The Snowtown Murders

July 17, 2021|
The Snowtown Murders by Ruth Kanton
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In August 1994, two farmers working in a field stumbled upon the skeletal remains of Clinton Trezise. Unfortunately, there was no evidence present on the remains or the grave that could help police identify the victim. There was evidence of dyed hair and previously broken bones, which gave forensic experts hope that they would be able to identify the victim, but nobody came forth to claim the victim, not even after a $100,000 reward was offered. Trezise's family finally filed a missing person report in October 1995, but authorities still couldn't make the connection. Photos of Trezise were sent to forensic experts to compare against the skull, and they concluded that they were not a match – twice.

Trezise was an openly gay man. Soon there would be numerous bodies of gay men found dead or missing in the area. A man or group of men were targeting them.

Thus began the story of the Snowtown Murders...

Title:The Snowtown Murders
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:July 17, 2021
Publisher:​Trellis Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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