The Thief of Secrets

August 12, 2013|
The Thief of Secrets by Celma Ribeiro


Marina Mendes has been trusted with a secret written five centuries before her time, a secret behind Ferdinand Magellan's last voyage. Now, in a deceiving world, Marina must forget her past and the scars she carries in her heart in order to fulfill the mission trusted to her. Through fears and anxieties, Marina realizes that she can't continue hiding from her destiny and the path opened by one of the greatest explorers of our time. As she tries to solve the puzzled of Ferdinand Magellan's lost secret, Marina meets Roland, the secret keeper. He enters her life like a warrior's blade traveling through the air—without hesitation, sharp, fast and cold. Roland will bring Marina to the edge of their world—a world of lies and despairs where Marina will find herself once again faced with the temptation to commit another crime. Will she have the strength to walk away from the stormy path and continue hiding from the life she has tried to forget or will Marina sin again? In her hands she will hold the pieces of a great secret. In her hands she will hold the fate of future generations, it will be up to her to decide what to do with it. "Be wise Marina." the fortune teller told her.

Title:The Thief of Secrets
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 12, 2013
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781483506104

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