The Total Fat Cure: Solving the Fat Trap by Mr. Laurens Maas

The Total Fat Cure: Solving the Fat Trap

byMr. Laurens Maas, B.Sc.Ost, DI.Hom.G.Os.C.[UK]

Kobo ebook | January 1, 2015

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THE FAT TRAP  In ancient times stress was associated with famine and the body would store fat to preserve energy and survive. Today stress is from poor lifestyle, negative emotions, parasites and allergies, yeast overgrowth and environmental toxins. The result is a relentless progressive weight gain. Alot of my patients complain that their bodies somehow betrayed them and they can't understand how they gained so much weight. Well its the lifestyle and our environment that is switching on the weight gain response.  When stress overloads our bodies and mind, it causes 8 fat burning hormones to go out of balance, the adrenal hormone Cortisol rises, which causes our blood sugar to rise and go out of balance.Cortisol causes belly fat deposits and Insulin causes love handles, Estrogen bigger breats and buttocks. These are the first 3 areas that people store fat: on the belly, breasts (including men), love handles and buttock areas. The dominoe effect is that 5 other hormones are now consequentially thrown off balance ~ testosterone declines (low sex drive and poor muscle function), the thyroid gland becomes weaker (weight gain, low energy and constipation), then this affects the fat cell communication with the brain 3 further hormones go into a mis-signalling so that Leptin (appetite control), Adiponectin (fat breakdown) and Ghrelin (stomach hunger). Lastly when people start feeling excessively hungry, it will usually manifest in low Melatonin levels (poor quality sleep). It's funny because when my patients start sleeping well, they lose weight. When they follow a good lifestyle, they lose weight. When the get their hormones into optimal levels, they lose lots of fat. This book teaches you how to test and fix your 8 fat burning hormones using natural scientific techniques and guides you on how to use boost your hormones, with supplements and vitamins and the lifestyle changes that will correct your hormones and help you maintain an ideal weight for life. WHAT IS THE FAT TRAP?If you are burnt out from chronic emotional stress,if you eat stressful processed unnatural foods, and if you regularly over-train to keep the weight off, and if you delay or starve yourself from food, then you will end up worsening your hormone levels, and combined with the wrong diet, you will get fat, fatigued and depressed from the physical energy loss. SOLVE THE FAT TRAP WITH THE TOTAL FAT CURE!If you can balance your 8 fat burning hormones, eat more regularly to time, eat foods that balance blood sugar with the correct metabolic type diet for “you” and, using the scientific techniques and metabolic diet outlined specifically in this book then YOU WILL BECOME SLIMMER AND SLIMMER NATURALLY. I have used and tested the principles of the Total Fat Cure and fixing the 8 fat burning hormones as a means to ridding my body of 67 pounds of stored fat in 5 months! It really came off quite easily once the natural hormones & diet system clicked in. I am now 215 lbs, happy, fit and healthy and I regularly check my hormones to make sure they stay in optimal balance. Nearly 50 and feeling in the best shape of my life!RG 2014 (S. America) I started my program straight away and with some trepidation due to the diet shift and lifestyle adjustments. It was well worth it. After the first four weeks I saw results in weight loss, better control of my blood pressure. This program also tested my skills as a chef and I have spent more time making recipes that help me to fat burn. My friends and family have seen real changes. Even though my weight loss was quite rapid, 44 pounds in 3 months, the lifestyle change was worth it. I feel great and I look great. This program covers all aspects, mind, body and diet guidelines to make fat burning easy.LD 2012 (USA)
Title:The Total Fat Cure: Solving the Fat TrapFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:January 1, 2015Publisher:Mill City PressLanguage:English

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