The Success Energy, Resilience by HRI

The Success Energy, Resilience


Kobo ebook | December 31, 2015

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In an ever changing world, anyone can go through multiple hardships. Therefore, a number of despair and the strength to response to obstacles is necessary for a happy and successful life. Let's talk more about resilience.

Difficult crisis can sometimes be the starting point of a stage of leap and success to review life and to realize something new and powerful. The first step to enhance resilience is the process of self recognition of clearly knowing and understanding oneself. Let's take a journey to find ourselves in order to know what I want and what wears me.

People easily fall into pessimism, thinking that everything will finally come to an end when they encounter an obstacle. Resilience is a matter of choosing how to react to a certain situation. If you view and react to situations wit ha positive perspective, then the choices would undoubtedly lead to a more positive direction. Let's learn more about the power of positivity that overcomes difficulties.

If we know exactly how we feel, then it is easy to perceive how we react to situations, resulitng in a higher ability to control oneself. Excessive emotional consumption wears us out, but if feelings are managed well, we can save energy to use when overcoming the situation. Let's take a look at cleverly controlling our feelings.

We cannot change or control the environment but if we accept changes in a positive way, a much more powerful ability to control is created. Learning how to adopt to changes is like having a weapon to wisely deal with any kind of hardships in like. Let's learn more about how to positively accept change for a better future.

Conflict is poart of life everyone goes through. Some conflicts are very hard to solve and make people extremely anxious, but the result of conflicts can be highly positive as well. Let's see what are the positive effects of conflicts and the ways to deal with them.

Probortunity, a compound of problem and opportunity, is a newly coined word registered in the dictionary just recently. It means that any crisis always comes with an opportunity, accepting the problematic situation as to acquire something through crisis and finding a new opportunity. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects, let's take a look at ways to find new opportunities within a crisis.

Living in the modern society leads to many crossroads that we cannot possibly imagine. And based on the choices we make, difficulties and pain can happen. Healthy minds come from healthy bodies. So in order to prepare for any difficulties or crisis that can result from decisions, we need to be physically healthy. Let's learn how to be healthy and efficiently manage energy.

If the relationship with others go wrong, it becomes painful and gloomy, making one want to hide somewhere. But since we cannot live alone in a deserted place, we should ask for help. It is because a positive relationship with others becomes much more important when going through a time of pain and uncertainty from loss and trial. Let's learn more about resilience and relationship through the example of Father Taesuk Lee.

Acceptance, change, loss, pain and trauma are patterns of life no one can avoid. To believe everything is going to be alright when we face obstacles is indeed not easy. But it is time to move forward by using everything we have. Let's learn about establishing a healthy reaction mechanism and the wisdom to understand frustrations and troubles as stepping stones.

When we feel lethargic because of any adversities, we should remember our dreams and the future where our dreams will come true. There are limitless numbers of strengths coming from setting up goals with dreams. When there is a dream, a positive mindset is possible, energy is recharged and new ideas come to mind. With goals set, it becomes clear where to head to, what to live for and where to focus on, along with the promise of hope. Let's learn about resilience and dream through the story of Yuna Kim, the figure skater who achieved her goals by challenging herself through numerous hardships for her dream.

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