The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality by Tracy E. OreThe Social Construction of Difference and Inequality: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality by Tracy E. Ore

The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality

byTracy E. Ore

Paperback | October 7, 2013

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This best-selling anthology surveys how and why the categories of race, class, gender, and sexuality are constructed, maintained, experienced, and transformed. The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality then moves beyond simply discussing various forms of stratification and the impact of these on members of marginalized groups by providing a thorough discussion of how such systems of stratification are formed, perpetuated, and interconnected. Readers are then challenged at the end of each reading with critical thinking questions to relate content to their lives and understand how their own attitudes, actions, and perspectives may serve to perpetuate a stratified system.
Title:The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality: Race, Class, Gender, and SexualityFormat:PaperbackDimensions:9 × 8.8 × 1.2 inPublished:October 7, 2013Publisher:McGraw-Hill EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents


Part I: Constructing Differences

Race & Ethnicity

1. Racial Formations- Michael Omi and Howard Winant

2. Optional Ethnicities: For Whites Only?- Mary C. Waters

3. Becoming Suspects- Tram Nguyen

*4. Race, Racialization, and Latino Populations in the United States - Tomás Almaguer

5. Race, Homeownership and Wealth - Thomas Shapiro

6. Media Magic: Making Class Invisible- Gregory Mantsios

7. Doubly Divided: The Racial Wealth Gap- Meizhu Lui

8. Capitalism Hits the Fan- Rick Wolff

Sex & Gender

9. The Social Construction of Gender- Judith Lorber

10. The Five Sexes, Revisited- Anne Fausto-Sterling

*11. Ain't I a Woman? - Pat Griffin

*12. Constructing Masculinity through Penetration Discourse: The Intersection of Misogyny and Homophobia in High School Wrestling - Brian Fair


*13. Naming All the Parts- Kate Bornstein

14. 'If You Don't Kiss Me, You're Dumped': Boys, Boyfriends and Heterosexualised Masculinities in the Primary School- Emma Renold

*15. Getting Off and Getting Intimate - Rashawn Ray and Jason A Rosow

Part II: Maintaining Inequalities: Systems of Oppression & Privilege

Social Institutions: Family

*16. Why Won't African Americans Get (and Stay) Married? Why Should They? - Shirley Hill

17. Families on the Fault Line: America's Working Class Speaks About the Family, the Economy, Race, and Ethnicity- Lillian B. Rubin

*18. An Intersectional Approach to Resistance and Complicity: The Case of Racialized Desire Among Asian American Women - Karen Pike

Social Institutions: Education

19. Gay and Lesbian Families Are Here- Judith Stacey Education

20. The Return of "Separate But Equal"- Richard D. Kahlenberg

21. Civilize Them with a Stick- Mary Crow Dog and Richard Erdoes

22. Missing in Interaction- Myra Sadker and David Sadker

23. Schools and the Social Control of Sexuality- Melinda S. Miceli

Work & the Economy

24. Jobless Ghettos: The Social Implications of the Disappearance of Work in Segregated Neighborhoods- William J. Wilson

25. Discrimination in a Low-Wage Labor Market: A Field Experiment- Devah Pager, Bruce Western, Bart Bonikowski

*26. Racializing the Glass Escalator: Reconsidering Men's Experiences with Women's Work - Harvey Wingfield

*27. Stressing Out the Poor: Chronic Physiological Stress and the Income Achievement Gap - Gary W. Evans, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, and Pamela Kato Klebanov

The State & Public Policy

28. Welfare Reform, Family Hardship, and Women of Color- Linda Burnham

29. Beyond Crime and Punishment- Bruce Western and Becky Petit

*30. The Treacherous Triangle: Justice, Immigration Enforcement, and Child Welfare - Seth Freed Wessler


*31. The Digital Reproduction of Inequality - Eszter Hargittai

32. Winnebagos, Cherokees, Apaches, and Dakotas: The Persistence of Stereotyping of American Indians in American Advertising Brands- Debra Meskin

*33. The Prime-Time Plight of the Arab American after 9/11: Configuration of Race and Nation in TV Dramas - Evelyn Alsultany

34. Metaphors Matter: Disaster Myths, Media Frames, and Their Consequences in Hurricane Katrina - Kathleen Tierney, Christine Bevc, and Erica Kuligowski

Language & Culture

*35. How the Right Made Immigration Sound Fair--and Changed Immigration Politics - Gabriel Thompson

36. Self, Identity & the Naming Question: Reflections on the Language of Disability- Irving Kenneth Zola

37. Names, Logos, Mascots, and Flags: The Contradictory Uses of Sports Symbols- Stanley D. Eitzen

Violence & Social Control

38. Climate of Fear- Southern Poverty Law Center

39. Sexual Assault on Campus: A Multilevel, Integrative Approach to Party Rape- Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Laura Hamilton, and Brian Sweeney

40. The Construction of Masculinity and the Triad of Men's Violence- Michael Kaufman

*41. Cyberbullying, School Bullying, and Psychological Distress - Shari Kessel Schneider, Lydia O'Donnell, Ann Stueve, and Robert W. S. Coulter

Part III: Experiencing Difference & Inequality inEveryday Life

42. Making Systems of Privilege Visible- Stephanie M. Wildman with Adrienne D. Davis.

43. Yes, I Follow Islam, But I'm Not a Terrorist - Nada El Sawy

44. A Dozen Demons- Ellis Cose

45. Always Running- Luis Rodriguez

46. The Story of My Body- Judith Ortiz Cofer

47. Separated by Deportation- Tram Nguyen

48. Gee, You Don't Seem Like An Indian From the Reservation - Barbara Cameron

49. Living Fearlessly With and Within Differences: My Search for Identity Beyond Categories and Contradictions- Shefali Milczarek-Desai

50. Nickel-and-Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America- Barbara Ehrenreich

*51. Not Poor Enough - Susan Sheehan

52. Learning to Fight- Geoffrey Canada

53. Square Pegs: Affronting Reason- Cheryl Chase

Part IV: Resistance & Social Change,/h2>

54. Toward a New Vision: Race, Class, and Gender as Categories of Analysis and Connection- Patricia Hill Collins

*55. Young Women, Late Modern Politics, and the Participatory Possibilities of Online Cultures - Anita Harris

56. Good for the Hood?- Anmol Chaddha

57. Seeing More Than Black & White: Latinos, Racism, and the Cultural Divides- Elizabeth Martinez

58. Dismantling Environmental Racism in the USA- Robert D. Bullard

59. Feminism Future: Young Feminists of Color Take the Mic - Daisy Hernandez and Pandora Leong

60. Voices of a New Movimiento- Roberto Lovato