The Three Economies: The hidden financial revolution changing economics, politics and investment forever

Kobo ebook | March 10, 2015

The Three Economies: The hidden financial revolution changing economics, politics and investment forever

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What is really going on in the economy? What are you not being told?  What has changed since the 2008 financial crisis?  What is the real purpose of QE? How does this impact ordinary people, and what can you do?


The Three Economies is the story of how a financial revolution, led by politicians and financial entreprenuers, is changing "the rules of the game", and making conventional economic and investment theories less relevant.

It is written in an easy-to-read story-telling format, covering complex economic and investment topics in layman's terms.

It examines real issues through the eyes of businessmen, investors, advisors and ordinary people. (See if you can spot people you know!).

It suggests a new theory, based on the three economies: the real economy; a political economy that is spending more than the real economy can afford; and a shadow economy that is creating new sources of electonic income and paper wealth 'out of thin air'.

It explains the reasons why we are all still skating on thin ice, despite trillions spent on QE, and what might happen next.

It has a wealth of practical ideas for protecting your own money.


JP Solstram was an exceptional businessman who made a fortune in industry.  He wasn’t very interested in how his money was managed, until financial entrepreneurs nearly destroyed his company and his wealth. In 2008, they came close to bringing down the whole financial system and capitalism.

Shocked into action, JP uncovers the secrets of the three economies and a hidden financial revolution that impacts us all. Fearing the economies are ‘skating on thin ice,’ he takes control to protect his wealth from future crises. Now he wants to share what he has learned as a warning and guide to help others.

JP hires an investigative journalist, Barbara, to ghost-write his book. Barbara doesn’t have a background in economics or finance. But she is keen to learn and has eye-opening discussions with JP, his family and trusted advisors including accountants, lawyers, economists, bankers and investment managers.

Her journey of discovery will alter your view of what we are being told; why conventional economic theories are out of date, what might happen next and what you can do about it.


S.C. Murray has worked for private and institutional investors for over twenty-five years. He has witnessed first-hand a series of financial innovations and collapses dating back long before the 2008 crisis. He has helped investors implement strategies and structures to avoid similar crises. He is an expert on the work of family investment offices, and the book draws upon the lessons learned by real families who have successfully protected their money through good times and bad.


The Three Economies presents a ground-breaking new theory of economics that links different events in economics, business, politics and investment into a single narrative.

"I want the messages in the book to be so clear that they can be understood and debated by everyone, from politicians to students and from sophisticated investors to ordinary men and women.”

“Most importantly, I want the Three Economies to interest and engage people who wouldn’t normally read a book on economics and finance. So I’ve written an entirely new style of book that relates the facts through a cast of fictional characters, and their journey of discovery into what is really going on, and what they can do about it.”


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.  Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  The characters do, however, refer to real people and events, with information from publicly-available sources.

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