The Triptans: Novel Drugs for Migraine by Patrick HumphreyThe Triptans: Novel Drugs for Migraine by Patrick Humphrey

The Triptans: Novel Drugs for Migraine

EditorPatrick Humphrey, Michel Ferrari, Jes Olesen

Hardcover | November 15, 2001

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A new era in the treatment of migraine headache arrived with development of a revolutionary class of drugs known as the triptans.The book describes the development of this class of drugs, starting with the discovery of sumatriptin, covers the pharmacology and the mechanisms of action of the full range of triptans, before comparing their clinical efficacy and tolerability. Each drug is described by the company who produces itand then reviewed, based on experimental and clinical evidence, by independent scientists.This comprehensive review will provide clinicians with guidance on which triptan to select for which patient.The editors have gathered together the leading international experts to produce a book that will appeal to all neurologists and general physicians caring for headache patients as well as those with research interests in the field.
Patrick Humphrey is at Glaxo Institute of Applied Pharmacology, University of Cambridge,Cambridge, UK. Michel Ferrari is at Department of Neurology, Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands.
Title:The Triptans: Novel Drugs for MigraineFormat:HardcoverDimensions:272 pages, 9.45 × 6.61 × 0.94 inPublished:November 15, 2001Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Section I - Background and early developmentHumphrey: The discovery of sumatriptan and a new class of drugs for the acute treatment of migraineHargreaves and Beer: 5-HT receptors in brain and vasculatureMartin: Structural and operational diversity of Serotonin receptors. Potential relevance to migraine pathophysiology and treatmentMosley, Mansfield and McHarg: Characterisation of 5-HT1 receptor expression in human vasculature, Hou, Kanje, Tajti, Uddman and Edvinsson: 5-HT1B and 5-HT1D receptor immunoreactivity colocalize with sensory neurotransmitters in the human trigeminal ganglionHoel, Hansen-Schwartz and Edvinsson: Upregulation of 5-HT1B/1D receptors during organ culture of cerebral arteriesOlesen: Background and early development - discussion summarySection II - Pharmacology of the triptansMillson: Clinical pharmacokinetics of the triptans:what are the important clinical issues?Saxena: Pharmacodynamics of triptansDahlof: Characteristics of different routes of administrationMilton, Kleinermans, Scott and Cooper: Encapsulation of sumatriptan does not delay its absorptionAkin, Onaran and Gurdal: Synergism of 5-HT1 and 5-HT2 receptors in sumatriptan-induced vasocontractile response in rabbit common carotid arteryAkin and Gurdal: Role of 5-HT1B and 5HT1D receptors in sumatriptan mediated vasocontractile response in rabbit common carotid arteryUddman and Edvinsson: Comparison of triptan induced contractions in human cerebral vs coronary arteriesvan den Broek, Maassen vandenbrink,de Vries, Avezaat and Saxena: Pharmacological analysis of cotractile effects of eletriptan and sumatriptan on human isolated blood vesselsHumphrey: Pharmacology of the triptans: discussion summarySection III - Antimigraine actions of the triptansFeniuk and Humphrey: The importance of vasoconstriction in the mechanism of the antimigraine action of the triptansBuzzi: Inhibition of neurogenic inflammation is most importantGoadsby: Central nervous system effects are most importantOlesen: Do we really understand how triptans work?Morgan, McCleverty, McHarg and Milton: The relevance of hepatic intrinsic clearance and brain penetration on the doses used for 5-HT agonists (triptans) in the treatment of migraineRollema, Johnson, Schmidt and McHarg: In vivo serotonergic effects and extracellular brain levels of centrally and systemically administered eletriptan, zolmitriptan and sumatriptanFeniuk, Jarvie and Humphrey: Regulation of capsaicin-evoked CGRP release from rat dural sensory neurones in vitroEvers, Barenbrock and Husstedt: Arterial distensibility in ergotamine and sumatriptan abuseHargreaves: Anti migraine actions of the triptans: discussion summarySection IV - Clinical efficacy and tolerability of the triptansMansback: Sumatriptan: looking back and looking forwardTorres: Zolmitriptan offers doctor and patient choices for effective treatment of migraineAllen: Rizatriptan: clinical updateTomita, Suzuki, Igarashi, Endo and Sakai: Evidence against tight correlation between chest oppressive symptoms and ischaemic coronary changes after subcutaneous sumatriptan injectionHering-Hanit: Alteration in cluster headache during subcutaneous administration of sumatriptanGobel, Heinze, Heinze-Kuhn and Lindner: Efficacy and tolerability of rizatriptan 10mg in migraine: experience with 70527 patient episodesDahlof, Lipton, Lines, Kramer, Reines, Polis and Ferrari: Consistency of pain relief over multiple migraine attacks following treatment with rizatriptanSalonen: Naratriptan: the gentle triptanJackson: Experience with eletriptan (RelpaxTM)Pascual: AlmotriptanKeywood: Frovatriptan: simplifying clinical practice in migraineElkind, McDaris, Satin and Keywood: The cardiovascular safety of frovatriptan in patients at high risk of or with known coronary artery disease during a migraine attackBuchan, Ward, Oliver, Stewart and Freestone: Lack of clinically significant interactions between frovatriptan and ergotamine, propranolol or moclobemideBuchan, Ward and Zeig: Frovatriptan pharmocokinetics are unaffected during a migraine attackFerrari: Clinical efficacy and tolerability of the triptans: discussion summarySection V - The triptans in clinical practiceLipton and Goadsby: Acute management of migraine: clinical trials of triptans versus other agentsTfelt-Hansen: Which triptans for which patient?Lucas, Lanteri-Minet and Leroy: The Framig 99 survey III: therapeutical behaviour of migraineursLucas, Lanteri-Minet, Auray, Duru, Chazot, Dartigues, Henry, Pradalier, El Hasnaouia and Gaudin: Migraine in France in 2000: therapeutical dataGobel, Heinze, Heinze-Kuhn, Austermann, Chryssafopoulos and Keil: The triptan threshold score: a score tohelp patients identify the best moment to take the triptanGobel, Heinze, Heinze-Kuhn and Zumbroich: Triptan plus NSAID with long half life: increase of efficacy and reduction of headache recurrence in acute migraineGobel, Heinze, Heinze-Kuhn and Zumbroich: Comparison of the triptans with other drugs in the development of drug-induced headacheEvers, Gralow, Bauer, Suhr, Buchheister and Husstedt: An epidemiological study on the differences between sumatriptan and ergotamine overuseLanteri-Minet, Alchaar, Coullet and Chatel: Overuse of new 5-HT agonists (zolmitriptan and naratriptan) in migraine patients: clinical featuresGoadsby: The triptans in clinical practice: discussion summary