The Species Theory: Humans Are No Longer Hunted And Eaten So Stop Overreacting by S.H. Raymond

The Species Theory: Humans Are No Longer Hunted And Eaten So Stop Overreacting

byS.H. Raymond

Kobo ebook | September 30, 2013

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“…. No matter what the situation is…first remind yourself that HUMAN BEINGS ARE PREDATORS, Our Eyes Are In Front Of Our Heads, we are Meat Eaters, we are the Carnivores (Omnivores). Our brains just became too big and we forgot that we are AN ANIMAL SPECIES…whether we like it or not. We figured out how to use our opposable thumbs really well, figured out how to make fire, figured out how to make tools, invented the wheel, and then you have the proverbial snowball effect. It really is as simple as that. Regardless of how civilized we have become, regardless of Who We Think We Are, we are ANIMALS first and foremost, period. Humans Are A Prey Animal, A PREDATOR. All predatorial animals are either hunting or being hunted, preserving their survival, protecting their families, COMPETING to ensure their survival.” “Don’t be sabotaged by your “gut instinct”, it doesn’t exist! That feeling in your gut is just our ancient animal survival instinct. We get defensive when we think we’re threatened, but we are no longer Hunted and Eaten, so you have to learn to stop Reacting To Words like we would react to a tiger stalking us. Because we are holding ourselves captive, withholding our growth potential, sabotaging our progress and success by negatively reacting to things just based on what We Think Our Gut Is Telling Us. Before we even hear the words, We React To HOW They are Said. It is the “It has to be my idea Trait”, the “Don’t tell me what do Trait”, we all have it because it is our predatorial animal survival instinct, it is just stronger in some than others.” “All animal species in general rely on their innate survival instincts, because even carnivores and omnivores are hunted and eaten. Just because humans became the dominant animal species doesn’t mean we ceased to be animals. Our predatorial animal instincts still dictate our behavior, we are still hunter gatherers even though we graduated from the caves to the middle-class.”
Title:The Species Theory: Humans Are No Longer Hunted And Eaten So Stop OverreactingFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:September 30, 2013Publisher:Stephanie R. Veloff-HistedLanguage:English

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