The Snowman's Guide to Personal Finance: A simple approach to managing your money

November 13, 2019|
The Snowman's Guide to Personal Finance: A simple approach to managing your money
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If you’re looking to confidently manage your money, The Snowman’s Guide to Personal Finance is an excellent choice. Whether you’re just starting out or you already have a financial plan, this book will provide actionable ways to improve your current situation. You’ll also be able to revisit topics in the future as your life evolves. My goal is to help you spend your money stress-free and enjoy your life today. All while ensuring you can continue your lifestyle in the future.

The idea for this book started almost a decade ago during a dinner conversation with my younger brother. The topic of savings came up and I was impressed to learn how much he’d set aside. That excitement for my brother turned to concern as I learned that his money was in a chequing account. It wasn’t obvious to my brother that there were countless tools available to make saving for the future easier.

To help my brother better understand his options I used an analogy, included in this book, to explain what was happening to his money. From this explanation, I saw an immediate understanding on my brother’s face.

At that moment I realized analogies can bridge the gap between what everyone knows and what they want to learn. The more I thought about it, the more I realized just how similar managing money is to another common and enjoyable activity. If the name of the book hadn’t given it away, that activity is building a snowman. Throughout this book I use analogies comparing your money to a snowman. This simple and memorable foundation will give you the ability to manage your money with confidence.

Since that conversation with my brother, I’ve focused a great deal of time to help Canadians save and invest their money. I’ve learned the theories and best practices through thousands of hours of study for school and industry exams. I’ve also learned practical approaches that Canadians follow through over 10,000 conversations with investors. Through combining theory and practice, this book provides steps that work and explains why.

The Snowman’s Guide to Personal Finance provides actionable steps to:

Save money for the future
• Automate your savings plan
• Rethink your expenses
• Repay debt

Put your savings to work
• Manage your risk
• Understand how to invest your savings
• Lower your taxes

Protect yourself from the unexpected
• Set aside money for emergencies
• Understand your insurance needs
• Know when to write a will

The analogy of building a snowman is used throughout the book to provide a consistent framework, tying everything together. This will help you understand and recall these important steps as they become relevant for your life.

Title:The Snowman's Guide to Personal Finance: A simple approach to managing your money
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:November 13, 2019
Publisher:Steven Arnott
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781777017316

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