we look at shame and will help readers become the productive, self-accepting, balanced people they are meant to be.” —Jenna Bush Hager, Today correspondent and author of Ana’s Story and Read All About It

“In simple, straightforward prose, Janice takes a subject none of us like to talk about and gently pushes us to open up, face the truth, and get our lives moving again—this time in the right direction. It’s a remarkable performance.” —Skip Hollandsworth, executive editor, Texas Monthly

“Shame is at the heart of many healthcare issues for women. Understanding how shame-based issues dictate our behaviors and relationships is important for women in order to be mentally and physically well. Learning to accept one’s self is one of the biggest challenges we face. Janice Gaunt lays out a comprehensive program with real solutions to living a fulfilling life.” —Leesa B. Condry, MD, OB-GYN

Title:The Shame Game: Leaving Shame to Live in Abundance
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 8, 2021
Publisher:Brown Books Publishing Group
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781612540016

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