The Star Master Trilogy

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The Star Master Trilogy
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The Star Master Trilogy:

The Dark Prince has emerged from the shadows, ready to wage war on the Star Academy. Portals in space have opened, spreading chaos throughout the galaxy. The monsters from beyond call themselves the Void Empire, and they will not stop until they’ve destroyed everything in their path. War is about to begin and the galaxy’s only hope for salvation rests with an anxious fourteen year old named Johnny; whom unknowingly is both the reason and the solution to the galaxy’s problem.

Jonathan Rush and the Star Academy:

In the first installment of the Star Master Trilogy, we meet young Jonathan Rush. At night when he sleeps, ghoulish creatures and fearsome knights from a terrifying universe that is far too similar to our own, come to him. At first, he passes them off as nothing more than a result of his vivid imagination, but Johnny soon learns that his visions are closer to reality than he would like.

At fourteen, Johnny thinks his biggest hurdle is attending high school for the first time, but a world of adventure and excitement await him when a mysterious stranger visits him in his home. The Star Academy is his destination, and there he will learn to harness the abilities that have been recognized within him. Will the burden be too much for the young teen to bear, or will he manage to overcome the adversity and save the day before it’s too late?

Jonathan Rush and the Red World:

In the second installment of the Star Master Trilogy, we find our friends at the Star Academy savoring in a victory that they hadn’t actually won. They uncovered a plot by the Void Empire to gain a foothold in the galaxy, all that changes when a chilling discovery is made and the Star Academy finds themselves once more against the odds.

Johnny barely escaped the Void Empire last time they met. Now, he finds himself leading the charge against them. The Star Academy enjoys a victory, but the war is far from over. If they wish to hold their ground, Johnny needs to stand strong against the coming storm and shield his people from certain danger.

They head to a world called Ragnor, where they believe the Void Empire to be devising a means to amass their entire army. If that happens, all hope for the galaxy will be lost. A remote world in the outer cluster is their destination, a little planet nicknamed, the Red World; it’s a place so barren and inhospitable that it was off the Star Academy’s radar. That’s why it was the perfect place for the Void Empire to launch an invasion.

Jonathan Rush and the Void Empire:

In the third and final installment of the Star Master Trilogy, a traitor is in their midst’s at the Star Academy. Two years have passed since we last saw our young heroes and since then much has changed. Johnny now finds himself going on missions with Kenzel, finally able to forget the burdens of his past. His best friend, Amy, is now a full-fledged member of the Star Knights and partnered up with her mentor, the Star Knight Selene.

Only things aren’t as they seem, and the woman that Amy believes to be her mentor is nothing more than a Void Empire agent, set on crippling the Star Academy. Will they manage to uncover the plot in time to save the station, or will the Dark Prince’s cunning subterfuge manage to disrupt the operations of the Star Academy?

This book is intended for all ages and has a word count of 72,406.

Title:The Star Master TrilogyFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 9, 2015Publisher:Gregory BlackmanLanguage:English

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